Another 'Hot' Dell Laptop

Another hot DeLL Laptop made the news. Dell is soooooooo hot. Not in a positive way though.

After the exploding laptop at Japan, this is the latest DeLL saga.

Owner says, "The battery burned its way straight through the laptop creating the beautiful hole with which is so beautifully depicted in the picture. The police department showed up. The entire lower floor was allowed to leave early and as we stood there in front of the building we simply couldn’t resist... we jokingly called the engineer a terrorist as he was being asked a few questions by the friendly officer."

It's getting 'safer and safer' now, to really put the blame on DeLL questionable batteries.

Story Here.

Spamming and Phishing at eBAY

If you happen to sell at ebay.ph, you know what I will talk about. If not, read on still, it might help you save millions of peso doing so. That is, if you have a million or so.

A new study confirms that users of the popular eBay auction site (together its Paypal) remains the most popular targets of phishing scams. Accounting over 75% phishing e-mails sent. That’s over three quarters of global phishing, all targeted to the users of eBay and its PayPal subsidiary.

Actually, study was not even warranted, as I know this fact. Experiencing this first hand. My inbox is loaded up with African (Nigerian) scammers every morning.

Phishing schemes are fraudulent e-mails that attempt to gather personal information including credit card numbers, account numbers and passwords in the name of ripping off users. Phishers use e-mails that offer links to sites that in turn seek to deliver worm or Trojan viruses in the name of breaking into computers and walah, personal information all gathered up.

I remember, during my early years of online activity, I almost fell for these stuff. But mind you, even savvy users can still fall to these traps. What with realistic emails, links and fraudulent websites that look like real ones. No one is safe as attacks are becoming more sophisticated involving cross-site scripting and other advanced and malicious techniques.

eBay has built-in mechanisms to handle these emails and phishers, but they could only do certain things. In the end, the frustrating task of sorting out what's real and not, the task of deleting emails will still be done by the user.

To further aggravate things, I am now receiving an avalanche of spamming from Chinese Suppliers. Offering all sort of stuff, from bags to apparel, from underwear to specialized condoms, electronics and computers.

Who says, selling (and earning) in eBay is easy?


Search no more. Google Search Tips here.

Basic guide in using Google Search. Of course some of these items we are already using but others are fresh. Posting it here for your (my) guidance.

Use quotation marks " " to locate an entire string.
eg. “philippine beatles group” will only return results with that exact string.

Mark essential words with a +
If a search term must contain certain words or phrases, mark it with a + symbol. eg: +”the beatles” reunion will return all results containing “the beatles” but not necessarily those pertaining to a reunion.

Negate unwanted words with a -
You may wish to search for the term hive, pertaining to the bees and be returned a list of music links as well. To narrow down your search a bit more, try: bass -music. This will return all results with “hive” and NOT “music”. (the Hive is music band.)

This will search only pages which reside on this domain.

This will display all pages which Google finds to be related to your URL

This will display a list of all pages which Google has found to be linking to your site. Useful to see how popular your site is

Runs a spell check on your word

Returns the definition of the word

stocks: [symbol, symbol, etc]
Returns stock information. eg. stock: msft

A shortcut to Google Maps

phone: name_here
Attempts to lookup the phone number for a given name

If you include other words in the query, Google will highlight those words within the cached document. For instance, cache:www.beatles.com web will show the cached content with the word “web” highlighted.

The query [info:] will present some information that Google has about that web page. For instance, info:www.beatles.com will show information about the Beatles homepage. Note there can be no space between the “info:” and the web page url.

Used to find the weather in a particular city. eg. weather: manila

Can You Say Governor Barkley?

Can You Say Governor Barkley? You might as well try.

Because Chukster, the Round Mound of Rebound, my favorite player during the Michael Jordan Era (yes over MJ), Sir Charles Barkley is considering running for governor of Alabama in 2010.

Back in the day, he was having a superb career at Philadelpia (though no play-offs success there) when things got a little sour. He ended up being traded to Phoenix Suns for virtually half of the team that included Jeff Hornacek in the deal. After the switch, he soared and roared, ending up getting the 92-93 Most Valuable Player plum and leading the Suns to the finals. In the finals, he fell short against a mighty, balanced and well coached Chicago Bulls team.

Just last month, he switched again. He was identified with the Republican his entire life, but now carrying the Democrat tag. Will he soar and roar again after this trade of political alliance. Will he be taken seriously in Alabama politics?

Because of his game play antics, the bravado, the rough play, the trash talking and all other baggage, he was not taken seriously (especially early in his career) BUT he ended up having an unquestionable HOF career. And the last time guy named Jesse "The Body" VENTURA wasn't taken seriously by political opponents, he ended up in the Minnesota Capitol. So Barkley, serious or not, must not be taken lightly. Not that he is light in any way.

Quoting Barkley...

"I really believe I was put on Earth to do more than play basketball and stockpile money," said Barkley, known as the Round Mound of Rebound. "I really want to help people improve their lives, and what's left is for me to decide how best to do that."

"I was a Republican until they lost their minds."

"Alabama, that's my home. I'm thinking about running for governor; they need the help."

"What I've said is I'm rich like a Republican. But I'm not one."

"If it wasn't for Arkansas and Mississippi, we'd be dead last in everything. I think we can do better."

"There are too many black kids and their parents who do not value a good education," he said. "There are places where a black kid who is a good student and tries to speak correctly, you hear stuff like, 'He's trying to be white.' Well, I say, if that's true, we need more kids trying to be white."

"I really believe I was put on Earth to do more than play basketball and stockpile money," Barkley said. "I really want to help people improve their lives, and what's left is for me to decide how best to do that."

If he can work in office like he can talk, definitely a winner to me.


Spam Useful After All

Who says SPAM is all trouble? An programmer sees something special in spam and turned it to an art form, making Spam Plants, an abstract like plant formations.

Alex Dragulescu, a romanian born computer artist, uses the ASCII values found in the text of spam messages that dictates the attributes and qualities of the Spam Plants.

Check out his gallery here: http://www.sq.ro/spamplants.php

My current wallpaper now is one of his creation. Yes a creation coming out from spam.


NBA's 15 Last Samurais to Japan

Point Guards
  • Gilbert Arenas, Washington
  • Kirk Hinrich, Chicago
  • Chris Paul, New Orleans/Oklahoma City
Shooting Guards
  • Joe Johnson, Atlanta
  • Dwyane Wade, Miami
  • Bruce Bowen, San Antonio
Small Forwards
  • Carmelo Anthony, Denver
  • Shane Battier, Houston
  • LeBron James, Cleveland
Power Forwards
  • Chris Bosh, Toronto
  • Elton Brand, L.A. Clippers
  • Antawn Jamison, Washington
  • Amare Stoudemire, Phoenix
  • Brad Miller, Sacramento
  • Dwight Howard, Orlando
Only 12 players will be submitted come Aug 18. So three players will be joining the trip as practice players and cheering squad. Seriously, having been cut doesn't necessarily mean that the players are dispensable, they are still part of the program, the re-develepment of USA Basketball. Just that, for the time being, for a particular tournament, certain guys would do the job better.

From 18 players, it was trimmed down to the 15 above. My marked rookie, Adam Morrison didn't make the cut. Also, Luke Ridnour was edged out by Hinrich. Shawn Marion had a minor injury and had to back out.

Who will be the three players that will be cut for the Japan Games? My gut feel is that, Bowen will initially take the defensive mantra over Shane Batier. This will be a learning curve for Shane. By the next tour, Batier will take the defensive guy slot. If Amare is not 85% to 90%, he'll probably have to sit it out too. Hinrich too is nursing hamstring injury, he might be cut. Antoine Jamison is candidate too. 3 out of these 4, will have to watch at side court.

Having been relegated in the doldrums of the international basketball for the most part of this century, all players now are eager to bounce back. Most specially, the trio of Wade, James and Carmelo who, in the Athens Olympics, all didn't see much action, much less, didn’t see eye to eye with the coach. Thanks to the ego of Mr. Larry Brown who wanted his players to play the right way but didn't coach right way. BTW, by sheer talent, the USA got the Bronze in the 2004 Olympics.

Now that team USA line is almost done, will Manu Ginobili, Oberto and the rest of the Argentina Basketball team be in fear? Is Puerto Rico rattling now upon hearing this final line-up? I believe, no. Spain, France, Greece, all these teams no longer doubt their capabilities, they know too well, we all know too well, USA Basketball is no longer invincible.

Let us see if the NBA Ball is up to the challenge. Obviously lacking in shooters like Michael Redd, Billups, Bryant, Pierce, Miller (Mike, that is) and Ray Allen, Joe Johnson and Gilbert Arenas should be at their very best to counter the daily dose of zone defense they'll be getting. Defensively, Bowen, Chris Bosh, Howard (and Amare if healty) will all play key roles in manning the middle and helping running out at outside shots that will come from all conceivable angles. Last time the USA played internationally, they were shredded into pieces by the relentless high post screening, backdoor cuts and constant movement of their opponents.

One thing good going for the team is that, they are projected to play better team ball. Both defensively and offensively. Judging by the coaches’ and players’ press interviews, they seem to like each other. They claim to be one in what they are trying to accomplish. This is the first step in forming a team.

I am exited too to watch, how can the NBA Prime Movers, the trio of Lebron, Anthony and Wade transform their games in the international front to power the American team to basketball supremacy once again.


GMA's SONA and Kuwaiti's Paycheck

Just when President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was making promises to improve our lives during her SONA, Kuwaiti citizens were busy cashing out their 200 Dinars (USD 690).

All of them. One million of them receive the grant from their government. Kuwait just gave out $690 million. Whoa! Talk about surplus. As Kuwait’s assets climbing to 166 billion dollars, definitely, $690 million is a loose change.

How life can be so good for Kuwaitis? No more Saddam Hussein in the region. Last 2004, a similar govertment financed grant was also done. Last year alone, salary was increased by 170 dollars per month. Almost all of Kuwait's workers are employed by government controlled companies with high paying jobs and minimal work pressure. And now, the Emir just doled out 200 dinars for each one of them.

Tough luck for the foreign workers, including fellow Filipinos, they were not included.

But our OFWs and us here in the Philippines need not worry, just remember GMA promises during her SONA yesterday. After all, she delivered these statements:

“Finally, we have the funds not only to pay interest but to spend for education, better roads and bridges, provide good health services, and create more jobs in the country.”

“Our economy is growing over the longest period in the last quarter century -- 22 quarters of economic growth; the earnings of the poorest families grew by over 30 percent in the first three years of my administration; and the number of poor families dropped from 28 percent to 25 percent or equivalent to two million people freed from poverty.”

“According to Thornton and Punongbayan, 70 percent of medium-size business owners are optimistic, the fifth most optimistic among 30 countries, just behind India, Ireland, South Africa and China.”


AMD Buys Graphics Chip Maker ATI

AMD Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will likely buy the no.2 graphics chip maker ATI Technologies Inc. Couple of days ago the two giants were finalizing the deal that could cost at around $5.4 billion.

If other tech firms, software companies (eBay, Google, Yahoo, etc.) are feeling the heat of the competition, as shown by buying spree and merging strategy that’s been going on this year, so to is the hardware industry.

AMD, for the longest time, which has been in the microprocessor production, decided that to further propel the chance toppling Intel, it has to diversify. This AMD-ATI marriage could possibly shift the balance of power in the chip industry in significant ways as ATI graphics cards are well-entrenched in the market.

Also, ATI produces consumer electronics like High Definition TV and cellphones. The buying of ATI will now make AMD a player in diverse field. AMD said that in 2007 the two companies would deliver "customer-centric platforms", specifically in the commercial and mobile computing segments and the growing consumer-electronic market.

This is definitely a good buy.

Will Intel buy Nvidia now?


See The Tube - Internet TV

From out of nowhere, YouTube.com has become the leader in online video with a whopping 30% of the U.S. multimedia entertainment market. This percentage should be higher outside the US. Viewers are now watching more than 100 million videos per day on its site.

Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN, Google and AOL each have 3 percent to 5 percent of the video search market. So YouTube says, bring em on, as Collectively, the major Web portals have a smaller share than YouTube.

I for one, view 3 to 5 videos a day. Mostly Bush's Stupidity Videos and David Letterman's top ten. But if you have time, browse around, you will get to see home made videos, comical skits, etc. And how about this, you get to see MTVs as well. Just don't mind the quality video and audio that much. After all, these video are called snack-sized videos. Just serving quick entertainment to relieve some stress really.

Visit www.youtubex.com if you want to save the files in your drive. Or simply scan your cache and youlll see the files. The video file type is FLV and needs some conversion to movie or avi files for it to be played in Windows Media Player. Or you can also download an FLV movie player.

Purefoods All-Filipino Miracle Champions

This time, not a single time did the Purefoods mentioned Eugene Tejada before and during the game. But in the end the Purefoods dedicated it to him. This is what I posted 2 days ago, for the Purefoods Giants to do the task at hand which is to close out the series then let the emotions all out upon winning it.

Talking about emotions, how big is this for Jun Limpot? It's so big that when coach Gregorio wisely and dutifully sent him back to game to be on the floor to finish the game, the Araneta Coliseum exploded in delight. How big it is? When he was fouled and shot his first free throw, it barely touched the rim. How big it is? Attempting his second FT, camera on him, close-up, he was already teary-eyed at that point. It is so big for him, that he almost killed Ryan Gregorio with the tight thankful hug-squeeze he gave his coach. Lucky 13 for him, after 13 years of fruitless campaign, he is now a PBA champion.

Again, the saying that 'do not judge a book by its cover' proved to be true. Physical attributes and actuations of Marc Pingris would suggest that this guy has an attitude. Yes he has, but it's one good attitude. He deserved to get FINALS MVP really. This award is so special. Simply put, the award says your the main reason why you won the finals. Of course, that is not printed on the trophy but you know what I mean. How good is he, during the interview, he said he was surprised to get the Finals MVP. That, he didn’t ask for it. And that, the only thing he prayed for was for James Yap and Raymundo to have good shooting nights. His prayer was answered and more. As equally deserving, the two, Kerby Raymundo and James Yap both scored over 25 points. These 3, were certainly too much offensive fire-power for Red Bull to cover.

I have this feeling that Kerby Raymundo hurt his stock in as far as PBA voting is concerned. This happened when he shouted publicly during the finals of last conference that he is the TRUE MVP of the conference. You just can't do that. They eventually lost that series to Red Bull. By that proclamation, he may have slighted the winner Enrico Villanueva and more so, the voting guys. This includes the PBA Press. Incidentally, the PBA Press is the one choosing the Finals MVP. So despite, a big title clinching game (27 points and 14 rebounds), somehow it's was easier for the press to overlook him (once again).

How many times did Ryan Gregorio said the "Human Spirit"? Well at least three. For a while, I thought he was endorsing either 'HUMAN' or 'ESPRIT' clothing lines. But this guy has a future in politics, he can just go on and on as a speaker.

Purefoods miraculously came back in the semi-finals after being down 1-3 against Alaska, now they are the Miracle Champions. Now the whole team, friends, fans will be hoping and praying for another miracle, one that would probably matter even more, it's Eugene Tejada’s full recovery. Our prayers too.


Visiting PinoyExchange.com Again

Haven't logged-in on my account for 1 and half year and I decided to do so today.

I tried logging in for a couple of times but my UserName and Password did not match.

So I searched my desktop and looked for my handy Wispher32 password vault and found the correct matching UN and PW.

After a year and half in waiting and about to open year-old PMs, I got this message "The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later." While in the right side of the message is a full flash banner of Emperador Brandy.

So the server is so busy so it's not able to load my PMs but not busy shelling out ads.

Nice PEx.


I plan to post at PEx.com that we require PBA NBA UAAP and NCAA Writers. We might launch a site before the year is over. Part time paid basketball writers and bloggers. Not a bad past time huh? Paid writing. Im doing this for free. Im sure it won't hurt being paid a little. Contact me if interested or you know someone qualified. I'll get back to the site, hopefully later it won't be busy loading ads.


Eraserheads Tribute

This is my first time embedding YouTube video in my Blog. Let this Eraserheads Tribute Video be the first (of hopefully not many) video here.

A blast from the past...

Relax, rent a movie via iTunes

I am hearing (reading) some buzz the Apple CEO Steve Jobs will broadcast that iTunes will offer Movie Rental at iTunes. This might make some stock holders of Netflix puke in nervousness. Let's wait and see during the Apples's Worldwide Developers Conference next month if indeed the rumor is true.

Apple watchers sniffed-in the possible fee per movie download at around $10. Considering the movie ticket cost is US at $7, a $10 download is acceptable as multiple viewers will enjoy the movie.

Pro-rating, P100 Philippine movie ticket cost, that would be equal to me paying P150 per download. I think, I'll just run over the nearest VideoCity to rent than paying P150 and do some downloading.

But new technologies are exciting and so I expect this to be successful too. Just like the iTunes song download.

Plus, if it is from Apple, it mustbe good. (Was it Seiko?)

Eugene Tejada Factor

I think Purefoods is making a big mistake in bringing some drama by having the Eugene Tejada factor in this series. Basketball is a big drama on its own and it doesn't need outside forces to rev up the game, especially, the Finals.

If it is true that it was Eugene Tejada's call to be at the venue, it's fine. Let him be there. But Purefoods, especially coach Ryan Gregorio should not make so much about it, that they are banking so much on Tejada's inspiration to close out the deal. If it inspire them to have the presense of Tejada, Purefoods should talk about this internally and fire themselves up. Let the media back-off from it for a while. Then, if they win the championship, that's the time to give the victory to Eugene, thank him for the inspiration, thank HIM for the blessing. Then hope and pray for the recovery of Eugene.

But as of now, they are caught up as to what they are playing for.

Are they playing for the Championships?

Are they playing for Limpot's first crown?

Are they playing for Eugene Tejada?


Happy People Don't Own iPod

Apparently, gadgets, ipod, cameras, mp3 mp4 players, smartphones and all sorts of tech toys can't give you happiness because tech-heavy countries with high GDP were way below the Happy People rankings published. With Germany at 81, Japan at 95 and U.S. at unbelievable ranking of 150.

This is from the "The Happy Planet Index" that made some buzz in print, TV and of course, the internet. This is a study by the London-based New Economics Foundation (NEF), in quest of happiness metric.

This conclusion is from the fact that Countries with high Gross Domestic Product (GDP) did not fair well. GDP is a barometer of countries economic situation and therefore could reflect people standard of living, could refelct its people buying power and could reflect reflect the nation's happiness.

Oh by the way, the Philippines ranked 17th. A tiny South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu took the 1st place.

ESPN's Banner Game Ads

For the first time, I am enjoying banners ads. Especially that of ESPN.com.

For quite some time now, ESPN is running a Macromedia Flash based banner ads that you can play.

After playing though, expect of to be directed to an ESPN afilliated website, the ORBITZ.

Play Baseball. (It's tough)

Play Golf. (It's the best)

Play Soccer. (Can't get this)

And of course my all time favorite, play ICE HOCKEY ice scraper, where you play to clear out the whole court in less possible amount of time.

Finally, a banner that actually entertains.


eviraMALL.com: Buy and Sell

eviraMALL.com, an online store just tweaked it site and is now accepting other sellers as well. Quoted info below:

eviraMALL.com is now launching a BuyDirect program for Philippine Merchants. Where, eviraMALL.com website visitors/buyers could directly contact and buy from suppliers thru their paid listing. A minimal listing fee of P60/month. Starting today, on PROMO for the first 100 paid listings, ONLY P30/month.

Why would you do product listing at eviraMALL.com?
  • Buyers know you are serious with what you are offering having gone thru paid listing.
  • At P2.00 a day, it will not gobble up your marketing/advertising budget. Equivalent to two (2) SMS/Text messages.
  • Categorized listing for easy buyer search. If your product/service is currently uncategorized, we will make one for you.
  • eviraMALL.com features a search tool to easily find products.
  • Have your products/service posted 24/7 with nationwide and global reach of your products/services.
  • No programming required on your part. Just email in an image, text description of your product/service and your done. Having your own website is not required too.
  • Instant posting of your products. No need to wait for days.
  • Your contact information is posted for direct inquiries and orders of buyers.
  • eviraMALL.com site visitors have the option to put your item on their shopping cart. We will then forward orders to you incase they chose to put your
    product/item in eviraMALL.com built-in shopping cart.
  • Listing includes image for a more effective sales-pitch.
  • eviraMALL.com will accept your product listing fee via bank deposit or thru credit card online payment.
  • A minimum listing duration of 6 months so you just post and forget and wait for incoming inquiries and orders.
  • Additional promo, pay for 1 year and get 2 months free.

Listing Costs:

  • 6 Month Listing: One (1) Item - P180.00/6 months
  • 1 Year Listing: One (1) Item - P300.00/year

Send us a message us if you have questions or if you want to get listed. Contact us, click here

Related Information

  • If you want to directly sell your products or you want to consign your product to eviraMALL.com, click here.
  • See sample Paid Product Listing, click here.
  • Advertise at eviraMALL.com, click here.

The web page is here: http://eviramall.com/catalog/list.php


PBA.ph - Mozcom Disappoint Me

Is it me or Is it Mozcom handling of the PBA site?

I have been trying to visit the site for 2 days to no avail. Site can not be found. I asked a friend to check the site to make sure that it's not me, and walah, site can not be found too. So it's the site, not me.

I wonder what the PBA has to say about this. God's sake, they are the Philippine Basketball Association and they got a website like this. Imagine the NBA.com, out for days, commissioner Stern would go nuts. C'mon Mr. Eala, notice what's happening with your website. FYI, PBA web site is a vital aspect of your business and organization's marketing approach. Having a site like these is one step backward.

And what do we get (the visitors) when we visit the PBA website. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. A recap of the previous game/s. Eh what happens during conference break and season break? More reasons for the PBA or Mozcom or whoever in charge not to update the website. Some interviews and done. Average, the PBA.ph site has proabably 1 article a day output. I mean, you have to publish more than that.

No player individual statistics too. Of course, expect no statistics for retired players as well. Assuming you are enrolled to Sports related degree and your prof decides to assign this research titled, "How the hell Ato Agustin was able to steal the MVP from Nelson Asaytono back in 1992" or topic like this, "Statistically, Does Benjie Paras deserved the MVP in 1999 by beating the explosive rookie named Danny Seigle?" No luck my friends, PBA site has nothing. Try to get back some issues of Atlas Sports Magazine and do research the conventional way.

What the PBA.ph site has are Ads, Ads and more Ads. I understand that Ads are part of the business but some questions linger. How about this Google Ads at the site? I wonder where this Google earnings go? The PBA or the Web Developer. Also, products galore of Mozcom clutters the PBA.ph website. I wonder too, what is the arrangement of PBA.ph to Mozcom with regards to ad placement.

The PBA and PBA.ph owes it to the fans to deliver fresh content and not fresh ads. The PBA should earn all ads income generated by the website, in turn, these earnings should be allocated for the development of the PBA.ph. How about hire content manager, hire writers, etc. Look beyond that of having a website for the sake of having it.

I guess the PBA marketing division doesn't know how important the PBA.ph is to them and to us.

Busy World, Philippines and Me

A lot going on in the country, the world and me.

Over here in the Philippines, Mayon Volcano is acting up again. Treatening the area with lava and earthquakes. Hopefully, the Mayon will remain beautiful outside and more importantly inside.

Activists and other people with nothing to do are bracing for the SONA of Gloria Arroyo. Expect DEMONstation galore. Surely, anything bad happens, will further weaken the Peso.


The space shuttle discovery is going back Florida after its mission to do a repair to the
International Space Station critical to future construction of the half-finished $100 billion Star Wars-like Earth space outpost. After the 2003 Columbia disaster, the world is keeping its fingers crossed that this time, every will be ok.


G8, the organization of great 8 economies of the world is on summit. Clearly, pre-planned agenda shall be by passed with the current events unfolding right now.

Speaking of which, the Israel is currently and relentlessly air striking Lebanon's major installations. This includes air depots, airports, bridges and highways, key offices etc. This is almost an act of war. I am surprised Lebanon is not retaliating with its own armed forces. Israel is occasionally hit by rockets not originating from the State of Lebanon but from the Hizbollah group. Giving Israel more reasons to give them showers of devastation. The Hizbollah should be expecting rain of missiles and bombs every time they fire back.

Israel is pounding Lebanon because it harbors the Hizbollah, a Shi'ite guerrilla group. Israel wants Lebanon to get rid of Hizbollah in its turf. Earlier this week, 2 Israeli soldiers were kidnapped by Hizbollah. These 2 are now being offered to Israel for prisoner swap. Israel says No-No-No. And so now, this over-reacting response from Israel. You know of course that this is more than the 2 kidnapped soldiers. The mission of Israel is beyond that as seen by the massive devastation it has already done in Lebanon. The attack is not only happening in the south but state wide. Surely, they have other agenda than getting back their soldiers.

But you can not blame Israel, being in the heart of the Muslim world for a non-Muslim state, it has got to do what it has got to do. Remember, the USA invaded Afghanistan because it nurtures the Al Quada group. This is no different, Lebanon too is allowing the Hizbollah group to operate in south Lebanon. With of course known backing from Syria and Iran. This is messy.

Expect crude prices to go up further in the Philippines and elsewhere. I loaded up P900 on gas last Saturday and I'll be expecting to load up again in 2 days. This is bad. This Middle-East semi-war will bring nothing to countries involved and this will bring no good to me.

Kobe's good. This time, for real.

Read the article from ESPN below. Just copied it all up rather pointing to a link. (Sometimes, in couple of months, links tend to change and it's waste if I (and you) can no longer find the article. For all Kobe bashers, read this as well.

Salvador was getting tired of the chemo, tired of going through it and tired of being sick. It really affected us. The doctors thought his prognosis would be OK, and we wanted to believe them. Inside though, we were very scared, hoping that God would bless him and help him get through this.

He was in a real down mood that week. His mother passed away a few days earlier and was being buried on the day he ended up meeting Kobe. Salvador -- because of his leukemia could not travel to Mexico, where she lived, to go to her funeral. We just couldn't take the chance and have him travel and get sick in another country.

That day he was supposed to have his video shoot, which was an interview on why he wanted to meet Kobe and why Kobe should meet him. I asked him if he wanted to cancel it. He did not want to though. He really wanted the opportunity to potentially meet his favorite player.

What's funny is that beforehand, when we were asking Salvador what he wanted, he named a few things including a computer. My mom [Salvador's grandmother] kept asking him, well aren't you forgetting one thing? Kobe!

Salvador did not take her very seriously. He never thought Kobe Bryant would actually come visit him. We all laughed thinking, that's not possible. Anyway, we filled out the Make a Wish paper and put Kobe's name on there.

As it turned out, The Make a Wish foundation told us we were going to film an interview and that it would be sent to see if Salvador would be a candidate to meet Kobe Bryant at some point down the line. None of us knew what was going to happen that day, not even me.

When he walked in, it was surreal. I could not hold back. I cried. You would have thought I was the child and Salvador was the adult. He was playing it so cool, and I couldn't catch my breath.

I'm really happy I came because earlier in the morning I told my nephew I may not be able to make it because I had to work. He really wanted me to be with him so I came. I took the day off from work. We both wore our jerseys to the "interview." Before Kobe walked in, the film crew acted like nothing was happening, like it was no big deal. The next thing we know, Kobe's walking in to the arcade!

It was unbelievable to see Salvador with Kobe that day. Even though I am his uncle, I feel like his father. To see his smile and to see something so good happen to him made me happy. To this day, he is still so happy.

Salvador cannot do anything for more than two hours before getting tired. Let me tell you, on the day we met Kobe, we spent all day with him. When Salvador got home that evening, he took a 30-minute nap, woke up and asked me to play basketball.

He wanted to show me the moves that Kobe taught him. He had so much energy. We spend another three hours at the park. He did not get tired.

Kobe gave him something that I could never give him, something no one could. Even though he has a lot of family support, when someone of Kobe's stature shows how much they care, it blows you away.

The fact that he met Kobe on that day was perfect timing, because I cannot honestly tell you where Salvador would be emotionally if that did not happen.

It was a real emotional day; so much was happening to my nephew that was bringing him down. That whole day took away a bad, dark place he was in and gave him something that was bright and beautiful.

After meeting Kobe, he was so happy and smiled all day. And in the end, that's all that really matters. All our family wants for Salvador is to be healthy and happy.


Alert! Alert! Here's Google Alert

Bunch of Google products huh? Here are some: Google Video, Google Calendar, Google Finance, Google Base, Google Trends, Google Earth, Google Checkout, Google Deskstop. Name it, Google has it.

Oh by the way, they have Google Alerts in their portfolio. I have tried it, in a couple of seconds, your done. Wealth of information is headed right in your inbox. Get ready to be informed. Google Alerts sends you an email each time a new page for your chosen keywords makes it in the top twenty results on Google's web search. Thereby, easily spying on competitors. Gets you updated on the latest search results on your chosen terms. Keeps you updated on your industry. More importantly, you'll be able to track your progress if you are working hard to be listed on top pages of Google's SERP.

This service is free. Google just want you to keep on embracing them so someday, you'll never be able to do anything without them. Hmmm, smells like teen Microsoft spirit. The service is almost a lazy way to learn things. You can also choose to be alerted in this settings: once a day, as it happens or once a week. With type of alerts: News, News and Web,and Gropus.

Visit Google Alert's homepage (http://www.google.com/alerts), enter the search term, type of alert, frequency of emails and of course, your email address. You can set up alerts for as many terms as you like using a Google Account.

Online Shop - Offline Store

A report says that 60% purchases that started with online research end up as purchase at a local brick and mortar store. This is not surprising as there are items, like clothes, jewelries, etc., that need to be seen in actuality before it can be bought. Also there are items that is not economically recommended to buy online then later be shipped considering factors such as dimensions, fragility, etc.

But for iPod, cameras and other consumer electronics, after online research, reading reviews, etc, online purchase is quite feasible.

It is not a bad idea though, for an online store to supplement it sales by adding up an offline store. For meticulous buyers, an online store can drive its visitor from the web directly to the store to consummate the order.

What The!? Kobe Is Out AGain

Kobe was in Colorado again this summer and had a surgery on his right knee. I wonder where he stayed in Colorado. Maybe his wife, Vanessa, accompanied him this time to prevent any untoward incedent again.

The surgery was said to be a minor one and everybody expects to have Kobe at the top of his game (at the top of the NBA too) this coming season. He has plenty of rest before the season starts.

But, unfortunately, he will not play during the World Championships in Japan this August 19 to September 3. Tough luck for us Kobe fans. I was intrigue how he can play his game against this level of competition, a whole new game, outside the US, different defenders, different defensive and offensive approach to the game and fighting for his country.

For his Japanese and Asians fans, consolation is, he'll be joining the Asian trip. I think, this is a good idea, to keep Kobe busy this summer, rather him, staying in Colorado with nothing to do. That's dangerous my friends.

We'll just have to wait for the Basketball of the Americas in 2007 and the Olympic itself come 2008. This assuming of course that they'll qualify for the 2008 Olympics.

Are French A-Holes?

Lance Armstrong just said this...

"All their players (France) tested positive ... for being a** holes". This is statement is in reference to him being investigated for the nth time for drug use. And maybe in reference too to the action of Zidane head butting an Italian player in the most crucial game of the 2006 World Cup.

After France lost the World Cup finals, while hosting the ESPY Awards in USA, he quipped that derogatory word to his fellow athletes.

Well, what does it make him?


The iPod Killer (Knockoff)

Have you seen the initial images of Microsoft's iPod Killer? What's up with that? From the early get go, it's more like an iPod Knockoff than an iPod Killer.

I mean, it's white. It has a round circle wheel that looks oh so much an iPod. After months/years of planning, with secrecy, they came up with this iPod like appearance? That's why I admire the Japanese (and Koreans) a bit when it comes to innovation.

Rumor has it, that the name would be "ZUNE". Well, zune, I mean soon, we will know come December (Unless MS pulled the plug again and release it some other time. Like, the Windows Vista.) what exactly is diffrent in this gadget. If any.


Firefox 2.0 Over Internet Explorer

Who needs Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Now that Mozillas beta version of Firefox 2.0 is getting rave reviews, I can't hardly wait to upgrade. Final release is scheduled for August. Added feature is it's new anti-phishing features. If you have been around the internet, you know this feature means a lot.

Users are warned when they encounter suspected internet criminals and offers to return to their home pages. Phishing protection is turned on by default and works by checking sites that users browse against a local list of known phishing sites, according to Mozilla. I suppose, this list should be regularly updated. Users can do so by reporting web forgers that they will encounter.

This beta release is just about the same time Microsoft is beta testing the version of Internet Explorer 7.0, which it released on June 29. Which also features phishing filter, along with a security status bar, address protection bar and URL handling security. Maybe, if not for Firefox emergence and usability, Microsoft wouldn’t have done this. Competition really benefits the end-user.

Despite of IEs own upgrade, I'll still be using Firefox.


Mall Of Asia Food Trip

Superman may not be the movie for me and my partner. On our 2nd attempt to see the flick, we were unable to do so. Maybe because I am naive in thinking that the movie is 2 hour short. In turned out, it's 2:40 hours. Therefore the last full show will end up at around 1:00 am. It's Friday tomorrow. Not that I do time-in in my work. So I guess, I'll see Superman via DVD.

So we just went food tripping at Mall Of Asia. After dining at Max's, Inasal, French Baker on our three previous trips, we went dining at KALYE JUAN. Verdict? It was acceptable. We ordered Sinigang sa sampalok na Liempo. Just that. Good thing we did not order side dishes because the P115 sinigang was a bowl-full. In fact, we were not able to consume it all. The Sinigang tasted like a home cooked dish so it was good. Try it out when there.

ABS-CBN Reporters Mass Exodus

I was flippin the remote control earlier to get some news and I came upon INSIGHT, a segment of CNN. It featured a 30min story of Bill Gates. His beginnings, plans and his future. Much have been written about him but I think the world is better place with him around. He has a 50 to 60 billion dollar foundation, helping in the education, poverty and health care. Cmon, lets support the guy. Buy certified Windows operating system. ;-)

Further TV scanning led me to Channel 9 News Cast. Achormen (woman) were Erwin Tulfo, Connie Sison and another former ABS CBN news personality. Last night, I saw Doris Bigornia (surname, to that effect) at PTV Channel 4. A couple of ABSCBN reporters also is working now at ABC 5. Something is not being reported about this mass exodus of Channel 2 news poeple. Something is not right in that News and Current Affairs division. The reporter movement is too many to ignore, too many to be normal. Hmmmm, any news?

Carmelo Anthony's Way

In the end, Melo chose to stay longer in Denver. After pondering a 3 year deal, contracts that Wade and Lebron, he preferred to be a Nugget for 5 years. Maybe, he did not want to leave $20 to 30 millions dollars on the table. That's a whole lot of money. That's 1.5 Billion Pesos my friends. Lebron felt that he can get that $20 million in endorsement deals. Now, Lebron has a safer contract at Cleveland. If everything goes awry in Cavs, 3 years is not that long. He can then move to major market cities to which he truly belongs. Say, New York or L.A.

That's why I am surprised Melo took the longer contract. It seems all is not well at Denver Nuggets. Kenyon is ballistic, still at war with the coach. Coach Karl is such a confrontational motivator, he sometimes gets over the line. Suspect point guards. No reliable shooting guard. Injury prone bigs in Nene and Camby. It will be another long season for the Nuggets now that West has improved even more.


PBA MVP: James Yap

On a rainy Wednesday, awards poured in for James Yap. The former U.E. Warrior hotshot fast tracked his PBA star status by nailing the Most Valuable Player award in the PBA. Jaworski, a former UE Warrior himself was the PBA special presentor.

Although basketball is a team game, in the Philippine Basketball Association, somehow, the MVP trophy is bigger than winning one of two conferences (formerly 1 of 3). It's really hard to remember who won a particular conference in a given year. This is unless a team goes grand slam. Tell me, who is the 2002 import laiden conference champion?

But the MVP, it makes it mark. From Adordano, to Co, to Hubalde, to Brown, to Jaworski, to Fernandez, to Guidaben, to Caidic, Paras and Patrimonio, it can make a player legend. Though, I know there have been second tier MVPs too in the past.

But because the PBA.ph contains no player statistics (very unlike NBA.com), we can not see how really Yap perfromed per game basis. It's no secret that doing non-spectacular numbers or above average game on a winning team can get you MVP. Ask Danny Ildefonso and Willie Miller.

Let's us see how James Yap will evolve after winning the single best individual award that a Filipino ball player can get. I hope he will not get satisfied and improve still. I just think what James Yap have shown thus far is not the most valuable James Yap possible.

By the way, Purefoods just won the game. Leads the series 3 to 1 over Red Bull. James can add another trophy on Sunday. A PBA championship is now a possibility. This, after getting the MVP trophy and Kris Aquino.

See my previous entry regarding James Yap here.

Global Destiny Cable Advertisement

If you are subcribed to Global Destiny cable television, I do not know if you have seen this, but there's a running (scrolling) at CNN (Channel 40) at the top of the screen.

Clearly, not a feed run by CNN. I think, it's run by Global Destiny themselves. It's an obtrusive advertisement and they are getting away with this. I am sure CNN is not aware of this. Paging CNN! Paging CNN!

As though the scrolling and flashing news bits at the bottom of the screen is not enough to distract you from watching the CNNnews, now, they are distracting us viewers even more with undesirable ads.

Melo, Wade Followed Suit

See my earlier post here.

Report is Wade will be getting a shorter deal. Much like what Lebron James intends to sign with Cleveland in a few days. (Lebron's deal is a three-year extension worth approximately $60 million, with a player option for a fourth season.)

And just like Wade, Melo will join the bandwagon. He and is agent is working on a shorter deal. Will he also risk the greater financial security of a five-year agreement, which would potentially keep him in Denver through the 2011-2012 season or do the Lebron, and become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2011? My guess is he'll be going for the latter.

After the trio (Dwayne, Carmelo and Lebron) verbally agreed that they'll be sign the max 5 year contract, all may now be headed to sign shorter deals.

In a day or two, expect Cris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors to retract too and go short term. If he ever signs a 5 year max contract, it says much about Bryan Colangelo's convicing power and general managing skils.


Offline Advertising Too!

Online business people tend to forget that people are not 100% online every time. They forget the importance of offline advertising. Well, it is important. Complimenting the online ads with offline advertising is the way to go. That's the correct marketing campaign.

Some offline marketing ideas below:

  • Ads in print publication.
  • Flyers then send to relevant establishments.
  • Send direct postal mail.
  • Send out your company CD-ROM at trade shows, seminars, etc.
  • Give away free freebies with your website address on it. Say, mouse pads, coffee mugs, pens, etc.


Paid Blogging Gig China Way

To follow up on my E.Q. (entry/query), regarding PAID BLOGGING, here's an even lesser paid blogging gig by a definitely larger enterprise than the ecBuy Blog. Link below:


And I quote...

Would you like to write for Shanghaiist?

Shanghaiist is a collaborative blog, which means we're always seeking out new additions to our editorial team.

And, as of early 2006, we can pay some of our more prolific contributors -- but very, very little. (What do you expect? We are an English-language blog in China.) Still, we have to start somewhere.

Thankfully, we think there are a number of other benefits to writing for Shanghaiist. Here are a few of the obvious ones:

* It's good experience and good exposure. After all, thousands of people will be reading your work every day.
* You get the chance to write about something you love.
* We don't have deadlines — if you can write regularly for us that's all that matters.
* Shanghaiist opens doors. Okay, so we're not TIME, but being a part of the online media means possible press passes and access to interviewees.
* It's a good laugh. We may not be able to pay you, but we'll happily buy you a few drinks every now and again (and maybe some jiaozi if you're lucky).
* Shanghaiist business cards!

So if all that appeals to you, here's what you should do about becoming part of the Shanghaiist editorial team.

It's basically what the ecBuy BLOG is saying but better, because an ecBuy Writer will be regularly paid and not only be treated to San Miguel Light once in a while.

But the San Mig Light can be an option. I'll sign up at ecBuy Pro Blogging if ever San Mig light will be offered along with P1000 a month.

Filipino-Based Paid Blogging

Just how much should a PRO-BLOGGER earn per post, say working for a well-established blog network? I have done some research, and found some pay $3 per post and saw a max offer of $5 per post just 2 days ago. But these figures are US based Blog Networks. My query is, Filipino freelance writer for a Philippine based company.

I am asking because I help out formulating a paid blogging beta program at ecBuy Blog. Click Here. The program pays a blogger about a dollar per entry or roughly P50.00 per post. Considering the cost of living here in the Philippines vis-à-vis that of the USA, my colleague felt that P50 per is not that bad.

I mean, for the fun of it, for a freelance job, about 20 to 30 minutes of creating an entry, plus sharing your thoughts with a ready audience, honing a writing skills on the fly, the P50 per entry seems to be fine.

I asked for updates via ecBuy's program manager regarding the response they have been getting. Report is, they have received some inquiries but only one had just signed up to do some posting. Not that they’ll be accepting 10. I believe they want to maintain a pool of 5 bloggers or writers.

The Program is here. See where the problem lies, and why not talk back and send me a message to give me what's wrong with the objective.

Don't worry, I can handle the truth!

LeBron James' Great Thinking

Looks like LeBron James will ask the Cavs to re-structure his contract to a non-max 4 year deal worth $60 million. That's "only" $15 million each year. But he and his agent are not looking short term and small term. They are looking towards the future. Unlike Dwayne and Melo who readily grabbed $80 million contracts, LeBron shall wait for the NBA's collective bargaining agreement to expire at the end of the 2010-11 season. By that time, James is in a position to even get a monstrous contract when the cap goes up. Under a new agreement, James can get figures in the level $150 million. Eat that Garnett along with your first round playoff exits and 2 straight non-appearance in the playoffs!

The idea is take less now but after 4 years, only 25 by then, his net worth would be around 300 to 400 million dollars. So before 30 years old, I believe Lebron can surpass Michael Jordan's net worth. Break it down: $100 million for the Nike contract (this is even before scoring a single basket in the NBA), assorted deals of $50 million, plus his rookie contract with the Cleveland, $60 million for his new contract now and the possible humongous $150 million range he can get before he is 25 years old. This is exclusive of all other business Lebron is into. Do the math, add it all up. Record setting numbers he is doing on court and record breaking figures in his business side. This entry is posted without research. :-)

By the time his 3rd contract is up, he is only around 30 years old. He can still get year to year contracts of say $30 to 40 million dollars each year. Much like what Jordan did mid to late 90s.

I think my statements can have a chance. Barring any catastrophic injuries throughout his career, Lebron James is a young black billionaire in the making.


Redbull Doing a Miami

After Purefoods won games 1 and 2, Red Bull bounced back with a win Sunday night. Yeng Guiao, a good motivitator that he is, showed the Fiesta Confernece game 6 title clinching victory of Red Bull to motivate his boys for this game 3. He showed how sweet victories are. It may have an effect as they beat Redbull rather handily. They tased victory once again after losing 2 straight. They controlled the game throughtout bolstered by a big 3rd quarter from Lordy Tugade.

The question is, can the Barakos do what Miami Heat did to the Dallas. Winning 4 straight to wrap the series. I hope not. I hope Purefoods take another game so that my prediction of seven games and that RedBull would win Back-2-Back championships would proove to be true.


Search Engine User Behaviour

This is a study made by iProspect and Jupiter Research. Summary below. I'll comment if this is true based on my own behaviour while I am using the search engines.

1. Searchers never look past the first three pages of search engine results.

TRUE. I search up to the 2nd page of results. If I can't find what I am looking for, I'll rephrase my keywords or completely alter the keyword or keywords. Search engines are more efficient now so I am expecting relevant results, 2o results would be enough otherwise, I maybe inputting the wrong keywords or terms and should alter the term/s.

2. Speaking of which, when users don’t find what they’re looking for, only two percent of them give up.

TRUE. Count me in on the 98% bracket. I'll be refining my search even if it will take me an hour to find what I am looking for.

3. When respondents were asked to “Please state how much you agree/disagree with the following statement: ‘Seeing a company listed among the top results on a search engine makes me think that the company is a top one within its field.’” Fully one third of the respondents (33 percent) agreed with the statement, while the rest disagreed.

TRUE. Meaning, the 66% got it right. Having a site listed atop the search results is not a guarantee that the company is the top notch in its field.

Toshiba Sandisk Joint Production

Good news for everyone. Toshiba and Sandisk plan to jointly spend about $5.2 billion to build a new flash memory plant in Japan. This is to face the production of rival Samsung head on. The two will build build a NAND-type flash memory factory in Iwate prefecture in northern Japan.

If you do not know what's its implications, well let me tell you. More flash memory supply (the ones in thumbdrive, sd card, memory card, your MP3 player, cameras, etc.) would lower the price of gadgets that uses flash memory. Notice the low price of flash USB drives nowadays. Notice the proliferation of MP3 players here in the Philippines. So, this is good news to us all consumers.

The bad news is, operation and production of this Toshiba-Sandisk project will bear flash, err, fruit come 2008.


SM Mall of Asia: Trip3

Last night was our 3rd trip to SM Mall of Asia. Me and my partner were supposed to buy the following:

  • Blouse (A promised gift)
  • Jeans (A promised gift too)
  • Microwave-able Cup (I busted my water-boiler thus this option.)
  • Stack of Neozep and Biogesic (I'll share a secret, sometimes I use Neozep as my sleeping pill. Bad thing to do really.)
  • Some office supplies too and Groceries (including Joy dish liquid, a kilo of Sugar, Shampoo, Oral-B brush, apple juice, etc.)
But because we left at around 7:30pm, a little late, the only thing we brought home was the blouse. I mean, we spent 1 and half hours for the blouse alone. Name the brands and shops, we all tried em out. Cinderella, Human, Mossimo, Folded and Hung, P&P (the Gretchen Barreto endorsed), Bench, Penshoppe and a couple of no-names or at least not mainstream shops.

We ended up scoring a P700 blouse at Nafnaf. Never heard?

As always, we parked just below where the DeLL Philippine HQ is located. That's at the left side of the facility if your facing Manila Bay. We dined at French Baker hoping that I could finally taste Fetuccini once again. But bad luck, no Pasta that night at French Baker. So I ended up chewing an ordinary beef teriyucky and burger steak. By the way, the burger steak served doesn't differ with any fastfood burger steak. Ah, the price is different. Bill? P300.00 or so for two. Next time, I'll be back where I belong, MAX's Chicken.

We were to watch Superman, unfortunately time was not on our side. We strolled anyways along the Cinema lane and found a screening time ending past 1:00am for the Superman. Are you kidding me? Who will watch movie with that slot. Ah, maybe the DeLL Computer Support people. But us, nah! Called it a night. Superman is just around the corner, we'll see him next time.

Globe Innove Caller ID Refund

Regarding this entry, this is the continuation...

I received my June billing, and walah... Globelines just refunded me P800.00. This is for the charges they billed for months for Caller ID I have requested to be deactivated but was not removed from my landline phone. So I was charged all these months.

Because of back to back to back problems I have encountered with my Globe subscriptions, I almost moved all my accounts to Smart and PLDT.

I am Globe Landline user.
I am Globe Postpaid Mobile Phone user.
I am Globe Prepaid Mobile Phone user.
I am Globe Internet user.
I am Globe GCASH user.
I am Globe Share-A-Load user.

After Globe Telecoms sorted out all of my concerns, I'll still be a GlobeMan for a little while now. That's up until something come up again.


Redbull over Purefoods in 7 Games

Redbull over Purefoods in 7 Games. That's my prediction. Coaching stability that Yeng Guiao gives will be the determining factor. Not that Ryan Gregorio is so-so but I believe Yeng got his number. Let me quote Ryan Gregorio, "There were a lot of lessons learned (last conference). Hopefully the experience we went through this conference (Philippine Cup) made us a better team". If only Ryan Gregorio could minimize his penchant for looking at coliseum screens everytime his on screen, then he'll be more focused. He does that a lot.

Second time in a row, these teams will be squaring off. With Redbull winning the import-flavored conference. During the semis round, both went through the needle for them to get to the finals and both will have to go thru that needle again to get the victory.

-Can Jun Limpot finally taste a championship?
-Yeng Guiao is using the "I-May-Retire-After-Winning-All-Filipino" to motivate his boys.

IDOL is Philippine Idol Judge

IDOL is Philippine Idol judge. Yes, the Man from Manila.

And so my man, Francis Magalona will be a Philippine Idol judge. It's about time people recognizes the fact that FrancisM is a creative performer and that he may see talent as well now that he is a Philippine Idol Judge. ABC 5 brought this IDOL franchise in the Phillipines, let us just see if somehow they can produce an un-chippy production. Ryan Agoncillo will host the contest. Pilita Corales and Ryan Cayabyab are the other Judges. Some credibility there huh?

Although I welcome Francis Magalona's presence in Eat Bulaga, it kinda put his music/creative side in the back seat. Quite a talented guy, produced great songs like Mahiwagang Kamote, Kaleidoscope, Girl Be Mine, Ayoko Sa Dilim, etc. I mean, his song can stand up to any filipino rock song you can mention. I'll take his songs over the very best of Parokya ni Edgar. FrancisM inpired me too to write some songs/poetry way back early 90s (along with the Beatles of course).

But by being in Eat Bulaga, day in and day out, along with nightly gigs at Allan K's bars, his (music) fans are getting the short end of the stick.

I just hope he has still some rockin left in him. Am I just getting paranoid that he'll never release a music work again?



Detroit Pistons are Done

2004: They went on to win the Championships.

2005: They failed to defend the title.

2006: They lost the Eastern Championships.

2007: They are officially done.

With the imminent signing of Ben Wallace to the Chicago Bulls, the Pistons lost its franchise player, its heart and more importantly the toughness they need in order to compete at the highest level.

Wallace was said to be insulted with the $48 million over 4 years that Dumars extended so he will be jumping on the $52 Million that the Bulls offered. He will be jumping for the Buls now come 2006-2007 to get his usual rebounding numbers. The Chicago Bulls fans may be jumping with joy by now having learned this report. Darko Milicic might be jumping too (can he jump?) to learn that after the Pistons cleared cap space by trading him just to re-sign Wallace, they end up losing Wallace for nothing.

Now that they only have $5 million dollar mid level exception to offer to get viable replacements. Whoever this Wallace replacement, it's quite impossible to get what Wallace gave the pistons. Defensive precense, swagger and of course the hair, lots of it.

By July 12, Deeeeetroit fans should begin to accept that they'll be playing aging players Rasheed and McDyess at the 4 and 5 positions. Miami had just earned another ticket to the Finals with this development.

BenQ Blu-Ray Writer

BenQ kinda impresses me a bit. Based from Taiwan, they have made some gains in the tech world and is considered to be a player in cellphone, camera and computer equipment business. Proof of this is its unveiling come August of of an optical disk writer which can handle the new Blu-ray high volume DVD storage format. BenQ is even ahead of inventors SONY, Pioneer and Philips in realeasing one.

But at its price of $1000, is just waaaaaay too high for it to be a writer for the masses. Average competitor pricing is expected to be around $1500. Turns out, Benq model is "cheap buy". We'll see who can produce more units and therefore trigger a more consumer friendly price. Sony, Pioneer, Philips, Panasonic and now BenQ will be vying for market share. Sony, while fighting Toshiba's HD-DVD format has another fight to face and that is, getting chunks of Blu-Ray related products. Tough business.


Philippine Basketball Guru

Am I an expert or what?

I have posted that Alaska will be defeated because of Purefoods- 2-game-winning streak (games 5 and 6) gives them the momentum. And they did drop the game. Purefoods momentum clearly showed early in the game, leading as much as 19 points. Alaska later spent the rest of the game trying to climb back and in the end they fell short. Noy Castillo delivered the killer shot giving Tim Cone another big time series loss against Purefoods. Purefoods also dealt Tim Cone a heartbreaking 7-game-series loss after Alaska was able to get a 2-0 advantage during the 2002 Governor's Cup.

I have posted that Redbull will take out San Miguel Beer by virtue of its experience (coaching included), and they won the game. Yeng Guiao called the play with less than 4 seconds left and his players executed. He emphasized that with clock remaining, 1 extra pass is still possible. It turned out, 2 passes were can still be done, the last pass going directly to Juntee Valenzuela. With less than 0.1 second left, he drilled the fifteen foot ticket to the finals.

So it's Red Bull versus Purefoods in the PBA All-Filipino Finals.


Manny Pacquiao-Larios Web Log

Currently watching the undercard Gerry Penalosa versus a relatively unknown Mexican named Rojas. First 5 rounds, Gerry seems to be leading the fight.

I am not a fan of Sev Sarmenta really but I am beginning to think, for this fight, I prefer him over Quinito Henson who keeps on shouting out his comments. Had Quinito covered this fight, he would have gone saying, "What a tremendous shot! What a tremendous shot! What a tremendous shot!" endlessly.

As expected. Gerry Penalosa won via unanimous decision. Couple of Filipinos won their respective fights too.

Onto the Main Event, Mano-A-Mano Pacquiao Larios, Philippines versus Mexico. We were expecting knock-out, there were two knockdowns, two times Larios hit the canvass but those didn't stop the fight. I was expecting a bloody mess too and this one happened. Chololo Larios had at least two cuts. In the end, the superior fighter won the fight via unanimous decision too.

Let's give Larios some credit too. Aside from jolting and rocking PacMan in the 3rd round, he gave good account of himself by finishing this fight standing. He withstood powerful combinations from Pacquiao throughout the fight. Plus he was so respectful towards the Filipinos and thankful to Pacquiao during the end fight interview. So he was a class guy. Viva Larios.

But more importantly, Viva Pacquiao! Mabuhay Pacquiao!

Next up, 3rd salvo against Erik Morales this coming November. Expect Erik to be more prepared this time. Expect a hungrier Erik this time. That could be the fight of the year.

Radmanovic Onboard Lakers

Vladimir Radmanovic verbally agreed that he'll be signing up with the Los Angeles Lakers. Playing for the Los Angeles Clippers, will basically change his locker room over at Staples Center. Signing can only be done by July 12 2006. This is a good pick for LA Lakers, with Radmanovic's outside shooting, this will give Kobe more space to do his stuff. Radmanovic is versatile big, a small or power forward combo, he can give L.A. the outside game that Walton and the inconsistent George can't give.

After drafting Farmar (per report, a quality guard) and the possible addition of Vladimir, L.A. has been making good moves. With Vlade Divac doing front office job at Lakers, a fellow serbian, might have helped in getting Radmanovic. When Peja Stojakovic was available at Sacramento, the LA was actively pursuing Peja. Only they got no piece to offer. Getting Radmanovic now at lower price, a younger player too is not bad.

It was reported too that Phil and Kobe also phoned in Radmanovic. They must have been high on him. Let's see if can help the Lakers go higher.


Give Your Boss A Memo

Dirk Nowitzki just did that via press. A billionaire boss at that. How about that? Id love to do that too! Giving memo to your boss.

"The game starts and he's already yelling at [the officials]," Nowitzki was quoted as saying. "He needs to learn how to control himself a little better. If somebody's in your ear constantly. ... I'd be [ticked] off if I were an official."

Mark Cuban continuously barks at the referees during the game, and refs are human too. They remember. And so during the Miami - Dallas series, a referee-Wade love-fest was born.

Dirk is right, Mark Cuban has to settle down. Rather than constantly berating the officials and the NBA office, he has a lot of things in his table to do. Like this (U.S.) summer, he's got to sign 3 important guys: Dirk, Terry and Howard. He should be owner first, act like one too and let Avery do the complaining.

NBA Changing Basket Ball

The PBA switched to a new ball last 2004, made the change to a 12-seam, two-tone Molten leather B7L basketball. This two-tone ball kinda exciting coz you see the ball as it spins. I'd love to see Shaq test this ball. We'll see if it ever spins if Shaq throws those bricks. (Maybe I'll get my wish, as O'Neal is a possible team USA Basketball member this summer.) This Molten ball was the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) approved ball. The NBA showing is autonomy in world basketball, did not follow suit.

The NBA a couple of days that they'll be using an improved Official Game Ball that will debut this coming season. After 35 years, this is the first change of official NBA ball. Just to show how long the NBA has been using the ball, Davis Stern has not seen any other Spalding ball in his tenure. Instead of the traditional eight panels of leather sewn together, now it’s constructed of two interlocking cross-shaped panels of microfiber composite material. As claimed by Spalding (and by Paul Pierce), the ball doesn’t need the break-in period needed by currently-used leather balls.

Spalding says its “Cross Traxxion” technology makes it easier to grip (good for small hands like mine). More consistent from ball to ball than the old leather style, and also better able to resist moisture buildup. Price tag is $100 dollars. I wonder if Kobe Bryant will pitch this one again.

PBA and Boxing: A Knockout Sunday

This Sunday morning (or at least 'til PM), nobody will go to the mall, parks or elsewhere (oh well, except for those who prefer bloodbath being viewed on giant SM Cinemas), all will be glued on their TV sets. It's Manny Pacquiao, the Datu Puti boy, going up against Larios. I am thinking less than 6 rounds, it's a knockout! You know who would be in the canvass at the end of it.

And further into the Day, 2 knockout games at the Cuneta Astrodome for the chance to be in the All-Filipino Finals. Both San Miguel Beer (Danny Seigle by the way became a member of PBA 5000 point club) and Purefoods forced game 7 by winning last night's games. Scary times for te Alaska Milk. They thought they have this series all wrapped up. Well I thought too.

I predict Purefoods will take this one, the momentum is on their side (Just like Phoenix finished off Lakers in Game 7). And I have the Redbull winning the series over San Miguel. The Redbull Barakos is battle tested in these type of games.