PenDrive Flash Drive

Another press release from PC Trends, Check this one too...

PenDrives hit local shores!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - PenDrive USB flash drives are now available locally through PC Trends, Inc.

"We've just gotten hold of our first shipment of PenDrive USB flash drives..." says Robert Wong, PC Trends, Inc. marketing coordinator. "we thought it would be a good idea to have them in the local market. Have you seen the PenSKINz?" he asks, while handing over a sample. "It adds a bit of uniqueness and coolness to a device as mundane as a flash drive" he quips. "We have PenDrive's "PenSKINz" and "ClipONs" for your PenDrives" Robert Wong adds. "Its like I aid...these accessories will set your PenDrive apart from all the other flash drives out there. You can get a PenSKINz in a color that'll match your outfit...or to match your mood. At the same time, these rubber sleeves will protect your PenDrive from shock and scratches".

PenDrive USB flash drives claim a data retention span of 10 years. PenDrive USB flash drives carry a five-year warranty. Ask for them at your favorite computer shop now!

COWON iAUDIO Media Players

Got this press release thru email from PC Trends. Check 'em out...

Introducing: COWON iAUDIO Portable Music Players

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - PC Trends, Inc. recently announced the Philippine launch of COWON iAUDIO portable music and MP4 video players.

"We've seen the portable music player market being dominated by a select few" says Robert Wong, PC Trends Inc. marketing coordinator. "We then saw cheaper alternatives coming in to answer the needs of buyers who wanted an MP3 player but couldn't afford a 'branded' one. Granted, they were breaching the 'affordable' mark, but the players being sold at that particular price range were nothing more than USB flash drives that played music and tuned in to FM stations" he continues. "I believe that the timing is right. The demand is there, and we shall address it. We intend to provide audiophiles with affordable, high-quality music players at competitive price points. They need an alternative; the choices right now are either 'good but expensive' and 'dubious but cheap'...with COWON iAUDIO portable music and video players, 'sturdy, full-featured and gives excellent value for money' comes into play" Robert Wong
concludes. PC Trends Inc. starts the rollout with four notable iAUDIO models, two flash-based and two based on the new 0.85 HDD format. The flash-based
models are the iAUDIO G3(512MB) and the iAUDIO U3(2GB). The 0.85 HDD-based models include the iAUDIO 6 (4GB) and the iAUDIO X5(30GB).

Common features found in COWON iAUDIO Portable Music Players include BBE technology, the proprietory JetEffect preset equalizers, and support for multiple file types. COWON iAUDIO Portable Music Players have support for MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG and FLAC music files. Video playback (for some models with 260K-color screens) feature support for AVI and XviD MPEG-4 files. User-friendliness is provided for with the inclusion of easy file navigation systems, support for M3U and Dynamic playlists, firmware upgrades, editable startup screens, support for both MacOS and Linux and multilingual menus. COWON iAUDIO PMPs, among other things, also allow for high-quality voice recording, Direct-Encoding (which allows on-the-fly conversions of CDs, tapes and vinyl records to MP3) while acting as USB storage devices.

Some models even allow the user to read .txt files and view JPEGs stored in its memory. The iAUDIO 6 and the iAUDIO X5 both have USB HOST functionality, which lets users connect to and transfer files directly from digital cameras or other mass storage devices.

Lastly, COWON iAUDIO Portable Music Players feature audiophile-grade sound reproduction. COWON iAUDIO PMPs run sound effect software from world-renowned BBE Sound based in the United States. The exclusive BBE process corrects phase distortions and allows for the original sound to be reproduced with superior fidelity. Another BBE-licensed sound effect is Mach3Bass, which extends the bass response characteristics of speakers and earphones, resulting in deeper and tighter bass.

COWON iAUDIO Portable Music Players have been critically acclaimed by reviewers such as c|net, HWM Singapore, T3 and CHIP online. PC Trends, Inc. is the Exclusive Local Distributor of COWON iAUDIO music players in the Philippines.

Spam Filtering is Tough Task

I have done all sorts of filtering, and still VIAGRA and CILAIS still end up in my inbox. Seems like these spammers took the VIAGRA themselves. They are hyper -sending emails with relentless fury that even Bruce Leee can not much.

Our web host has free filtering tool in its panel and I feel this generic filter is not enough. For serious spam filtering action, separate application should be used. It does not help too if you have gazillion contacts in your address book.

This battle has been in a long stand off: Spammers versus Filter Developers. As applications gets smarter at detecting junk, spammers get smarter at fooling the filters.

Spammers have taken it to a new level, utilizing images to sneak in these unsolicited emails. Keyword are easier to block out and so these image spamming gaining ground.

Now how in the world will the spam filters know what's in the image? That's their job to do really. But image filter basically does some math, a formula is applied to the image and generates a unique signature that the software can use to flag down a junk image.

But we all know this is not bullet proof. A little change in color here, a slightly larger text there suddendly changes the signature and what you get is a full pitch ad about... Yes, Viagra.

Give Bill Gates Some Love

Why a lot people hate Bill Gates so much? I mean, this guy revolutionized computing. I may not be blogging right now without him. I may not have a source of income without him. And my guess is you too.

But beyond the technological advances he helped developed, people tend to forget the massive philanthropic effort he is doing.

Microsoft is the biggest player in the world in terms of sponsoring technology contests, university research centers, training and developemnt of new breed of geeks, err, scientists.

Bill Gates practically is helping shape the world we live in. But, in sponsoring students and governments of the world, Microsoft, indirectly, is convincing them to stick it out with Microsoft products. Also making sure that any further tech wave, Microsoft is at the center of the action. It's an investement. Part of the business.

Just recently, billionaire Warren Buffet gave up $30 billion dollars plus to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (the world's largest philanthropy). This would further boost Bill Gates drive to reach out . C'Mon Bill, reach us out, Filipinos are looking forward to any Microsoft sponsored program.

Bill Gates also announced just weeks ago, that he will scale back his day-to-day duties at Microsoft beginning in mid-2008 so he can focus more time on the foundation (and stop monopolizing the internet and computing).


Larry Fonacier Can't Miss

I have posted it before, Red Bull is tough to beat because any game, any day, someone could step up and be the main man. Last night, it was Larry Fonacier who led the Red Bull in scoring. Including, crucial free throws in the last minute.

Bunch of people thought the game was over last night but suddenly the San Miguel Beermen successfully made it a game (somewhat) during the last 2 minutes by sinking some threes and quick 2s. Coupled by misses by Juntee Valenzuela, the SMB was as close as 3 to 4 points.

Juntee is a pretty reliable free throw shooter but I know why he is missing. He is not concentrating on his free throws and is being distracted by the DIGEO DIEGO chant. Diego is the comic character in the GMA7 comedy show Bubble Gang. He is throwing up his shots too quickly, just before the DIEGO chants becomes even louder. Try to see/hear it when he is on the line specially against Ginebra San Miguel. In the past, Ginebra fans' target was Jimwell Torion, they shouted ADDICT ADDICT everytime Jimwell was involved in a play, good or bad. The commentators kinda awkwardly ingnore these chants.

Fortunately for Red Bull, Fonacier made a free throw shooting demo by drilling 14/14 free throws. Fortunately too, Cablay right at the top of the key, was open, still decided to curl to no where with the pass of Hontiveros in his way. Incoming!

Yes incoming loss for SMB on that play. Down 2-3 now.

Maybe RedBull deserved to win this one, paying half a million fine after Yeng's walk-out antics.


Meanwhile, Purefoods won over Alaska making this a bit of a series. Alaska leads 3-2. (I did not watch the game.)

L.A. Lakers Pick Jordan Farmar

Chad Ford, ESPN Draft Expert has this to say... Nice pick for the Lakers here. They needed a point guard who can make decisions and hit open shots. Farmar is a little turnover prone and a streaky shooter -- but when you're drafting this low in the draft, it's a nice pick. Not sure how much of an impact he will make this season, but he's a solid pick here.

By getting a rather good pick late in the draft, maybe Mitch Kupchak is doing his job. I remember, he also picked Cook and Walton late in the draft 2 or 3 years back. Jordan Farmar is 6-2 point guard out of UCLA. So he'll be staying in LA still.

Now that someone my take his starting job, it is now up to Smush Parker to maintain his level of play. A guy that can score 10 to 12 points and give out 5 to 6 assists per game. And of course, his specialty, making steals here and there.

I just hope Kwame will continue to develop for the Lakers to contend in the the NBA again. We Lakers fans need NOT worry about Kobe Bryant. Now that Shaq (by being Wade's Robin BTW) took home another ring, the Mamba will do everything to get one too.


DELL Laptop is HOT Too

Dell is probing the Flaming Laptop. The notebook was photographed bursting in flames. The images of course landed in the internet (where else?). Digital photos were published on technology industry news web site, The Inquirer last week.

A year ago, Dell had some problems with some of the batteries in its laptop due to over heating. They then issued a recall.

Dell already have the unit and have begun investigating the event. The exploding laptop happened at a conference in Osaka, Japan.

Yes Japan. Home of Toshiba, Fujitsu, Sony Etc. Dell must be thinking, it's tough doing business in Japan.

My MSI Laptop is HOT

I returned my MSI Laptop to my supplier because it was over-heating. In fact, part of the laptop turned darker each passing day. The technician told me that dark parts were not caused but over heating. What? Do I have a filthy hand?

Fan is OK. Processor is OK too. Though he was correct in saying the laptop is ok, he wrong in saying that, the dark parts were not caused by extreme heat.

Extreme heat made these discolorations. For a while, I was using my left hand in touching the pad because my right hand is directly over the hot surface. It turned out, I do not have a filthy hand but my notebook (located 2 feet within the window) was inhaling dust. It impeded the flow of air eventually collecting thick dust (just like how the universe was formed). By the time the tech guy was done, he showed me the thick universe, err, dust that was physically preventing the fan from doing its job.

Now you know how lazy this blogger in checking out things by himself.

I traveled 25KM just to return my HOT MSI. Maybe I am not lazy after all.

Online Social Networking by Athletes

A U.S. University just banned its athletes from the networking site, Facebook.com. About 400 Student-Athletes were affected by this ruling and they were given until August 1st to remove their profiles or risk reprisals from the university.

The university is Kent State Universoty. The university said that thay are just protecting student identities and the university's image. Further claiming that students who list phone numbers and addresses have been contacted inappropriately, either by strangers or sports agents. The move to ban the site came from students and coaches expressing concern over safety and privacy issues.

Now, what a dumb Sports Agent he is if he can not get in contact with an athlete. With or without facebook, agents can easily contact these athletes. What the?!... Local, regional, and even national media are all over these players, their contact details, their associates are all over town. By the way, why the hell are they protecting the privacy of athletes? Why not protect Engineering students too. Why not protect Medicine students?

Back home, I wonder if DLSU Lasalle Basketball players have their own profiles at Friendster.com. Maybe with the downtime they are having, they are busy doing online social networking. If they have, will the UAAP ban these players another year if they do not remove their accounts? :-) Go Lasalle Go (rest)!


Yeng Guiao Does Jaworski Walk-Out

In more than the 30 years of Philippine Basketball Association existence, only the Jaworski-led Anejo walked out of a game in 1990. It was against Benjie Paras' and Ronnie Magsanoc's Shell. The referees on that game successively called fouls against (Jervis Cole? the late Rey Cuenco?) the Ginebra players prompting the Big J (and team manager) to instruct his players to proceed to the dugout and just give the championships to Shell. I remember, Shell players were celebrating with half the joy. Had they won the conventional 48 minute route, it would have been much sweeter.

Fast forward 16 years, 4th game between San Miguel and Red Bull in the semis, just before half time coach Yeng Guiao orchestrated a walk-out. But just after 3 minutes or so, they returned to the floor. Maybe the team managers of Red Bull smelled millions of pesos in fines for these types of actions that's why they returned. Ginebra paid around half a million for their un-sportmanship conduct. Yeng Guiao and team manager Tony Chua need to do some explaining in a meeting with the PBA officials. Even if Red Bull did a 180 and finshed the game, I am still expecting fines.

By the way, San Miguel Beer won the game. Suddenly, this series is interesting tied at 2-2. Featuring a healthy Danny Seigle versus a fiery team led by Yeng Guiao, this game deserves a look and deserve some space in my blog.


Now it's Kobe Versus Wade

Kobe Versus Shaq...

Kobe Versus Vince Carter...

Kobe Versus Mc Grady...

Kobe Versus Ray Allen...

Kobe Versus Allen Iverson...

Kobe Versus The State of Colorado...

Kobe Versus Lebron James...

Kobe Versus The Legacy of Michael Jordan...

I mean, it's Kobe against the world. And now, enter the FLASH.

Kobe Verus Dwayne Wade!


In reponse to a post, here's what I got to say...

Bill Simmons is the best NBA ESPN writer. Witty and well said articles each time.

As for Wade surpassing Kobe, he’s got a chance. But this thing is almost too much dependent on the GM of their respective teams. After Shaq, this season Kobe somewhat shows he can lead the L.A. to championships in 2 to 3 years. The LA was one shot away from advancing to the Semis. (Both the Clippers and Mavericks are beatable, Lakers has chance with those teams.) And so, after Shaq is done in 2 or 3 years time, it will be all up to who’s supporting Wade by that time. Comparing players is tough business really. But for the sake of giving an answer, I still give Kobe the upperhand in this duel.

But Wade has had a little help from his friends in this one. Do not be swayed to much.

Wade was lucky to have a Pat Riley doing the GM and coaching thing.

Wade was lucky having Bulls in the 1st round (Kobe had the Phoenix. Baby!).

Wade was lucky having New Jersey in the 2nd round.

Wade was lucky Detroit imploded.

Wade was lucky Avery Johnson had some tactical errors in that Finals (not doubling teaming Wade a lot, not playing Daniels a lot, letting Dirk inbound a play on a must scored hoop, etc.).

Wade was lucky Payton still has gas left unleashing to important baskets in 2 separate games.

Wade was lucky Zo was probably fighting his last fight in Game 6.

Wade was lucky Dirk, I think, was playing with some nerves, Game 3 and onwards. Keeps on rushing his shots.

Wade was lucky to get oh so many fouls shots in the series (virtually Untouchable, therefore do not compare Wade to Corleone, compare him to either Elliot Ness or Al Capone, choose.)

Lucky guys take home championships.

Now, Ill be reading Simmons…

RedBull Barakos Sans Star

Redbull pretty much makes the case that indeed basketball is a team game. The closest star they have got is Enrico Villanueva. But you know how limited Villanueva offense is. No clear cut go to move for Enrico. No game beyond 10 feet too. To me, he is a raw Benjie Paras.

It's Yeng Guiao system that makes the Red Bull go. I mean, Yeng Guiao is playing big minutes to names like Najorda and Bugia. His starting guard is not-much-offense-pint-sized Robinson. But almost always, Red Bull, every conference, is in the thick of the fight.

Until Villanueva shows up with more offensive power than what he has, Red Bull does not have a true blue Superstar to showcase. But hey, I am sure Red Bull management will take this scenario anyday of the week.


Dynamite Danny Seigle

For a while, Danny Seigle was the best player in the PBA. Taller than most of the SF in the PBA, he is virtually unstoppable. Great hops, deadly outside shots, quality low post moves combined made him the best in the PBA 2 to 3 years running.

But injuries slowed him really. He suffered career altering injuries. Now, currently getting back to form and battling the RedBull as I make this entry.

BTW, Back in 2002, in an exbihition game against Gaze's Australian Team, just before the Asian Games, he was injured. He was dominating in that game against the Aussies. Bad luck. And so, weeks later, he was not able to represent the Philippines in that Asian Games. Depriving us the chance of seeing him battle the Koreans and Yao Ming's Chinese Team. By the way, that maybe the best window we got to win the Asian Gold. The Korean barely won over us, and the Koreans later surprised China and took the gold. Healthy Seigle could have given us the Asian Basketball Gold prize.

And yes, a healthy Danny Seigle could do some damage in the PBA.


Just in...

SMB in tying its series versus RedBull 2-2, PBA reports...

Danny Seigle recorded his 16th consecutive 20-plus game Sunday night and got ample support from his teammates this time as the San Miguel Beermen dealt the Red Bull Barakos a 106-82 beating in Game 4 of their Gran Matador Brandy PBA Philippine Cup semifinals series at the Araneta Coliseum.

Seigle’s awesome performance, likely the all-time longest 20-plus games streak by a local, was a fitting highlight to a game filled with drama and excitement.

SMB’s leading scorer tallied 24 points and had 10 rebounds and six of his teammates also finished in double figures as the Beermen broke wide open an erstwhile close game and tied the series at two games apiece.

Danny Ildefenso - Raise Some More

He was the PBA guy early part of the century, getting multiple championships and getting back to back MVPs (though we know Danny Seigle contributed more in those championships). Injuries pushed his career back a little bit and is now struggling to gain his level of play. From back to back MVPs to a mere San Miguel Beer contributor. Aged 28 or 29, he's not getting any younger at all. So his lack of offensive moves, un-aggressive rebounding and inconsistent mid-range game won't help. So I doubt, if he could ever be the PBA's premier player once more. C'mon Danny, I'd like to be wrong in this one. Raise the roof one more time!

(I remember too in one of the games, one-time he unleashed a double dirty finger (f-u) straight to the fans of Ginebra San Miguel. Nice Danny I.)


Alaska Milks' Miller and Cortez

Willie "Thriller" Miller is a one-time Most Valuable Player, a good scorer but playing 1-2 guard positions, he should be able to get more assists than what he is getting now. He should be a team player. Now with the Tim Cone's system, he has a chance to be that. Since he is in a structured offense, likely he’ll be able to dish out more and jack up points at the right time and under the system. But can he be a PBA superstar? Probably not. Hard to market a semi-FilAm guy (or atleast by his looks) who, in the past, had penchant for bad shot selection and individual adventurism on offense.

His team mate, Mike Cortez should be able to be at least be star in the PBA. But his collegiate success and reputation at Lasalle so far hasn’t been translated into a stellar career in the PBA too. Maybe the task of replacing Johnny Abarientos as the Alaska’s floor leader put so much pressure to him that he has been barely above average player thus far.

James Yap (AKA MR. Kris Aquino)

Purefoods has James Yap as the candidate for this PBA Superstar Search. He can be considered a PBA draw (along with Kris Aquino). James Yap is relatively young (young for Kris too), so he has age factor in evaluating his chances. He can still improve his game. James Yap is pretty capable of lighting it up from the outside but lacks the individual capablity to score. Like say, a Samboy Lim or Bong Alvarez mode. He's to dependent on screen plays and kick out passes from Kerby Raymundo and other Purefoods Bigs (including Jun Limpot, who by the way erupted for 15 points in Game 3) for him to score bunch like he did in Games 1 and 3 of their series against Alaska. Id rate him 7 in 1 to 10 scale. What does he need to elevate his game and value? (1) Improved Defense (Rebounding too) (2) Scoring Consistency (3) Penetrating Game


Philippine Basketball Superstars

With the finals of the NBA done and Gins out of the semifinals in the PBA, I am in search of something to watch, something to get excited about, something to blog about, something to look forward to in sports.

The World Cup Soccer in Germany is on but I do not have much interest in the sport.

So I do not have a choice but to settle with current semis brackets of San Miguel and Red Bull (now turning to be series) and the (soon to be over) Alaska - Purefoods tussle.

Oh, and by the way, both series have 2-1 scores, RedBull and Alaska leading.

With this semis line-up, I am pretty sure, the viewing public (along with the PBA itself) is searching for something. Like searching for viable PBA Superstar.

So in a series of posts, let's try looking for another PBA Superstar.

Most Dominant Ever

After winning his fourth title, you know that SHAQ is refraining from openly bragging what he accomplished. Without Kobe and without Phil, he is champ again...

But I think the reason why Shaq is holding back with usual quick quotables is that, he knows he did not power the Heat to championships. He was like the 2003 David Robinson to Tim Duncan all-over again.

Shaq spent huge minutes in the sidelines during crucial moments of the series. And look at this number, on offense, averaging 14 points in the series. On defense, he grabbed rebounds here and there. He was even out-played by an older teammate, a guy with a borrowed kidney named Alonzo Mourning. Zo swatted game altering shots. (By the way, Aren’t you tired of Zo’s antics, shakin and shiverin everytime he does something positive?)

O’Neal knows that this trophy has few Shaq fingerprints on it. He knows, it’s Wade frenetic scoring and drives that took home the trophy. (Along with some help from the 3 zebras.) He knows he is the 2nd banana in this one.

Just wondering, if he can step back and defer to a young gun like Wade, just why the hell he did not do it at L.A. Kobe approaching his peak and him still good for 15 and 10, why he didn't do it? Two deadly words: EGO and MONEY. After years of being focal point of what's going on in L.A., he just can't think of himself playing the role of Robin to Kobe. Second, at an advanced age, he was forcing Buss to pay him tons of money.

So L.A. was forced to send him elsewhere. Good thing, he landed on a team with a guy named Wade and coach named Riley. By trading to Miami, L.A.under estimated Wade and Riley but not O'Neal. They were right about Shaq, he is a 14-point scorer in an NBA finals.

So as for now, no bragging for the Most Dominat (n)Ever.

Larry Brown's NY Dream Job

Just after winning the 2004 NBA Finals, you'd think that 2004-2005 season for the Detroit Pistons would be a season to repeat. Guess what Larry Brown did, while under contract with DP, he flirted with his dream job. That is, the head coaching job in New York. He smelled (stinky) something is not right with New York coaching situation, 2 coaches sacked before interim coach Williams finished the season. So there is chance that he'll get the job. With the general manager and the owner don't seem to know what they are doing, the big apple would be the biggest job for Larry Brown.

And so he landed the job at New York, after a messy and pricey divorce with the Detroit Pistons. But the rest is history. Detroit was not able to get to the finals (They may never will with this cureent group.) and the Knicks turned into a complete mess. Larry is now fired just a couple of hours ago by the dynamic duo of owner Dolan and Isaiah Thomas. Just within a year, coach Brown's dream job turned out to be a nightmare.

So you folks out there, be careful with what you wish for. If currently employed and not quite not satisfied with your company, take it easy. Just don't move your rear to some place else without carefully studying the pros and the cons of moving on.


Laguna Internet Service Options

We got satellite office in Laguna and the internet connection, let me just put it this way, sucks!? (In part because the complex where the office is stationed, has no choice but to subscribe to Digitel.)

You got bunch of options, just get the lesser evil, err, inferior one.

What do we use…

Currently using a primitive Pacific Internet plan (Plan 888), unlimited dial-up connection. Where we are at, the village is lined with Digitel telephone network. So we use Pacific Internet but using a Digitel dial-up number. Probably, somewhere, somehow, switching in the networks, like say, to PLDT backbone slows down everything. Not to mention, downtime is a normal occurrence. At one point in time, the Digitel dial-up line can not get thru. So you are in the mercy of Digitel-Pacific-PLDT mess-up. (When you have Digitel line, you can not use your line to dial-up PLDT dial-up numbers.)

Since non-connection is sooooo prevalent, our staff sometimes gobble up prepaid card. Who uses prepaid card nowadays? Us. Imagine an enterprise needing to be connected in the internet uses SurfMax prepaid card. And oh by the way, Surfmax is by Pacific. (Funny, when you can’t connect using a postpaid pacific account, just use a pacific prepaid account. Very nice Pacific People.)

What are the options…

Use assorted pre-paid cards. This is really a pain in the rear. Imagine changing SMTP -POP protocols every time you change ISPs.

How about Digitel’s Dial-Up? Been there, Done that. What’s funny is that when we got this service, the payment is per minute. Forget downloading emails with huge attachment, forget Kazaa, forget Yahoo YM, forget ‘em all. You just can’t enjoy being online when your bill is soaring high. (Do they still have this service?)

How about Digitel Broadband? Ouch! Our sister company is using the service and they wish they didn’t get the offer.

How about Smart Wi-Fi? This one is quite funny too, our Laguna residence is connected to the internet thru Smart’s Wi-Fi. In the early weeks of subscription, the service bogged down for a day, then 2, then 3, then 4 or to make it short, full 2 weeks without internet feed.

And the whole family aged, our hairs grayed a bit, added few wrinkles too in dealing with their customer support. In 2 weeks time of following it up, the tech support could only muster the words… We are just having TECHNICAL ACTIVITY (This technical activity was clearly lifted from call agent handbook.) What activity was that? 2 Weeks time? That’s INACTIVITY in my book.

So the Smart Wi-Fi is currently in beta at our home (I am not in Laguna most of the time), I’ll be giving the service evaluation. I’ll be asking my housemates (Pinoy Big Brother inspired), rather siblings if the service is relatively smooth and actually delivering good bandwidth. Until, then, we will be using the primitive Pacific Internet thru Digitel.



Billiards Champion For A Night

These past days, I tasted successive losses for the teams I was cheering for (some with bet on top of it). Ginebra bowing out of contention. Dallas suffered back-to-back-to-back-to-back losses. Now think about that, 5 game losing streak and been bloggin it all up to ease the pain.

But I finally ended this streak with a victory. Like RoberJaworski used to shout out in the huddle, I need this victory.

This night, I am a pool champion, winning 3-2 in a best five series. Down 0-2, I came up with 3 straight thrillers. Alah Miami. At stake was a huge sum of amount, P100.00 and was spared on paying the table pool fee of whopping P50.00.

So I ended my losing streak.

With that, I'll end my day too, sleep tight and savor my victory.

How not to get into trouble

How not to get into trouble while dining out in a cheap restaurant tutotrial:

We had dinner at a cheapo-resto in Makati. Not air-conditioned (or it was but not enough) and had one electric fan at the corner blowing directly at me. So it was cool and I was cool.

I had my order placed. My cousin already ordered his mango shake. While waiting for it to be served, this SANAMAGAN med-rep-type-long-sleeved moron along with his GF entered the restaurant. Without excuses or whatever, he suddenly turned the fan where he's at. THAT CAN NOT BE!

I quickly jumped out of my seat, bump another seat along the way and turned back the fan at my table's direction. He was utterly shocked. He didn't say a word.

But probably, he felt he's been challenged by me along with my cousin, he was acting his way out of this and want to get back. He acted like he has a phone call to make, run outside and nudged back into nowhere. Not in my direction, not in his too.

Again I jumped out and turned it to me and murmured, one more time baby! By the way, 2 to 1, we like our chances.

If not for the repercussions of a fight heading directly at Police Station (1 block away), I would not mind exchanging few blows, throwing bottles, sticking a fork and whole lot more. Just to inflict some pain on people like these.

Next time you're out dining, warning: Do not just turn an electric fan as you wish. Simply say, Excuse Me PO! Or else, hindi namin kayo tatantanan!

[F! I didn’t enjoy my Sinigang Na Tanigue Sa Misu!]

Too Many Too Mention/Ignore

I remember when I was young (elementary and highschool), we get to sign-in or fill up a SLUM BOOK. Giving off your favorites, like TV shows, Personalities, Crush, Etc. (Much like how you do it in Friendster.) This is fun stuff.

Only the popular ones get to sign these books a lot. As for the ordinary ones (like me), we sign this once in a while. But when your are signing too many (usually happens in the first days/weeks of the school year), you tend to write these words to get it over with... TOO MANY TO MENTION.

Like... Who's you favorite actor? - Rather than saying Christopher De Leon, you would say, yes, TOO MANY TO MENTION.

What is your favorite TV show? - Rather than writing Knight Rider or BayWatch, you would write... TOO MANY TO MENTION.

Get it?

[A side note to those who are still actively pursuing this Slum Book thing. If the signee (meaning, your friend, an acquaintance, a crush, a guy/gal) sort of loads up his/her entry with the dreaded TMTM, back off a little, he/she is not interested.]

Along this context...

I will now sign off my NBA Finals FINAL SLAM BOOK entry and these words I'll use... TOO MANY TOO IGNORE. The referees, in my mind, cost the Dallas Mavericks, the championships. Thereby costing me some pesos too.

Wade Fouled Dirk (Sigh)

This is what I said earlier today...

Not totally, but the officiating somewhat played a role in this one. Favoring Wade a little in the fishing-for-foul department. Case in point, less than a minute to go, Wade trying to get pass by Dirk, Wade used his forearm on Dirk. Dirk was in position. Foul on Dirk. In a close series or in a close game, so so officating could turn the tide.

This is what Steve Kerr said...


Dallas fans will talk about this one for a long time. With the Mavs trailing by one point and 26 seconds to go, Wade dribbled around a screen and clearly threw his arm out into Dirk Nowitzki's chest. Nowitzki was called for the foul, however, sending Wade to the line where he made both free throws. Had the call gone the other way, we could be talking about a Game 7. Instead, Miami hung on for the win – and the championship.

Why Dallas Didn't Win This One

  • My 2nd favorite player in the world, Dirk Nowitzki, as good as he is, is not a clutch player. Plus the fact that he needs to have some plays run for him to get a decent shot (Avery's Job).
  • Basketball gods just don't want to see Payton and Mourning combo. After winning this one, I will be surprised to see both back in the NBA next season. BTW, both had their time and contibutions in this series.
  • As much as I am not a fan of Wade, he really elevated his game in this Playoffs. Every shot he unleashed was full of confidence.
  • Pat Riley still has coaching magic in him. More than the X-O, but the capacity to motivate the team to perform at the highest level makes him a winner. (Will he coach the team next year? Still something to prove eh?)
  • Which bring me to this. Avery Johnson was outcoached by Riley.
  • The supposedly improve defensed of Dallas was not that improved in this series.
  • The supposedly better bench of Dallas was not that better.
  • Not totally, but the officiating somewhat played a role in this one. Favoring Wade a little in the fishing-for-foul department. Case in point, less than a minute to go, Wade trying to get pass by Dirk, Wade used his forearm on Dirk. Dirk was in position. Foul on Dirk.In a close series or in a close game, so so officating could turn the tide.

Shaquille O'Neal Champ Again

Ladies and gentlemen, exactly 12:00 noon, Manila Time, Miami Heat is the 2006 NBA Champion.

More on this later...


No Foul on Dirk. Foul on Ref.

Following up on my previous post that the foul called on Dirk that sent Wade to the line is questionable. Maybe Wade's yell, smirking face, wayward legs prompted the call. But that is game 5, the biggest game of the year. Having said that, the referee followed it up with the Josh Howard time-out fiasco. I am not alone in thinking there's no foul in that attempt and that Wade pushed off to get his shot over Griffin a play earlier.

I like Dwayne Wade. I really do. With that said, who exactly fouled him last night on his drive to win the game? Nowitzki didn't touch him, in fact no one did. This is the biggest play in the game on the leagues biggest stage. Cuban has every right to be ridiculously upset with having a game taken away by the grey shirts. No call on what looked like a push off was bad enough, but then to call a foul where none occurred is horrible.

Full text here: http://lakerpurpleandgold.blogspot.com/2006/06/to-call-or-not-to.html

Of course it's a Laker Blog so a little favor going in Dallas way. Clearly, he doesn't want Shaq to get another ring outside L.A. Like someone I know.


Who's To Blame: Coach or Ref?

Mark Cuban is at the center of the court at the end of the crucial game 5. Long after all players have left the court, he stayed at midcourt, at scorer's table for about full 10 minutes. He's disgusted at the officiating. He felt the game could have been theirs had the officials called it fair. Sure he has some beef in claiming that. I felt too that Wade pushed off a bit to score over Griffin. I felt too that Dirk Nowitzki's foul that sent Wade to the game winning FTs is a ticky-tack foul. Whereas, Dirk too was held, grabbed, pushed by his defenders all throughout the game (or even the series). The time-out slapped against Howard, that we do not know if he really called that or not. But one thing is for sure, Wade, the DramaKing of the finals, got a favorable call or two.

Just a couple of games back (when Dallas was up 2-0), the basketball world was writing Riley off (including me) but now look who's ahead. Even the experts polled at ESPN, several went to Avery Johnson as to who'll they choose in an all important game. Well, game 6 is a complete definition of an all-important game for Dallas. Let's see if the experts are truly experts.

I remember, last years play-offs, Avery was out-couched in a losing series too. He's had some breakdown last year against the Phoenix Suns. Well, losing three straight after getting a 2-0 lead is a breakdown too. The games 3 and 5 could easily be Ws had Avery brought his a-game. I mean, Wades is close to invincible in the 2nd half (or in these past 3 games), why, I mean, why in the world, he did not send an early DOUBLE TEAM. Just pass the halfcourt line, blitz Wade with a double team, let him past the ball and let other players (Haslem, Payton and even Shaq) beat them. One point loss could have been a game won had Avery Johnson decided to double team Wade in a couple of possessions. Just to give him some other look and just to let him think a little rather than him blowing by Devin Harris or Howard or Griffin.

After Mark Cuban stopped blaming the refs at midcourt, maybe he should start blaming someone too inside the Dallas' locker room.


Dwane Wade's Oscar Performance

I thought I was the only one noticing Dwayne's frequent acting job but Darrell Armstong brought the topic in the post game interview. Saying, that D-Wade is an "injury-faking-drama-queen".

Dwayne Wade seems to have all sorts of injuries and pain. From sinus infection to rib injury, he's got it all. I mean, he limps his way to every game. Then, in games they won he walks out of the game a HERO. Everytime they loose, he has ready excuse to throw at us. That's what I do not like about Wade (along with his suspect outside shot), I feel this injury-riddle is done in line with the marketing blitz of his fall 7 times- and get up 8 times Nike Ads.

But is he really injured? That's the unknown.

Mall Of Asia Trip 2

We drove by last night (9:00 pm) to dine at Mall of Asia. First time was to watch Tom Cruise's MI3. Last full show. I prefer watching this time of the night so the play ins't packed. This 2nd trip, the plan was only to dine.

Just a quick suggestion where to dine while in there...

Recommended: MAX Chicken Restaurant. For only P350 you'll get full meal for 2. Complete with different combo. What's on our table last night was: iced tea, iced sea shake, lumpiang ubod, pancit bihon, 1/4 chiken and rice, etc. Clean, good service and REALLY FAST service. And so a tip of P20.00. :-)

Not Recommended: Chicken Inasal. P350 or so bill. SLOW service. Not so clean. Non-pro crew. The la paz batchoy (the one order I was looking forward to) is a disappointment. Tasted like ordinary Lucky Me quick soup. Therefore: NO TIP!

Caguiao Dared to be Nude

Whatever happened to the proclamation of Mark Caguiao that if ever Ginebra losses, he will run nude in public?

The dare was not even for the game 5 game but on winning the championships. Tough man, that's tough.

Not that I am interested to see his butt but he should be man enough to do this.

Or I have a suggestion who should run in nude in liue of himself. You know who's in my mind?

Freaky Friday

Indeed it was a Freaky Friday for me.

How? See below:

  • 7:00 am - I learned that my car's side mirrors are gone.
  • 10:30 am – I am poorer P1000 because I bought side mirror replacement.
  • 12:00 noon - Dallas succumbed to Miami and now the NBA finals series is tied at 2-2. Now my chance of winning a the P500 bet is at deadlocked at 50%.
  • 2:00 pm –Since my pimples are acting up again, I needed SOME shots from a dermatologist in downtown Ortigas Pasig City. Full P1000.00 is the cost fot this type of antibiotic injections. Not only it’s a pain in pocket, the physical pain is really serious. We are talking about multiple injections in the face. Freakin' Prikin', that you can call it.
  • 9:45 pm – Ginebra was walloped by RedBull thereby eliminating the Gins from further action. Once again, PBA shall be irrelevant again for a while. Well at least for me.


Honda Civic Side Mirror Thief

Do you wake up in the morning asking, "Just how much is a set of 2nd hand side mirror costs?". Well, I now know the answer to this question. I found it the hard and pricey way. It is a freaking P1000 hard-earned money.

I was to park my Honda Civic at nearby condominium (I rent a parking space there) but this taxi parked his car right at my car's ass. I was not able to maneuver out with cars front and back. So I just parked the car overnight in the not-so-safe street where I reside. Dared the devil...

And so the devil feasted on my side mirrors. My Cobra Alarm is no match against the snake of the night. Past lunch, I bought a second-hand original set of side mirrors. No way in hell I'll dress the car with a new set up, until I do not have a parking space of my own.

Lesson learned. Never, ever, dare the devil.

Proof of (Bad) Play

Regarding my earlier post: A Play in Question

It seems I am not alone on this play. See quoted transcript I saw at ESPN chat.

Brad (Albuquerque, NM): Ric, why did Avery elect to have Dirk pass in the ball on the last shot rather than be down low to catch/shoot it himself? Shouldn't the teams BEST player take that kind of shot?

Ric Bucher (ESPN Guy): Three reasons: He wanted Dirk or Josh making the decision on the pass, because they are his best decision-makers. Dirk has demonstrated that he can't always get open to receive the ball or get his shot up without time to work free. He also had to figure Josh had a size advantage over Wade.
My Three Answers:

He wanted Dirk or Josh making the decision on the pass, because they are his best decision-makers. – So let Josh make the entry pass.

Dirk has demonstrated that he can't always get open to receive the ball or get his shot up without time to work free. – It’s Avery’s job to get Dirk open.

He also had to figure Josh had a size advantage over Wade. - Josh has a size advantage over Wade? How about Dirk having height advantage over everyone else?

Michael Jordan Back in the N.B.A.

Just in, he's baaaaack!

You know it's coming. You just don't know when. You just don't know in what capacity. You just don’t know what team.You just don’t know how much he’s willing to shell out (past, Jordan uses his name to get bargain deals).

And so, Michael Jordan is back in the NBA. Now as a part time (minority) owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. He’ll be a part of managing team in basketball operations. You just hope that Bobcats will be affected by this positively (remember Kwame and Wizards at the turn of the century?). You just hope Chris Paul won't be looking at Jordan's suite every time he feels he commits a bad play (does he ever?). You just hope Jordan would be drafting better now (remember Kwame over say Pau Gasol). You just hope Jordan is now a little mellow in egging on his team (remember the uneasiness he caused in the Wizards organization). You just hope MJ wouldn’t suck in his front office job this time.

Remember, Charlotte Bobcats was only 2 or 3 games out of the playoff picture so missing the playoffs next season is a failing test for MJ and his team. If and when he fails again, this can be his 3rd season without playoff action. Hmmm… Greatest?


Globe Landline (Innove) Support

Last September 2005, I have requested Globe via their call center agent for them to deactivate the Caller ID feature of my landline. I just don't need it. I do not use the line for incoming calls anyway. It was confirmed by Globe support that he had already removed the service. End of story. Or so I thought.

But back in April, I saw the Innove phone bill still charging me P100 every month. I am receiving an avalanche of bills each month so sometimes I tend not to look at the details. Lo and behold, since September 2005, I was paying P100 up until May for a service I do not use and I do not need. That's P900.00.

I have already re-requested for de-activation of the service and a P900 refund back in May but up until now I have not seen 900CR (Means 900 is given back) in my billing. Sometimes I want to believe what I am hearing (or reading) about Globe business practice. That is, load up budget on Marketing, Publicity and Endorsers and leave the end-users out by giving inferior customer support and service. I, being a subscriber to Globe Internet, Globe Handyphone, Globe (Innove) Landline and Globe Prepaid card user, you can be sure I know what I am talking about.

Next time I get to receive my billing and if no refund still, I will blog it out until I find justice.

(An anecdote, one time I called up Globe Support to ask for SMTP clarifications. And the call center agent proudly says, "Sorry Sir, I am not familiar with that." You have got to be kidding me. Nuff said.)

Friendster Ads (FAds) Reloaded Free

Talk about being unlucky and lucky at the same time!

Received this email from Friendster...


Recently, while we were improving Friendster Ads, some of the statistical information of your ad was lost. We are sorry for this.

As a token, we are giving away a free e-Pin worth Php1,000 to advertise with another ad of your choice at Friendster.com. Here’s your free e-Pin: xxxxxxx

Salamat po!

- your friends at Friendster

What? You lost my ads? Very Bad.
What? You're giving me P1000 ePin? Very Very Good.

I say to them, Thank You My Friends(ter).

P1000, FYI is about 30,000 impressions to be consumed in 7 days, this is not bad for an accidental freebie. Right now, me and my boss is in a tussle as to who will use the freebie. Your guess is as good as mine, the boss will win. But hope is free, so I am still hoping I can use the ads to let it be known to mankind that this blog exists. Now, if I get to get the Ads, see you in Friendster.

See this: Friendster Ads - FAds Launched

A Play in Question

Game 3 - Miami versus Dallas: Dallas down by 2 points, with 1 full second remaining in the game, enough for a decent shot (See Derek Fischer and the Lakers vs Spurs 2004, 0.4 sec game winner), coach Avery "Thin Mush" Johnson went for the lobbed pass going to the rim via Josh Howard and made Dirk Nowitzki the inbounder. Something wrong huh? For one, under any circumtance, Dirk Nowitzki SHOULD take the last shot for the Dallas. Just give the big German a good play, give the guy triple pick, free him up and let Dirk shoot. That's the only way Dallas should have lost the game. Number 2, since Johnson have decided to gamble on that Josh Howard alley-hoop, he should haven't made Dirk the inbounder. Make Dirk a decoy. Let Dirk drag with him a couple of defenders. Set him up with screens like he will pop out and fire, only then, the screener (say, Josh Howard) should slide to the ring. Tell me I am wrong.


Friendster Ads - FAds Launched

The long wait is over! Claimed Friendster.

Friendster Ads (FAds) Beta was launched last June 9 and I was given a free e-pin (FAds system of payment) to try and do posting. Was able to post and was given 600 or so impressions. Only 600 because it's free. But if you will run an ad campaign at Friendster, 1000 impressions is not enough. You need gazillions before Friendster users start noticing your campaign. I for one, rarely look at the ads. I look for other things when I'm in there.

The positive: The ads will be displayed at the top of the page. The ad is highly visible. No need to scroll all the way down for the advertisement to be seen. Also, anybody with a spare (P50) can start placing ads.

The not so positive: The ads has a link going to a more detailed write up page of what you sell or what you offer. The drawback, they do not provide direct hyperlink going to your site. If you have an URL posted, interested people need to copy and paste the URL on to the address bar of the browser. Another thing, you will be given access to your ad stats bearing the class and type of visitors who saw your ad, number of impressions, etc. But it does not give away details as far as click-thru is concerned. This is important because you can have you ad loaded every single time but you'll never know if at all, people are clicking on it. Quite a half bake stats rendition.

Anyway, the service is in Beta and I was given free posting so I'll stop whining and see how the service develops.

Just go to http://fads.friendster.com/ to check em out. (I will not provide hyperlink, this is FAds way of doing things. Copy and paste it too.)

Game Log: Game 4 Miami - Dallas

Ala Bill Simmons (Sports Guy at ESPN), I will do this game log. (What to do, I am working, using my laptop, while watching the game. Might as well to this log.)

  1. I got NO freakin option. I will have to watch the coverage via Channel 9 coverage. Why the hell, these 2, Quinito and Vito are doing a shouting coverage?
  2. Miami crowd looks more like attending a wedding rather a wild finals game.
  3. Stackhouse was fouled inside 3 pt line, Quinito goes ballistic, "Mga kaibigan hindi po three point shot yun! Hindi po three point shot yun!". Mr Dean, no onesays so.
  4. Wade was called for technical foul, for quite a while, both guys are clueless what's the technical for. Dudes, he hanged on to the rim after dunking.
  5. Vito Lasatin keeps on calling Shaq, the Goliath! How creative! (this has to be the 2nd most creative monicker coined by a filipino commentator. the first? it was THE MOBILINE KANGAROO given to Andy Seigle while playing for the Mobiline late 90s. Who gave it? No less than Noli Eala, now the PBA head.)
  6. Dirk is so tough to stop. Wade is a turn-over machine. No wonder Dallas is 2 up in this series.
  7. Time out Miami. 34 year old Shaq on the bench, hufin and pufin. TV Commercial is KFC, it's nice to see my all time favorite, Jao Mapa, back in showbiz. (Hope he and Rosanna Roces will make MATRIKULA Part 2. The best hard action comedy S.T. flick of 1990s. Barely wining over Jomari Yllana and G Toengi'sthriller Deliryo.)
  8. 2 games done, Quinito is said that Pat Riley is making a mistake in giving Payton playing time in this series. Now? Game 3, he just said the Payton is thecourt stabilizer of Miami.
  9. BTW, Gary Payton, just been credited with a technical foul. What a stabilizer.
  10. Halftime.
  11. The Dallas is playing so-so ball. The Miami heat payers are playing their hearts out. Score? 55-54, Dallas.
  12. Miami cheerleaders are uncoordinated. I wish Anjanette Agbayari (self-claimed one time Laker girl) can give them a point or two in dancing.
  13. Walker made back to back drives. The Miami crowd is ecstatic (along with Alonzo Mourning) because the last time they saw back to back layups from Antoine waswhen he's a freshman at Kentucky.
  14. Look what we got here, Quinito Henson (along with Vito) was shown on american TV coverage, with subtitle "QUINITO HENSON: NBA.COM BLOG SQUAD". I am here blogging in Manila, criticizing the coverage, Quinito shown on TV with special recognition: An NBA Blogger! ?Isn't it ironic?
  15. Jason Terry's jumper is smoooooooooooth.
  16. Dwayne Wade made a wonderful shot. In tandem (Vito and Quinito shouted), WHAT A SHOT!
  17. Dampier 14 points, Shaquille 12 points.
  18. Dallas is running away with this game now. I think I am hearing boos at Miami.
  19. Riley must be getting it now, old Shaq, Payton and Mourning can't get you championships. LA Lakers knows this to well. Remember? Old Shaq, Payton and Malonewas not enough in 2004 finals.
  20. Riley is stubborn, 6 minutes to go, Dallas up by 13, he keeps on playing Payton with no offense and no defense in him.
  21. Riley sent back Payton to the bench in favor of Williams. You sense good things will happen. Williams attacked the lane then passed to Posey for a three. Wade's couple of baskets, Miami now down only 5.
  22. Last 2 minutes, we have a game. Dallas only up by 1. Terry's huggin the ball.
  23. Walker shown on TV giving Wade some basketball pointers. What are those? Launch 3s as you wish. Play soft. Just whine at every unfavorable call.
  24. Miami now up by 1 point, a minute left. Exactly 12 noon here in the Phils. Chow time.
  25. Tied 95 all, less 20 seconds, Miami needs a basket. Who took the shot? You gotta be kidding me, its the GLOVE! It;s the STABILIZER! It's MR. OFFENSE! And yes, he made it. Down by 2, Dallas needs a basket bad.
  26. Dirk was fouled. Missed the 2nd.
  27. Wade was fouled. Missed the 2nd. (Quinito says it was an intentional miss. It is not.)
  28. Flat 1.0 second to go, down by 2, here come the Dirk 3...
  29. Or not!
  30. Game over. Miami.

The Johnny Abarientos Predicament

Game 4 - Ginebra vs Red Bull

With a limping a line-up, Ginebra doesn't want to go to any game 5 party, tired and spent. They must win this one, game 4, for them to see big bad San Miguel Beer. San Mig made the semi-finals outright along with the Purefoods Hotdogs. Key in this crucial game 4 series would be still the Major Pain Eric Menk. His rebounding is there (a constant throughout his career), but his offense must be at the level of the past 2 games for them to send Red Bull ang Yeng Guiao packing for the rainy days.

A Token Report:

The Alaska -Coca Cola series is currently 2-1 in favor of the Tim Cone led team. With Alaska's grinding approach to the game (triangle offense) coupled with non-crowd-drawing-team in Coke, what you get is this type of series. Where, not even done with the game, crowd at the stadium is yelling out loud the Ginebra chant. (Adlib: Has there been any boring team in the P.B.A. than Alaska this past 2 decades?) By the way, this series could have been 2-1, Coke up, if only "no-more-flying-A" sinked his FTs in game 1.

The Johnny Abarientos Predicament:

Speaking of Abarientos, why he still playing befuddles me. This guy was the best point guard for the most part of the 90's. Safe to say, he's one of the best Filipino point guards EVER. Couple of years back, he was still competitive but not at the top of his game anymore. But in a series, he busted his face, collided with a player (bad omen: I think the series was against his mortal enemy now, the Alaska). He was playing great in this series/game at the time of this hit. The injury was so severe that it needed, I believe, multiple surgeries. After this serious injury, he should have retired by then.

Nothing more to prove! UAAP Champion with the FEU Tamarraws. (There is no chance he can’t get a title at the PBL. I just don’t have the time to look it up.) Multiple championships in the PBA including a grand slam. Defensive team selection. He’s got the prestigious mythical five selections. And baby, he owns the mother of all awards in the PBA, 1996 Most Valuable Player. Hell, his career is 3x better than Vic Pablo and 2X better than that of Jun Limpot (his contemporaries). I do not understand why he is dragin his career like this. My guess is, his career is not going to better anytime soon. So c’mon Johnny be good, hang it up and enjoy basketball on a different level.


Only 5 foot seven inches, 36/37 years old, around 160 pounder and slowing down, NO DOUBT, if he’ll continue to play, Abarientos will struggle mightily down the road. He is unlike Jaworski, at 37 to 45 years old (years when he was still a capable and contributing player and not just crowd draw), Jaworski packs 180 to 190 pounds, 6 feet tall, with deadly outside shooting, mean elbows and rugged physique while being guarded by the likes of Calma, Magsanoc, Pumarens, Johnny himself and all other pint-sized PGs. Now you know the recipe on how to be a living legend. First up, grow 6 feet then solidify your elbows, the rest can be learned.


Just the other day, I was browsing the PBA site and read the article about the Flying A, he swears, he would accept losing to any other team BUT not to Alaska. Talk about playing with anger. The article mentions too, coming from Johnny himself, the probable reasons of why Alaska let go of him. Among other things, cock fighting. Lo-Diyes!

P.S.3. (Added August 29 2006)

With Coca Cola drafting Joseph Yeo of Lasalle, Johnny must see this as the right time to move on. He is the Replacement! Coca Cola drafted 5 to 6 players. It's open try out at Coke now. Johnny should give these young players their chances, He had his time, great time infact. This is a great time for Johnny to call it quits, I believe San Miguel Corporation is hauling coaches and assistant coaches, send in your resume Flying A.


All is Vulnerable, Ask Yahoo

Yahoo learned this lesson last Monday. A software virus targeted a "small fraction" of YahooMail users. I have yahoo email accounts (6 to be exact and remembering the passwords gives me instant sinusitis really) and I am lucky I did not get the virus. Yahoo Inc. says only small fraction was affected. But if you have 200,000,000 users, that small fraction is aint small at all. I did some quick math, 0.1% (Not even 1%) of 200 million users is still a healthy 200,000 email accounts.

The worm's name is Yamanner. 'Twas contaned in the email bearing the headline "New Graphic Site." As per report, once opened (not an .exe file to be installed or .zip file to be opened), the message infects the computer readily and auto-spreads to other users listed in Yahoo users' e-mail address books. That's why these virus authors are great. They make our lives easier. No need to do anything, just open the email, walah, you're Yamannerite!

This Blogger is an Outlaw

I drove by the SLEX on to South Super Hiway earlier this a.m. My plate is ending in 4. Today Tuesday is color coding but I used my car anyway. I have things to accomplish today so I dared them. Catch me if you can!

Along the stretch of L.I.I.P toll exit up to Alabang Exit, I was using the emergency shoulder lane, speeding at 120KPH. Just like I said, I have things to do and I need to be at Makati at around 9:30am. I evaded the SLEX highway patrol 2 times. The 2nd time, the patrol was flagging me to stop. When I saw them flagging me, I quickly returned to the left fast lane and hid at the side of a ten wheeler and said to the patrol, Bye FANS!!!!

Later, under Magallanes Fly, this time, Makati Cops were waiting to fish for color coding violators (ahem ahem). Good thing, handful of delivery vans were apprehended. Traffic cops already have too much on their plates, they can't get every violator. I would like to thank those van drivers for saving my ass. Saving me P500 too.

Sometimes it feels good to get back at them, see this posts:


Super Blogger Robert Scoble

Microsoft paid blogger, Robert Scoble gave up his corporate blogging gig in favor of a start-up Silicon Valley internet firm. The new company was said to be in podcasting biz, another up and coming service in the web. Probably he would have a say in the direction of this new company. If not, I would assume he will not leave his job as an informal spokeperson of Bill Gates.

Though he's in the payroll of the giant Microsoft, I have read some of his posts, he does not shy away from criticizing his employer and he doesn't hesistate praising Microsoft's rivals. Quite a blogger. If I could only get a job like his. Pity, in the Philippines, corporate blogging is still not popular.

Watchin NBA and Bloggin

Currently watching the Finals of the Dallas-Heat series. Dallas is blowing by Heat now going halftime. Let's see if my team (at least for this series) can take a 2-0 lead. Meantime, some things to ponder:
  • Can Avery Johnson's mustache be thinner than that?
  • Can we get any closer having a Larry Bird type of player than Dirkydirk Nowitzki?
  • Don't you wish TNT with its all-star crew of Kerr, Marv Albert (my favorite), Collins is covering the NBA finals?
  • Can Hubie Brown stop beginning every sentence with... "Anytime.."
  • Per Philippine local coverage of the game at Channel 9, don't you wish Vito Lasatin knows what he is talking about? And don't you wish Quinito Henson will stop saying "What a shot?" on ordinary plays made?
  • Is there any other team more balanced than the Dallas Mavericks?
  • Is it a possibility that Gary Payton will make a shot in this series?
  • While the series is on, do you think these guys are not contemplating in calling it a career? Shaq, Mourning, Riley and the playing eyesore, Gary Payton.
  • Why the hell Antoine Walker has this smirking face like he's ready to pop a tear or two?
  • Can Shaq make a total of 7 free throws in this series? (He has 2 now.)
  • Aren't you excited, there is chance, that David Stern will personally hand Mark Cuban the trophy.
It's the start of the 3rd period, let me post this and dump my laptop and watch the game.


I Just Bought A Game

On Buying a game...

I placed a token (2$) bet before the game 3 of the Red Bull - Ginebra quarter finals series. I placed my bet on the Red Bull team. So that, (being a Ginebra fan) in case Ginebra drops the game, I'll have the consolation prize. I just dont know what can I do with P100. Ah, two good breakfast at Mc Donalds probably.

Unfortunately, Red Bull did not seem to be bullish, spending the last and half quarters climbing back in the game. Even if they drunk a bunch of RedBull Energy Drink, this wouldn't be enough because Ginebra's supporting players were able to do the job once again. Just like in game 2.

And so I lost P100. I'll just consider this a payment for one Ginebra victory. Giving us more chance of seeing a San Miguel - Ginebra semis duel.

On Ginebra doing the Suns...

The way Ginebra throws threes and playing small ball kinda reminds me of the Phoenix Suns. Heck, even Menk drilled in a 3. Ginebra played the lanky Salansang at the power forward, then 3 guard line-up composed of Caguioa, Macapagal and Fereria (you know a player is newbie or quite an unknown when you are not sure ifyou have spelled the name right) played majority of the game. Each of them, I am pretty sure made a 3 pt shot at least one. (I am checking PBA site, unfortunately the update is slow so I can not back up the stat.)


Robert Jaworski Revisited

Can Robert Jaworski be relevant again in politics and more importantly in basketball? This fellow (fellow is a term he often used.) is great basketball mind and such a shame he's frozen a bit now.

Sure he made mistakes along his loooooooooooong career but he shoot himself right in his own foot by "trying-out" the congress. Back in the 70's, along with partner (in-crime) Big Boy Reynoso, they KO'd a referee that almost ended what would be 3 decades of pro hoop. He also did the classic Caidic-Slit-The-Throat routine. Against San Miguel Beer team, Caidic went down with an injury. Having the game delayed for few minutes without a time-out being called, he did that actuation which actually implied, "He is not yet dead? Is he?.

Against Purefoods, a young Lastimosa sent the Big J to the deck with a slight nudge. Well, about 20 seconds later, he unleashed one upper-cut right down Jojo Lastimosa's rib cage (in front of a referee under the goal). No fouled called. After all, he is a legend.

Later on during his career, during an intense game (against Presto if I am not mistaken), Fabiosa hurt his shoulder (that injury would end Fabiosa's career BTW). In the dying seconds of the game, during a time-out, he infamously said to his crew, like pointing out that they had accomplished something, he said (to the effect) on live TV, "Fabiosa is now gone...", "...This game is for us to take". Who could forget the walkout that he and Ginebra's team manager led against the Shell in a 1990 tourament. The list will go on. Having said all these, I still feel that taking his game in the Philippine Congress would be the worst shot he took.

I just felt he could have served the country better had he stayed with what he's good at. And that is BASKETBALL. In whatever capacity, like his 3 point shooting, he would have a better chance of succeeding in basketball rather than gaining weight in the senate. A Governtment appointed position is a possiblity for Jaworski, but the bureaucracy and red tape in public service would make Jawo less effective. I still think, Jaworski belongs in the hardcourt.

With the corporation-owned-team set-up of the PBA, having a team of his own in the PBA is not quite available. This won't change in the immediate future, corporation will still be owning teams. Therefore, for Robert Jaworski to be back, he needs an owner that is ready to take him back. Paging Ginebra! Paging San Miguel! I am sure people would be interested in seeing his antics in the PBA again. I'm sure Noli Eala would be thrilled to see him back in the PBA. If ever it happens, expect me to shout out JAWORSKI! JAWORSKI! JAWORSKI! once again.

OR, if has the funds and the managerial skills (i believe he has both), he can consolidate a team of his own, merge with some other entities and form a Jaworski team. Probably like a TOYOTA backed team. He can then challenge the Ginebra who in effect dumped him in late 90s'. Now this is good basketball publicity: Ginebra versus Toyota. Good to note that Toyota is back in the local basketball scene via the PBL. Tanduay too is feasible, a Tanduay-Jaworski team would make some buzz. Forget Welcoat, forget any other company interested in joining the PBA. A Jaworski team is a must. Who would you and the PBA rather have: Welcoat Paint Masters or the TANDUAY-JAWORSKI Bangers. Welcoat Paint Master or the TOYOTA-JAWORSKI Riders? Is it far-fetched to dream of a Jaworski-owned and coached team?)


Erick Menk Major Power (Still)

Just when you (or I) thought that Erick Menk is slowing down, he just showed us what he aint by powering Ginebra over Red Bull just few hours back. I still think Menk is a force in the PBA but maybe the emergence of Mark as the premiere player of Ginebra (even the league) makes me think that Menk is slipping a bit. Producing a game like today, a 35 point-16 rebound production would probably hold this Menk-Slipping-A-Bit talk for a while. With half of his team in civis and the prospect of being down 0-2, he has to do this production. Series is race to 3 wins. Worth mentioning too that a certain player from Ginebra also scored past 30pts today. You guessed it right, t'was Mark. I have blasted Mark Caguioa for his inconsistent play (Inconsistency relative to his Superstar status that is), but these past games, he has been averaging a healthy 34.3 clip per game. Kobe who? Game 3 is set at the Araneta Coliseum on Sunday, it will be quite a game and not a quiet one.

Dallas Scores One

Chalk one down for my team in this Finals. Despite Dirk Nowitzki's poor shooting in this game, the Dallas Mavs can not loose this one. Factor in the following:

  • Miami's awful FT shootting exemplified by Shaquille O'Neal (Wade did not help either)
  • Dallas balanced scoring attack. You got Stack and Terry at guards and Howard and Nowitzki at the front court. Now that's a handful. (Ask the Grizzlies, Suns and the mighty Spurs)
  • Dallas well-round defense. They have above average (if not good) defenders that can cover both Wade (Daniels and Howard) and Shaq (Diop and Dampier).
  • Miami's lack of offensive fire-power. Outside Wade (and probably Shaq), I just can't see any consistent scorer in their line-up. Payton is a shadow of Payton circa 96. Antoine Walker just floats around and the rest are not worth mentioning.
  • You can say the coaching had an effect in this one. Avery Johnson seems to be more flexible and adjusted to every situation the team faced. Riley seems to be an old-school tactician with fixed rotation and a fixed game plan. His approach may not be as advisable in todays NBA.
Now if can Dallas can duplicate this come Monday (which I think they can), I'll be 2 games away from my P500.00 (See here how.). Just enougn to buy a bootleg 2006 DVD NBA Finals Box Set with the title: DDSS: Dallas' Dirk Sweeps Shaq!


Philippine Death Penalty

The Philippine Death Penaly is officially DEAD. Yesterday, the Philippine Congress injected the final dose er vote to finally put the law to rest. Enacted a few years back, the death penalty law was revived to deter would be criminal to think twice and more. Maybe crime stats showed no effect at all so here we go. Just couple of years of enactment (or lack thereof), the capital punishment is down and out, yet again.

It shows the inconsitency of the Philippines Congress flip-flopping even in matters of life and death. Believe me after few years, with another set of congressmen and senators and another president is in charge, expect another drive to revive this thing. It's like when they have nothing to do, they go like, come on let's revive the law and toast some criminals.

May I suggest to postpone the removal of the Death Penalty just for a month. It maybe a brilliant idea, if we will just schedule the final session of lethal injection in the Phils, let's inject cyanide to those people responsible for the Philippine mess. Then, let's start building this country all over again and start fresh.

Dallas-Miami: What's At Stake?

Come Friday Manila time, it will be the start of Miami Dallas series. See the breakdown of implications of winning the title.
  • Shaq: On the tail end of his career, he will be putting the pedal to metal to solidify his legacy.
  • Wade: Time to drum up his Jordan-like status. (You know, this guy may never win again after this one.)
  • Riley: Proving he can win without Magic and Kareem. (Oh-oh, having Shaq and Wade is the same though. He did not win a ring in New York even if Jordan was batting in 1994.)
  • Walker: He can shim while holding the trophy. Now that is a sight to behold.
  • Payton: Nothing!
  • Dirk: He can be a HOF guy by winning this one.
  • Howard: Big pay day come summer. ( I believe his contract is up for renewal.)
  • Avery Johnson: That guys with small voice like he has, can coach in the NBA and win a title.
And the biggest implication of 'em all, if Dallas wins this series, I'll be P500 richer as I have entered into a binding (or winding) and (il)legal agreement.


Me and Mark Stein Chat

Well, well, well! After 3 futile tries of having my questions answered in ESPN Chat, last night, Mark Stein (Senior ESPN NBA Expert), posted my question and answered it. Link Here>>>.

The question goes...

Is Shaq basketball legacy secure even without winning another ring? No longer team mates, who do you think needs it more to pad their HOF careers, Kobe or Shaq?

Mark Stein Answer...

Answer is both. Three-peaters have a secure legacy . . . but they both need at least one more ring so we don't have to lament their breakup for the next 50 years.

I say...

I guess I wouldn't disagree with the expert. It seems he's right that both Kobe and Shaq really need it both. With Shaq entering the finals versus the Mavericks (though playing quite like a second banana to Wade now), he has his shot now. Kobe, only 28 years old and his team coming around, he has some more years to accomplish the task.


Mark Caguioa - Wild Card Indeed

This is what I am talking about, ONLY Mark Caguioa can rock the Araneta Coliseum. He's like no other player today in the Philippines. I saw the latter part of the Ginebra-Air21 game last night while waiting for the OCEAN's 12 re-run at HBO, and guess what I witnessed over at Channel 5. It's The Spark literally sparking for a 45 point explosion to end the wild card series. A career game indeed coming in at the most crucial time of the eliminations where, about 6 team mates wore their J.S. Prom attires due to injuries. With the combination of outside shooting and relentless attacks to the basket, Mark powered the Ginerbra into advancing to the next round. But give Air21 some credit for giving their all and more. Had Mark Telan gave up the ball to his guards, they could have gotten a better shot to force another OT. He end up taking a half-baked, off-angled, Tim Duncan-impression, banked-shot that failed to hit the mark. Ginebra fans too should give a thank-you-note to Nino "Un-KG" Canaleta for doing the RenRen Ritualo fire at your will routine, firing fade-away and turn-around threes when they only need to get 2s.

After winning the game via OT, broken english and all, coach Siot Tanquingcen pronounced, Mark Caguioa is the best player in the PBA now. He is right about that but his grammar isn't.

Speaking about right and wrong...

I maybe wrong when I said yesterday that PBA is losing ground, as 11,000+ packed the Araneta Coliseum (But only Ginebra can produce that attendance). But I hit right at the center when I said yesterday that the PBA needs more Caguioas. If we only have 4 or 5 Caguioa-level players allocated throughout some teams, the PBA and Philippine Basketball will be in better shape than what we have today and I will have a lot of things to blog about.


Philippine Basketball is DEAD

It's Sunday! It's summer! Knockout game is scheduled today at the Araneta Coliseum. Featuring the Ginebra San Miguel, no less. But why I am not excited? Why I have not adjusted my schedule to have the time to watch the game like I use when I was younger. Maybe because the NBA playoffs is heating up. In fact the finals is set.

But more than that, I just feel the PBA, despite claimed good attendance and TV ratings, is not as exiting nowadays. There's just no marquee player for the PBA to market. No Alvin Patrimonio, no Jojo Lastimosa, No Samboy Lim, No Magsanoc and Paras, No Caidic, No Calma, and the list will go on. And, ultimately, no Robert Jaworski to carry the league. The closest thing we have now is Mark Caguiao, but this guy is so inconsistent. Sometimes, he fires up 35pts, the next game he goes for 8 pints. You just can't have a franchise player and PBA torch bearer perfoming like that.

Back in the mid-80s up to the late 90s, I think I only missed a handful of Ginebra games. But now and today, K.O. games and all, I am not just interested with the P.B.A. anymore. Maybe I have grown up. But I have already dismissed this growing up as the reason why I watch fewer P.B.A. games now. One reason, I think is having been exposed to the NBA now, with the advent of TV Cable and the Internet, I just see higher level of basketball elsewhere. Namely the NBA and the far and between Worlds Championships.

With the NBA, you see faster plays, better markmanships, stronger players and all. Bundled with the entertainment marketing of David Stern, the National Basketball association is just an spectacle.

On the other hand (the left I suppose), the World Championships is another stage for basketball exellence. Different pride is at stake, your fighting for your countries' basketball heritage. Thus, pure basketball is what you get.

Therefore, up until the Eala and the PBA Board can come with something innovative rather than this 2 conference (All Filipino and Import flavored tour) set-up, I'll be standing by for something better.

Shaq is Back

Couple of weeks ago, with the way Miami Heat was struggling with the young Chicago Bulls, I said Shaq is done. But here he comes rumbling back to the Finals. Who would have thought they'll get by the dreaded Pistons so easily.

So in a race for his first championship without each other, Shaq now has the upperhand over the love-me-hate-me Guy. Only Dallas or Suns in his way. Both of which is very much beatable. Dallas Mavs is looking to close out the Western series about a couple of hours from now. If they get by the Suns, they'll be having Shaq and Wade as a reward.

Shaq, with his Most Dominant Days clearly over has his best chance for a fourth title. With Shaq being more like a S.D.S. (Sometimes Dominant Still), he gets no better chance than this. No San Antonio Spurs, no Duncan out west. Its legacy padding time for O'Neal.

When people says that Shaq really doesn't need to secure his legacy in history of basketball, I say, hell yeah, I do not need to eat. There is no doubt, winning another one (or two) would definitely help. If he gets another one, this will prove that he owns the 3 rings at L.A. and Kobe can not claim a chunk of the pie.

(Shaq could have been a four-time champ by now had Anderson sealed the game 1 against the Rockets back in 95.)


Dirk Nowitness

Dirk is Irk no more. Yes, that's Dirk with capital "D". Transforming and evolving right before our eyes. Having a defensive minded coach helps in this regard. And, if you are 7 foot long, you have no choice, you have got to play defense. His rebounding is now higher than his regular season average. Meaning too that he's holding court on the defensive end. And on the offensive end? Well he just torched Phoenix Suns earlier today to the tune of 50 big times points. This, without hampering the movement and production of his team mates. And we all know that ONLY teams advance to the Finals. Therefore having Howard, Stach, Terry and the gang playing with confidence and a legit superstar in Nowitzki, the finals is within reach.