Drawing vs Doing

We draw draft designs and sometimes when we make it, we deviate a little (form, color, economics – cost, function) for the betterment of the furniture. So the final make may differ with planned furniture. But sometimes, the finished furniture is exactly the same as we drew it. See samples below.

Feel free to click on the photos of the actual furniture pieces to check em out, and to see the specifications, descriptions and prices.

Thank you for reading this post of mine. [ I can't help it, I just want to say this line... "thank you for reading this letter post of mine" :-) ]

furniture-drawing (6) euphoria-table-5

furniture-drawing (5) captiv8-center-table-2

furniture-drawing sleek-black-wooden-workdesk-laptop-LCD-monitor-table (1)

furniture-drawing (2) ycon-wide-2-tones-2-layers-table-console (3)

furniture-drawing (3) monica-nesting-center-tables-side-tables

furniture-drawing (4) bamboo-planter-room-divider

furniture-drawing (7) ponty-center-table-side-table (2)

furniture-drawing (8) theque-wood-blocks-coffe-table-set (3)

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Amikasa: Your home, Online


I encourage you to try this site AMIKASA. A fun online tool where you can work on the interior of your house or room. An online site where you can build your house and test furnish your home to see what looks good and what furniture pieces perfectly fit your space.

Just make sure you got good net connection ‘coz the application needs some to loading and initialization so you work online without hiccups. You also need to have the right browser plugin installed (adobe shockwave).

You can work out from scratch or start with box type or template house or room area. The process of filling up the floors with furniture is via drag and drop. After your work, you can save your file locally (it says .hx file extension) and later, reload your saved file online and continue working on it. Or, you can also do the old fashion way of making a hard copy and print it and proudly show it to your hubby (or wifey).

It’s a free app so why not try it. I did.

If symptoms persist that you’re not architectural – software savvy, consult your nearest interior designer or architect and let them do the job.

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Christmas Furniture Shopping

Christmas Home Furniture & Furnishing Gift Ideas Inside Leoque Furniture Shop

Around this time all of us are busy making (and checking it twice) our own little list of gifts-to-buy for our loved ones. Today is your lucky day, I’ll help you out and give one quickie gift buying guide here inside Leoque online furniture store, so you can save, so you can make people happy.

On this first holiday gift ideas by Leoque, I’ll be listing the small items first, then the medium home gift items and lastly, the larger furniture units. And as a bonus, I’ll do a “for him”, “for her”, and “for kids” lists as well.

NOTE: Use “open in a new tab” or “open in a new window” option if you’ll click the links.


  • Lights and colors really go hand in hand during Christmas. It’s never too late to grab these capiz flower candle holder.
  • LOVE for Christmas is not a bad gift idea. Check out this LOVE letters.
  • I say, look at this is a Christmas tray – plate.
  • Coasters are handy and affordable giveaways, you have to buy some sets.
  • Bold red vase set. Red: ahhhh the color of happy Christmas.
  • Your shopping budget is tight? And you can’t give high value necklaces, jewelries and stuff? Go to the next move, just buy em jewelry boxes! :-)


  • This Christmas, add colors & shapes to a rather bland wall. Try these pop wall displays.
  • The best stylish way of displaying home items, use these shelves – ladders.
  • Christmas is a season of giving, a season for LOVE. Give your love the LOVE. I’m referring to this L.O.V.E. bookshelves.
  • I know, squash pops out during the haloween days but this Squash Stool veggielicious looks is awesome gift too this season of joy and loving… and eating.
  • If your friend happens to receive lots of small gift items during the holidays, a nice QUADRO BOX might come in handy.
  • We have an affordable mini console table – phone stand, this is within budget and will surely make the recipient happy. Give this phone table to him before Christmas, then call him and greet him Merry Christmas on the 25th!


  • For the avid host or hostess on your Christmas list, a decorative wine rack will make his/her entertaining easier and more stylish.
  • Wrought iron lamp jar is a nice way to light up the Christmas.
  • Flat TV, plasma TV, slim fit TV are getting cheaper and cheaper by the way. Expect some of your friends and loved ones to score or get these flat TVs. A wonderful complementing TV stand would be a nice gift. Check the TV table selection here, here, here, here, here & here.
  • It’s cold and chilly during Christmas for the coat users, why not consider giving this coat hanger.
  • Welcome the new year with a new design, and a new laptop table. See this computer table too.
  • It’s the holiday season, but you can get this all-season photo table. A table that can change its look as the owner desires.


  • You would want to check your list twice. Kids can be choosy and they will not hide their displeasure if they don’t like their gifts. For the artistic boys & girls, give them their own study or art desk plus chairs & benches.
  • For the musically- inclined, why not wrap-up this native drum.
  • It’s not all study, kids play a lot so give them toys, try this rattan rocking horse.
  • How about teaching the kids of today, the Sungka game.
  • Kitchen sets are surefire gifts for those cutie little girls, take a look at the mini wooden bowls.



Check out the PRODUCTS PAGE to see more and use the CONTACT FORM if you need something or you have queries.

Happy Christmas Shopping!


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