Drawing vs Doing

We draw draft designs and sometimes when we make it, we deviate a little (form, color, economics – cost, function) for the betterment of the furniture. So the final make may differ with planned furniture. But sometimes, the finished furniture is exactly the same as we drew it. See samples below.

Feel free to click on the photos of the actual furniture pieces to check em out, and to see the specifications, descriptions and prices.

Thank you for reading this post of mine. [ I can't help it, I just want to say this line... "thank you for reading this letter post of mine" :-) ]

furniture-drawing (6) euphoria-table-5

furniture-drawing (5) captiv8-center-table-2

furniture-drawing sleek-black-wooden-workdesk-laptop-LCD-monitor-table (1)

furniture-drawing (2) ycon-wide-2-tones-2-layers-table-console (3)

furniture-drawing (3) monica-nesting-center-tables-side-tables

furniture-drawing (4) bamboo-planter-room-divider

furniture-drawing (7) ponty-center-table-side-table (2)

furniture-drawing (8) theque-wood-blocks-coffe-table-set (3)

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