Amikasa: Your home, Online


I encourage you to try this site AMIKASA. A fun online tool where you can work on the interior of your house or room. An online site where you can build your house and test furnish your home to see what looks good and what furniture pieces perfectly fit your space.

Just make sure you got good net connection ‘coz the application needs some to loading and initialization so you work online without hiccups. You also need to have the right browser plugin installed (adobe shockwave).

You can work out from scratch or start with box type or template house or room area. The process of filling up the floors with furniture is via drag and drop. After your work, you can save your file locally (it says .hx file extension) and later, reload your saved file online and continue working on it. Or, you can also do the old fashion way of making a hard copy and print it and proudly show it to your hubby (or wifey).

It’s a free app so why not try it. I did.

If symptoms persist that you’re not architectural – software savvy, consult your nearest interior designer or architect and let them do the job.

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