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House of Leoque joins the Manila Fame

House of Leoque debuts in the Manila Fame

Manila Philippines (March 2012) - Furniture and home lifestyle store House of Leoque (read as “look”) debuts in the largest furniture show in the Philippines and the world renown,  Manila Fame.  A 4-day event held in SMX Convention at the Mall of Asia.
“After joining the Hotel Show last September 2012, we are jumping right ahead and we’re joining the Manila Fame” says Clea  Barrion, Store Manager. “What makes this exhibit special is we put effort in showcasing complete line of furniture and accessories with contemporary Filipino style as the main theme. And another great thing is that our “full-house” concept is in sync with what the overall theme of the Manila Fame was all about, that is, go and capture the attention of the “Millenials.”
They displayed pieces with new designs, of different designs, textures and colors, little things that the market may be looking for. Showcased in the booth is the full line of furniture and furnishings all designed and produced by House of Leoque.
“While the main object of the exhibit is to see the potential of exporting our products, we also made sure that the local market may find our visual presentation appealing and something they can themselves have in their homes.  The special concept was able to showcase, in a 36 square meter area – what House of Leoque has to offer to both Filipinos wanting to go contemporary but still having that inspiration from traditional design and the international market looking for fresher Filipino furniture style,” added Ms. Barrion.
Over 100 products and pieces were on view and some of the products that received much attention and praises are the Art Bench, Sabak Console table, bamboo spot lamps, eclectic dining table setting, unqiue set of clocks and more. In all these products displayed, noticeable is the mixed material approach and mixed design theme. 
“We are optimistic that joining the Manila Fame will further promote our brand and spread the word about the House of Leoque. We cater to local and international market. We do production line models/furniture and at the same time do custom and commissioned pieces says Ms. Barrion in closing.
For more information about House of Leoque and this event, please visit www.leoque.com


Art Bench