Donuts, PBA and Manny Pacquiao

1. Among other things, I thank GOD for creating Donuts and 7-11. For when I am hungry, He feeds me. It relieves me. I just munch 2 to 3 rings at a time. My blood sugar as I know it, is OK so I am not daring the devil in taking superfluous amounts of donuts.

2. I have been stuck in my 'office' 3 straight days working on a website. And so I decided to get some not so fresh air. Watched a game over at Cuneta Astrodome last night. Of course, I got my observations, story here.

3. If you happen to have blogs/sites and able to see webstats, check Sundays (manila time) web logs/visits. Its was down. Almost zilch. And yes, it was because of the Manny Pacquiao's fight. No one was surfing. Blame him for the loss of traffic. Since all bloggers who wrote about him will gain traffic because of the Manny entries, they then got to thank Manny for that.


Destined To Be A Power Puncher

Did you notice how the blogosphere picked up Pacquioa's K.o.-ing Morales. It was all-over. I made up my mind NOT to blog about it but I still did. Can't help it. Talking about it is contagious. Here's my Manny Pacquiao victory take.

But let me differ in this blog a bit. Still in the spirit of boxing, how about blogging about my new gloves and punching bag.

Over the weekend, I received this gift from my family, sort of chip-in gift. Them, knowing that I have been sitting my ass for long stretches of hours in a day, they gave me this punching bag and a set of gloves, so I’ll move my butt. They know too my dumb battle with a punching bag last time out and so they decided to give this set.

I set it up yesterday and it's good. Unlike the nylon one that hurt my knuckles pretty bad, this one is of the softer variety, made from leather-like material. Guaranteed not put dimples on my knuckles. It's spring-moved so it sways when being hit. My reflex is being challenged, I am actually trying to hit a moving target. Base used is like a container type filled with water. I am not a power puncher (but a power muncher) so the water-weights is enough to hold the punching bag in its place. Ok, it kinda slides a bit because my room is tiled.

As early as now, I feel I can improve my boxing skills by leaps. No need for trainer Freddie Roach. And then, when I am good and pretty much down to 135 pounds (now hovering at 150 pounds), I'll put it all on the line and see if I can challenge Manny Pacquiao for $3 million too.

You can get a set at around P6000 to P8000.

Because I am trying to get some sun, this post was written on my building rooftop and pigeons are hovering like crazy. It's like I am bloggin in Milan.


Did Bill Simmons Commit Pre-Fire?

Bill Simmons article is a Pre-Fire. He wrote an article about the Boston Celtics' firing of coach Doc Rivers. An event that hasn't happened yet. If there's Tom Cruise's flick Minority Report: Pre-Crime, this time, it's Bill Simmons' Basketball Report: Pre-Fire.

He wrote about it at full length (right about his writing average of 30,000 words). And he didn't write about the firing like it was hearsay. He didn’t write the article like a rumor-publicity-seeking article. Simmons put the matter like it happened already. A genius.

He then wrote about him being an Outsider Sports Columnist who made it. I sounded off about the matter and posted it here.


Honda Civic SIR Powered Up

Finally, I was able to super-charge my Honda Civic SIR with a new set of Header - Sports Resonator - Muffler combo. Courtesy of my savings earned from my being co-owner one of the longest running reseller web-hosting around town, the web-men.net.

Being it my side project (web hosting and web design sans programming), I have made up my mind that whatever small (FYI, web hosting business is no big money maker and so pimpin’ ride is not that automatic) bucks I derive from it, I'll load 'em up to my car.

Need not go for the super branded stuff as the only critical matter in replacing stock muffler and chunky header is the WELD. As long as the weld is ok, I assume I'll be fine. The job is under warranty for three months. I can visit the shop anytime I want. Let them elevate it and check the job within that 3 month window.

I believe what I got are G.I. resonator. That's Galvanized Iron. Black iron headers and stainless steel Fire Ball muffler. I’m pretty much sure, the bends and design have already undergone all sorts of RnD from previous installations.

I only had these changed now after some body works done with my car. After successive hits from damn trucks, separate ocassions (story here and here), I again had the dents fixed. Again from my pocket, from the web hosting gig. I now expect to be in a long drawn case of retrieving cash from the johnny-bad-fella who jammed my car from behind. I am not kidding. I told him, though the cost is not that much, I intend to push the matter to our law (non) enforcements.

Back to the car...

Once you start it, with no revving of the gas pedal, it sounds really like it's ready to fly. For my personality who operates stealthy, it’s kinda loud. I would have preferred a more silent way of super sonic land travel. Funny, I had the piece tried out before installation and it sounded ok. Perhaps because the header and resonator were not changed at that point. If you intend to change yours, it is recommended you try it out first, as these things can be too loud and too muscular especially if it's your main car (like me).

The headers that i got is the 4-1 variety for more high end power. The Sports Resonator is in it to lower the noise (apparently it was not enough for my taste, err, ears). OR, the grumbling and the power are all OK. It's just me.

But the hell with the noise, I'll be having this car for some time and enjoy the ride. When I am old and gray, then I can go for subtle cars, is not it?

At cruising speed though (100 kph plus, plus, plus), it's all good. Acceleration and Power, I got!

Last Saturday night, I peaked at 130kph at SLEX coz there was no opportunity to pass that speed as the volume of vehicles was too high. No time to be dare devil, I thought. There will be open high ways sometime soon.

I tested on the main road of our village early morning Sunday, it was fast. It hit 100kph in a matter of seconds. Anybody out there who can hook me up in a legal drag race? Anybody who can tell what needs to be made with the car before I can ever splash in racing out. Help out a homeboy who's got this sudden need for speed after acquiring the SIR.

I kinda want to test it out relative to other cars. Is there any other legal circuit other than the Batangas Racing Circuit? How about Mindanao Avenue circuit? C-5 Circuit? Or Ortigas Avenue circuit?

If there are no helpers, I'll just try it out at SLEX and NLEX. Beware!


My Girl Gave Me Chuck Taylor

After loitering for sometime, doing hoops, malling, attending my best friend's wedding, playing badminton at CCP, meeting up people, using my OUTLAND sandals, yesterday, my girl gave me a birthday gift.

A classic CONVERSE All-Star Ox Leather Chuck Taylor. Priced well beyond my buying limits, this, by far, the most expensive sneakers or sandals I ever got. This was my choice over a GBX one.

A luxurious look and feel. Beautiful black caramel leather. I can't wait to don this thing tomorrow as I'll be having a long drive. This is a perfect test!

Parental Warning: An Ox was slaughtered in bringing this piece of shoe-artwork.

Thanks to my love.


Freakin’ Killer Trucks On The Loose

Did I mention that a monster truck dragged my car? Ah yes. Here.

The effing driver and owner (their insurance) supposedly would pay for the damage estimated to be P10,000 or so. Being a self-proclaimed deft driver, I am no expert in driving mishaps and subsequent fucking arguments. And so, so we left it all out on a gentlemen’s agreement that they would pay for the fixing the 2 panels of my car. Thing is, as per advise, if they would pay for it, I should have gotten their insurance policy. I wasn’t able to get it and so I was done.

When the smoke was gone, they wouldn’t cooperate. My insurance just handled the cost of the works. I do not know how my insurer and the shop got it done but they have. (An idea, they might have said I was a victim of hit and run. Technically, they are right. This is more of a hit and I’ll slowly run). I just paid P2000 as my participatory fee. Last Saturday, it was returned to me, shiny and buffed.

The plan at end of this week was to have my long time dream of powering my car with new muffler and header combo but this was not to happen!


Yesterday, another fuckin’ TRAILER TRUCK fucked my car from behind. Coasting along SLEX, I stepped on the break because of an abrupt break of yes, another truck with no clear break light that was in front of me. Then I saw in my rear view mirror, a large, getting larger, a massive, a huge truck was ready to pound me.

And so it did.

3 panels this time all messed up. Not even a week after I got it freshly fixed up.

After yesterday's hit, no more insurance this time, no more pesky police report, no more license exchanges, no more photocopying of O.R., C.R. I.D.s etc. Driver agreed to pay the damage. Only he had, P700 in his wallet. That’s not even 10% of the damage. Based from my experience not long ago (exactly 5 days fresh), this would go over P10K again. The damn tail lights are busted too so I am expecting larger pay this time around.

We have a paper agreement (written agreement) where the driver agreed to pay a certain sum of money I quoted. It was signed by him, by me and witness-signed by an SLEX Patrol. Just don’t know if this will hold in court. I’ll be hoping that this truck driver slash potential slayer would be more gentlemanly in meeting what is due. Or else, to DZBB I’ll go, to Abante I’ll report, to NBI I’ll send this matter, to LTO I’ll go, to this Blog I’ll publish, etc. etc. etc.

NLEX and SLEX Driving Lesson:

Stay away from these killer trucks because one (1), they do not have enough cash to pay out any accident outright, two (2), apparently, they do not have their insurance with them when they drive, three (3), if you happen to engage them in a brutal argument, it’s futile, you will be dealing with a desperate driver and clueless 3 helpers ready to gang up on you, four (4), these trucks could just flatly kill you.

Haaaaaaayy, at least I’m still alive, awake but a little problematic.

A New Fujitsu Laptop S-Series

Just got myself a second-hand laptop. Not essentially needed as of now ‘cause my MSI M610 just turned one year and its working fine. But at a friendly price, I just grabbed it anyways. An investment of sorts.

It's an Intel Pentium M, 1.4Ghz, 512RAM, 65GB, DVD Combo CD/RW, Fujitsu Lifebook S-Series.

In fact, pound for pound, its a better unit than what I am using. Reason for not jumping on these new unit? Two reasons. One, I got no time to shuffle files and programs once again. Two, I love MSI's wide screen. (Speaking of poundage, the MSI I am using is surely heavy.)

It is a known fact that laptops and PCs depreciate faster than bold stars and so sooner or later, I'll figure out where should this go.