A New Fujitsu Laptop S-Series

Just got myself a second-hand laptop. Not essentially needed as of now ‘cause my MSI M610 just turned one year and its working fine. But at a friendly price, I just grabbed it anyways. An investment of sorts.

It's an Intel Pentium M, 1.4Ghz, 512RAM, 65GB, DVD Combo CD/RW, Fujitsu Lifebook S-Series.

In fact, pound for pound, its a better unit than what I am using. Reason for not jumping on these new unit? Two reasons. One, I got no time to shuffle files and programs once again. Two, I love MSI's wide screen. (Speaking of poundage, the MSI I am using is surely heavy.)

It is a known fact that laptops and PCs depreciate faster than bold stars and so sooner or later, I'll figure out where should this go.


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