New Unit So I can Work In Peace

I have just moved in my new unit. New neighborhood, new building-mates, new advanced monthly payment and new 2 month deposit.

Just moved about seven blocks from the dreaded dream condo I rented a month ago. Where, my unit was infiltrated by an effing thief. An inside job, I believe. Story here.

Well. it's over, I have literally moved on. No landline phone still. As you know our friendly Globe-Innove takes their time in processing transfer of line/residence.

Thus, no internet connection still. Not even a crappy dial-up connection. But I manage to connect by going down basement/parking of our building. The friendly Security/Admin allows me to use his phone line to connect in short durations.

The facilities are OK. I dropped my dream having a condo unit and settled on a studio unit again. I guess low profile living suits me well rather than indulging in a biggie unit and be a target of crooks. The effing crook thought I got some cash. He doesnt know I am poor man wanting to just have a nice crib. To leave in peace. To blog In peace. I got no cash.

The only negative is, the building is subscribed to Global Destiny Subscription Package. If interested, all tenants need to subscribe to the building admin and you got NO choice but Destiny. That's our destiny!

What are the implication/s of having Destiny? I got NO BTV!!! That's Basketball Television. Solar Sports' all basketball channel. A must-see channel for me! As I sometimes write some basketball thoughts at Hoops.Blink.Ph under the pseudoname, Benhur. Aside from that, I just love the NBA not to have this channel. This sucks!

{To add, I have contacted Global-Destiny and inquired about their Premium Channels but I was informed, they do not have available “box”. I say, just throw and burn all those leaflets offering premium channels if in a year had past, they still don’t have that box. I remember a year ago, I was already looking for that box to get Solar Sports (Solar Sports was not available at that time) along with other “nice channels” including the all-time favorite WOWOW. WOWOW features a special Japok slugfest every Saturday midmight.}

What else? If Globes Broadband service fails me, the option of getting Sky Cable's Broadband is no longer an option. PLDT I go.

But having SKY Cable not available in the building is surely minute compared to having insider-jobbers ready to destroy four locks just to score some things in my unit.


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