Of Draft Flops and Of Draft Busts

One early morning, slumped in our living room, stuffing donuts to get me filled, I wrote a quick no-research, post-what-I-remember entry about PBA Draft Disappointments. I got a new co-league at Philippines Hoops and he ran the same premise, writing about Philippine Basketball Association's Biggest Draft Flops. But his take is a little polished and researched. He got number baby to back up the list. I only got memories.

Both lists done with no reference to each other and I found that we got 5 common players on our lists. Let me call this, the Least Common Denominator. Emphasis on the word 'least'.

The (un)lucky guys are:

  • Apet Jao
  • Brixter Encarnacion
  • Jason Webb
  • Alex Araneta
  • Johnedel Cardel


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