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My blood pressure shoot up again last night as two dudes at SM Appliance Center screwed up big time. Well, at least to my razor thin tolerance for inefficiencies.

Though my sched is tight as a whatever, I decided to sneak in some time to score a 1.5HP Aircon for my new place. Off to SM Appliance we went. I was assisted, but minutes later, it was is time-off. Another combo came in as his replacement, this time, Ernie and Bert assisted me.

Ernie and Bert took an eternity to finish the damn invoice. My partner hinted that these guys were busy computing the sale commission rather than getting thru with the invoice. We may be wrong.

And... I interrupted couple of times, what's the final cost, they keep on coming back with, 'sir we are computing still' (in Filipino). What the?! P16800 X percentage discount isn't that complicated. Unless SM Appliance center uses special algorithms in establishing discounts.

And when I was called at the counter, I was to pay P19000 when what I was buying is a P16800 less insignificant discount (P300). I was billed a Carrier machine when, what I ordered was the relatively cheaper Condura. He was insisting that I ordered Carrier. Never, did I mention that because prior to going there, my budget is set below the P17000 range.

Hell broke up loose at the paying center. I was saying to everyone out there, had it been an American who experienced their service, they'll be getting more than my litany. Nobody dared to speak up coz they know I have a point.

I was talked into settling the thing and revising the invoice. The ‘tisoy’ manager fixed the thing up and I paid the bill.

If you happen to ask why this entry is so long, because I am now wating for the all-important Aircon here in my new place. The agreed time was 12 noon up to 3 pm. So I am stuck here without an internet hook up still. Drafting this one for later posting.


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