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A lot going on with me now. I am sleeping almost 1 am every night/dawn the past weeks and waking up at around 7am. Working early AM until past Cinderella’s curfew.

Reason, lots of projects on hand. Plus I am moving in my new place right at SSH Makati City.

Where I'm at, this will be the last few days here. When I transferred in this studio 2 years ago, I wanted it to be sleek, all black-gray-white. And it happened but now moving in a new direction and a new color scheme preference.

My color combo shows that I maybe getting old. As this time, it's now GREEN Kitchen, YELLOWish/PEACHY Living and Dining Area, REDish BedRoom, WHITE Walk-in Closet and WHITE T&B. I made a deal with the owner that I’ll get the place but I’ll have it colored my way. He obliged. Why not? Think 1 month advanced and 3 months deposit.

After two years of stay here, I'll be moving my ass out to new place, to give me peace while doing my thing. This move has more to do with my work rather than a personal indulgence. I.e., I need a place with parking; I need one where there is a separation between bedroom and work area; I need a Guard-Guarded building; I need a place without a barking dog next to my unit; I need a place with my own mailbox; Etc.

I now have to do kick-ass-work to pay for the bills and rent.

Just giving myself 1 to 2 years here then, if God permits, I'll be moving back south of city or get RTO place and settle down.


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