Spain Versus Agentina Semi-Finals: Fuego!

Just what we all expected. It will be Spain and Argentina for the first semi-final pairing in FIBA Championships. The two teams are so much alike and match up pretty well. This will be basketball battle for the ages (ok, for a while).

Both won over young teams in the Quarter Finals. Both have NBA stars in Gasol, Nocioni and Ginobili. Both carry an unblemished record of 7 and 0. Both are winning via 20 point and above margins. Both dismantled their respective QF opponents. Both are well-coached and run plays to perfection. Both plays team game. Both are loaded with smart and talented players, from 1 to 5. Both are Spanish-speaking nation (OK, this is irrelevant).

Spain, powered by Gasol's25 and 9, didn't encounter much problem disposing the Lithuanians to the tune 89-67. Argentina meantime, toyed and played with a young Turkish team (sans Turkoglu and Okur), scoring a lopsided 83-58 victory. Argentina's tremendous defense and explosive offense coming at all angles and all players proved to be too much for Turkey. Nocioni, Delfino and a crew of Bigs K.O.'d Turkey.

Argentina dropped 9 straight against the Spaniards. Will this weigh in? Or, will the law of averages finally give them a victory and send Spain to another heartbreaking tournament?

As a basketball player you only get to play the World Championships, 2 to 3 times. For these guys, this is a rare chance to be basketball legends in their home turf and the world as well.

This Semi Final game is a toss up.


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