World's All-FUN Basketball Team

Point Guard: Chris Paul

I haven't really watched all games to say this, but my gut feel is Chris Paul is the best point guard in this FIBA Games. In fact, he's so good, during his rookie season, ESPN's Hollinger published an article, implying that CP was better than Magic in their rookie years. I questioned his outside shooting a bit but with the 3 point line 3 feet nearer, he's shooting well while getting everybody in sync. This steady reliable point guard might be the key player who will determine where the gold medals will go.

Shooting Guard: Manu Ginobili

You know he's going left. You know he will fake. You know he will flop. You know he will side-step. You know he will gamble on getting steals. You just know. You know what he will do but still, he will have his way. This is his peak, so enjoy his game folks.

Small Forward: Andres Nocioni

Nocioni can do it all. Can defend. Can rebound. Can attack the basket and can shoot outside. Mid range, short range, long range. A proto-type small forward, a reincarnation of Dan Marjerle who played for the Poenix Suns (Miami Heat) in the 90's. You know how good this guy is? Carlos Delfino, equally tough and equally good, an NBAer himself, spends much of his time in the bench cheering his team. He and Nocioni play the same position.

Power Forward: Dirk Nowitzki

His ball dominance or license to shoot for Germany is only surpassed by Hitler dominace of WW2 during its early years. And with sheer offensive fire power we end up watching pure basketball as it was invented. No complication, no science. That is, put the freakin ball in the hoop.

Center/Forward: Pau Gasol

Spain has Gasol playing alongside Juan Carlos Navarro and Jose Calderon. Result, Spain is looking stronger more than ever. Gasol is an automatic 20-10 guy every game. He can start his attack from the outside and beat his defenders off the dribble. Pau is now surrounded by quick-heady-sharp-shooting guards. That said, once he has the ball down low, the Spaniard just knows what to do. With array of moves, he's a tough cover. When double teamed, he as quick to pass as he is quick to do his sweeping hook shots, left or right handed. Defense, his game suits FIBA style of play as when they zone, he can cover vast area and do it ultra quick. That's why I see Spain going deeper in this tournament. Only unfavorable seeding will bump them off. Meaning early collision with equally tough teams during one and done games.


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