Each moring I check about 5 email accounts (pop and web based included), and start to check on my homepaged websites. All of em, exactly 5 by now. (My.yahoo, the Gmail, ESPN, eBAY and Google Search)

After that, it's free for all surfing. Usually, I check my other accounts, community sites, social sites, pro sites, blog sites, selling sites, 'parasites' and then even some more browsing.

Which leads me to the PBA.ph site. Earlier this AM, though I was to leave for an executive check-up (yet again), I still took time to see what's up with the PBA.

And Walah!!! The best visit to the PBA.ph website of all-time. Why? Three great news came upon me. After the PBA board 3 day meeting at Macau, they have discussed some big plans up ahead. Most notably, the creation of a truly PBA owned coliseum.

The PBA is now more driven to build it's own home court. (Probably one that will not make you cringe in leaving your car in the parking lots and alleys in Pasay and Cubao areas.)

For the longest and oldest times, the PBA has been planning this but all went ZILCH. This time, backed by BIG NAMES and big corporations, 'HOME OF THE PBA' can be a reality.

This time, names like Manny Pangilinan, Danding Conjuangco, Robert Non (The SMC League Commissioner), PDLT, San Miguel Corporation are being used in the same sentence pertaining to a PBA court. So I smell the possibility of me watching the game live, 2 to 3 years down the road. As it is, I have grown tired of Cuneta and Araneta experience and their mustard-less hotdogs.

Upstart Welcoat formally and seriously announced that they will be donating all the paints to be used in the gym. Really, is that the way the board do the work. Just pitch in what you can do.

After Welcoat volunteered to give the paint supply, the following inputs occurred:

  • Ginebra Board Rep: "Ok, we'll give the construction workers all the Ginebras they need after 5pm."
  • San Miguel Beer Board Rep: "Us too, will send in truckloads of SMB. Sagot ni Manny."
  • Purefoods Board Rep: "We will take care of the Pulutan. We will also send in Ryan Gregorio if the project needs some motivational speeches."
  • CocaCola Board Rep: "We will be positioning numerous hack-proof Coca Cola vending machines in the construction vicinity."
  • Sta Lucia Realty Board Rep: "Hey, need some gravel and sand?"
  • RedBull Board Rep: "For those who will be doing OT, we'll send some energy drink."
  • Alaska Board Rep: "We will be sending in Tim Cone to train all engineers and foreman the concept of triangle offense as applied to construction. As a bonus, Cone's crew of long sleeved and neck tied assistants will all be there."
  • Air21 Board Rep: "So far, we can not think of any help we can give other than handling basic logistics requirement. But since we are not loaded with things to do, not that it matter to the PBA project, but we will be dumping our current web host and developer and start our website from ground up because our web site is so damn slow and it doesn’t work most of the time.
  • Talk and Text Board Rep: "Our Boss will handle bulk of the project cost so our team will not be doing much. We will not issue phones either. Coz last time I check, there are no Talk and Text users out there. Besides, our team will be busy trading players and looking and evaluating coaches from hereon end. So MVP will just sign the checks, that's our share."

If done, this would be the second biggest accomplishment of current board head Ricky Vargas and Noli Eala. First would be, the final ridding of non-Filipino blooded cagers in the league.

Unfortunately, it's all gentlemen talk at this time, no resolution was written, no MOAs, no nothing. Pure talk. But the talk includes the reported go signals from PLDT chairman Manny Pangilinan and SMC big boss Danding Cojuangco. So, as I like to say, THIS IS IT!

Currently, Quezon City is the location being considered by the PBA.

Great News No. 2 The PBA teams, instead of keeping their last year's earnings in their pocket, they are investing some 6M to give more to the fans by establishing PBA TV. Think NBA TV. Where, the PBA is to produce it's own shows. They'll be starting with a modest 30 min show initially. But this is not all show and entertainment, this is a profit driven initiative.

Great News No. 3, the San Miguel Beer backed Philippine team routed a tired Lebanon team, 94-75 last Sunday. The 2 game of their two-game goodwill series will be at San Juan's new gym.

It was Ren-Ren Ritualo 15 second quarter points that did the Lebanon. Ritualo almost shot 50% from behing the arc. Some help coming in from Ranidel De Ocampo, Mike Cortez and Jimmy Alapag too. (I wonder why Talk and Text Phone Pals, practically playing a national team caliber can't seem to do it in the PBA.)

Anyways, the true test will come this Wednesday. When, a rested Lebanon National Squad will show up. But of course, the current situation in the Middle East will dampen their energy and concentration. It's hard to think ball and play ball when your family is not quite out of danger.

Lebanon is en route to Japan having been ticketed for the World Basketball Championships this coming 19th or 20th here. The other 3 Asian teams are Japan, Qatar and of course, Yao Ming's China. The Philippines, we all know, was suspended by FIBA therefore was not allowed to compete in the Asian Qualifying meet. Thanks to the people in charge of Philippine Hoop Dreams, we will never get to see the Philippines trying their luck (lots of it) against top world teams.

The only thing negative about the article is the insensitive use of the word "BOMBING" in reference to the Philippine Team beating the Lebanon. The story reads, 'RITUALO SNIPING FUELS SMB-RP BOMBING OF LEBANON'.


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