Serbia-Montenegro - Chances are...

What's up with Cris Sheridan report? He said that Serbia-Montenegro team had slipped in terms of world basketball supremacy. Saying that the Serbs are displeased with their basketball program.

He may be right, because Vlade Divac is retired. Predrag Drobnjak, Zarko Cabarkapa and Marco Jaric getting bench in the NBA wherever they play, Stojacovic still not 100% injury free and may be headed for retirement in terms of international play. Things certainly are not looking good for them.

Sheridan added, that Radmanomic had problems with the National team last time out. In fact, 2004 and 2005 worlds meets have been marred by internal bickering. Chris Sheridan said this all in his report. Boldly saying, that the Serbian team is a train wreck.

Then after reading his column, I learned that Serbia Montenegro whipped Argentina in Worlds warm-up the tune of 83-64. Not a train wreck after all eh? Beating Argentina, considered to be top 3, top 5 team in the world is something for team with no marquee player. Only Darko Milicic rings a bell in the Serbian team. Yes, Darko, Detroit's former human victory cigar.

This what makes the Worlds so interesting, it is unpredictable. Anybody can beat anybody.


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