The Re-Birth Of My Honda Civic

Earlier in the day, I left my Honda for a 35 point check of Engine, Aircon, Brake System, Etc. Etc. What are those 35 points? That I do not know.

For a licensed mechanical engineer like me, I do not know why I am so dumb about cars.

Maybe when they give the invoice tomorrow, the jobs done are all printed out. Then, I would know what my car went through.

Of all places, I sent the car at Hyundai. Remeber, my car is a Civic.

Anyways, my sister happens to work at Hyundai or HARI. 'Lil GM' she calls herself. Indeed, she may be one, as I'll be getting the works at dirt cheap cost thru her office.

Free buffing too will be done by the crew of JR, the chief of service dept.

Had I chosen to do the change oil at HARI too, I may have gotten discounted service too. As it is, I was charged a hefty P1500 at a Shell Gas Station last week. Around P1000 alone for the semi-synthetic lubricant.

Thru the Lil GM too, I might get a Disc/MP3 Player. My trusted flash mp3 player with all its Eraserheads Classics in it will now have some rest.

After this over-all check up and if the engine found to be not knocking on heavens door, I'll be upgrading the muffler and headers so that my car would kick ass.

It's now sucking air using a Simota Air Filter and the effect is huge. You could feel the acceleration when you put the pedal to the metal.

As soon as the headers/muffler are changed, I'll be racing down every Mazda 3 and 6 (which I envy) out there in South Luzon Expressway.


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