FIBA: First Day Punk

Can you believe this? After being shackled by Ren Ren Ritualo back-2-back, the Lebanon National Team opened up its World Championship with a victory over Venezuela.

Ronnie Turiaf is playing in this World Championships along with Phoenix Suns nemesis Boris Diaw. Both playing for France and are said to be buddies. How about that? After going thru a surgery to fix his heart, he returned to action in the NBA (playoffs included) and now at FIBA Championships.

As accomplished a player Manu Ginobili is, he hasn't won the World Basketball Championships yet. This is probably his last great chance as he will be around 34 years old the next time. This is the only title that has eluded him. After getting NBA ring twice and the 2004 Olympics. Thanks to the ref at 2002 Worlds, he could have gotten the FIBA crown in 2002. Having been injured during the cirtical part of that tournament didn't help either.

It is not a remote possibility that Vito Lazatin or a friend of his would catch this entry, but he needs to be corrected. During France-Argentina opener, he keeps on saying that on-hand are two European Basketball powers. Argetina, Europe?

Now we are seeing a level playing field for the premier Noli Me Tangere of the world, Dwyane Wade. He just can't get the calls he usually gets in the NBA. End result? He spend tons of time on the bench. He didn't get to the free throw line either. And, he keeps on throwing unbalanced and forced shots hoping to get the wistle.


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