Philippines: Out Of This Worlds

Not seeing Team Philippines compete in this coming World Championships in Saitama Japan makes me want to puke in disgust. Did anybody tell you that this coming World Basketball Championships is the World Cup of basketball? This is it. For some, no other tournament is more valuable than this. (Other would argue of course, Olympic Basketball Gold and NBA 'World' Championships would be cherished more.)

You see, Qatar and Lebanon (2 out of 4 Asian representatives), were defeated by the Philippines Team. The fact that, the teams we are fielding in these mini-tournaments and exhibition/tune-up games are hastily formed and still winning games tells us that SMC and Chot Reyes plan is turning out to be ok. Players and teams have other commitments too so the national team managers and coaches are juggling players for best results.

The fighting squad that faced Lebanon: Ritualo, Williams, Allado, De Ocampo, Alapag, Miller, Pennisi, Taulava, Reavis, Santos, Cortez, Mamaril and Miranda. No bullish Eric Menk, NO sparkin' Mark Caguioa, NO dazzlin Helterbrand, NO swatin' Pingris, No steady Kerby Raymundo, No explosive Danny Seigle and NO MVP James Yap. Yet, still mission accomplished.
Much of these weeks that the Middle East is in turmoil, the Lebanese National team left their country and currently on tour. Thus, this long visit in the Philippines. Though it was a tired and troubled Lebanon, the 2 Philippine national team victories can't be discounted. During the initial meet-up, the Lebanese were just tired as the game went along. But on Wednesday, the second game, they had a 3-day rest and still lost the game. No more excuses this time. Evidently, the Philippines can handle them and probably can handle some as well. A million sigh...

Now we are stuck in the mud. Suspended by the ALMIGHTY FIBA. Thanks to the Royal Rumble in Philippine Sports Politics.


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