Houston Rocket's Bizarre Rowdiest Fan Contest

Houston Rockets coach Van Gundy just bought 50 season tickets to be used as prizes for one of the most bizarre promos to get things rockin at Houston's home court, the Toyota Center. Forget the arena clowns and mascots, forget the free burgers, forget the sling-T-shirts. Here comes his idea, The Break Your Voice Box Contest. What the hell is he thinking?

The top 30 fans selected by the judges will receive season tickets near the court. The other 20 tickets will be distributed at each home game -- 10 at random outside the arena before the game and 10 during the game allowing fans to move from their seats into the "Red Rowdies" section. Ironically, Van Gundy will not be present during the contest. He is busy formulating a Houston Rocket play, or maybe, busy thinking of another bizarre promo.

This weekend, Van Gundy's brainchild, the Rowdiest Fan Contest will premiere. This is the only contest in the world in which I will pity the winner. Imagine, having to watch 40 games at home, and act up like you are having fun when in fact, Houston is 34-48 team heading to this season.

This is a desperate move to say the least. I can't blame Van Gundy though. If your two superstars happen to be McGrady and Yao, fans at the Toyota might indeed need some shoving to be noisy, to be rowdy. One is the back-aching and sleepy eyed Tracy Mc Grady. The other one is not so spectacular superstar and boundary boring, Yao Ming. Then coupled with the defensive minded coach like Van Gundy, Houston Rockets is quite a sleeper.

Van Gundy said he wants the arena to become a more intimidating place for opponents. Ei, Mr. Coach, it's your job to make opponents fear visiting your team. Not the fans. As fans, all we can really do is energize and fire up the team.

But from a man who hanged onto Miami Heat's Alonzo Mourning legs like a puppy during one New York-Miami melee, I am not surprised with Van Gundy's deal but rather amused.


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