What's Wrong With US Ball?

When will the American Basketball realize that they can't do basketball that way. They can’t and shouldn’t form a team 2 to 3 weeks and have the players do quick scrimmages. Yeah the player pool was given months back, but when they did begin working out as a team? When did they do the Xs and the Os? When did the players receive scouting report, if any?

Even in the NBA, training camp is conducted and pre-season games are held. And heck, for some, a whole regular season is needed to fine tune team's cohesion. Think Miami Heat.

Coach K is a legend, but my thinking is, since the US team can’t outshoot Greece, he should have gone big and try to dump the ball inside Howard and Brand. Let the two anchor the US half court defense. Control the boards, own the middle and slow down the game. What happened was, they were shredded into pieces and burned time and again by pick and rolls. A simple play that can be countered by a good team defense.

Another setback for US Basketball, in a tournament that was looked into by the US Ball Organization closely. What is there to for Colangelo and the gang? I mean, they were together in this one as team? What steps are to be done?

Now will the Bronze even matter?


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