Mall Of Asia : Exploration - Gerry's Grill

In our continuing quest of going thru all corners of Mall Of Asia, we dropped by there around 8PM yesterday. Just after visiting and checking out the newly painted, newly Pronto-waxed flooring of the Apartment I am moving in to. More on this in few days.

Anyways, off to Gerry's Grill we went. There was nothing wrong with Gerry's really. It was the combo of what we ordered that didn't quite made my Chemistry subject useful.

Lessons Learned:
  • Crab Rice and Sisig don't exactly match.
  • Molo Soup doesn't do well with Crab Rice either.
  • Sisig is best consumed along with two bottles of San Mig Light and not Green Mango Shake.
  • Crab seasoned rice would do well proabably with Grilled Tilapya.
  • Conclusion: P600 peso tab would have been better served if we got the Bulalo.


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