Rules Rules Rules! FIBA vs NBA

Americans down by 5 in 4th quarter, still with time, Hinrich wrapped up a Sofaklis to prevent an easy and sure two. It was called an intentional foul. FT and possesion. Though Greece muffed the two free throws, they still got the ball remember? What's next? Greece drilled in a three. Gold medal hopes down the Japanese drain. FIBA or NBA rule? What do you like?

Fouls. International basketball is a more physical game but only allows 5 fouls. Commit a technical foul and it will add up to your total.

Duration. International game has 40 minutes of game time, whereas in Pro Basketball you got 48 minutes. That’s why against Greece, the US Team, having its mind and body conditioned to play 48 minute game, was coming along strong in the 35-minute mark of the game. Me thinks, another 8 minutes would have done the Greeks.

Size. A regulation FIBA court is only 91 feet, 10 inches by 49 feet, 2.5 inches. An NBA court is 94 feet by 50 feet. That’s 3 feet more side space, more room to operate. And so, when Greece zoned up (as did many other teams that played US) yesterday, when they packed it in inside, the US team was forced to shoot more outside shots, then they failed.


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