Redefining Work Cubicle

Some years back, I too work 8-5pm and was at the mercy of my bosses in terms of what pay increase should I get, what designation should be printed on my business card and if I will ever have my own cubicle. Just like the managers huh, your own space. Hell, even me acquiring a P150.00 mouse would go thru the bosses. So after 2.5 years of employment, called it quits and I was (and am) Free As A Bird.

Speaking of cubicles and since I have been posting about my imminent relocation, just like to post this new desk. Literally are work cube. If my finances allows me too, I am planning to dump my black desk in favor of one that would suit my new home. Let me see if this model fits...

Imagine this box placed at the corner of the room then instantly pops up as work area. Only, the actual desktop is small and I don't like the idea of having your 10,000 peso monitor hanging in the balance when used and even when folded down. Also, it seems to me that the WorkCube was designed for desktop users. Another drawback. Speaking of draw, can you see drawer? I only see some sort of CPU space allocation. Me thinks too that this would be better had it been varnished with some sort of maple tone as stock natural color is dull. And when not in used, it kinda looks like a palo-tsina-crated-equipment ready to be shipped to Boeing. For students in dormitories, room renters or even high school cool kids, this would be a nice novelty. But for work-loaded people (ahem), this won't do the job.


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