All I Can Say is FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

After dreaming of settling in a nice condo, (story here, here and here) , a FUCKING BURGLAR entered my unit. The shit stole my late Father's only physical gift to me, a RING. He took a couple of handy things too, a watch, 5 gadgets (cams, MP3 Players, etc.), gold bracelet. Yes, he is a he. I got a feeling I know who's the fucking culprit. But what's the most important thing he took, besides the RING, is my trust in this whole Condo Admin, Security. I was only there for 5 freaking days, and after a leisure break at Cavite, this is what I got! I think I am moving my ASS again this month. I don't think I can not fathom this thing out.



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