A 16-Wheeler Dragged My Car

This week ranks high in my Worst Weeks Index of my life.

After unscrupulous bastard/s broke into my newly rented unit last Monday, I now capped my week by being involved in an accident.

A 16-wheeler cargo truck driven by a 60 year old tired looking driver just dragged my Honda for a good couple meters.

If you happen to drove by South Super Highway (Osmena Highway) around 2.30 pm and was stuck at the traffic, we were the reason. Just before the Buendia (Gil Puyat) fly over. That’s me on sun glasses. Ahem! Ahem!

Takes so much time and effort really to get things over. I really did not throw the blame onto the driver. Never cursed him. Did not engage him in a pointless and useless Say Me, Say You scenario. This is because MAPSA Makati Traffic Enforcer clearly saw who's right. I was at the correct lane. The truck driver wasn't.

Police report also favored my account. Thus, the truck insurance provider should handle the brunt of the expense.

The hassle is not over. I should get to the truck’s head office and get some papers so they can get my fatigued car back into shape. Literally.

Damn truck.


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