Milenyo Storm: What TO-DO List

  • If you happen to park in a open field or space, DO cover your black car with something or you'll end up with a 'Dalmatian themed car' in reversed. As leaves, twigs, stems’ sap (dagta) showered and peppered my auto.
  • DO stuck up food and make sure you have LPG gas at the instant you learn there is an incoming storm. Else, you'll will end up eating slimey-cold rice, cold canned tuna, cold 'Balot', cold left-overs and last but not awfulest, a Jollibee-Pancit-Palabok Prepared-Without-Decent-H20 supply in the vicinity. Just writing about this makes me like puking.
  • Even if your laptop is out of juice, DO make a Blog Entry during the heat (or cold) of the storm and write it on a piece of paper for later typing and posting. (I'll post it after I get back to my unit, it's somewhere out there. I am at Laguna now.)
  • Do stock up dozens of flash lights to get you by during 2 to 3 nights of darkness. I had 4 LED flashlights burning the whole time. Just press the thing and walah... let there be light!
  • Speaking... Pray!


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