Opisina Problema


It seems I am using my blog to vent some anger, to let me breathe out some things that makes my blood pressure shoot up. Most of time, when I blog some personal things, rough estimate, 75% of the time, these are negative stuff.

Well, earlier tonight, I was in a spat with a contractor. In partnership with other folks, we are to open a shop/office of some sort and being the nearest one at site, I was tagged as the construction manager per se.

But this contractor guy, wanted me to pay the whole contract amount tonight, when, the the job is not 100% done. He wanted to leave out ONLY 10% of the labor contract amount as an assurance that he'll comeback tomorrow.

I said, 'Oh no my friend'. It can't be that way. Thus, he went on a bargaining plea. He said, give me this amount tonight. To which, I replied "wag mo didiktahan". Sounds like an Erap line eh?

The contract is for us to pay after the job is completely done. And not, 80%, not 90% and not 99%. The conversation went downhill after that. I'll just see what our moods will be tomorrow. I just hope we can make up and them, paint up and clean up, as there are panels left un-painted and debris all-over the space. And then, I'll pay up siyento porsyento, tonto!


If you are thinking of establishing a business, think a million times if you are to get your life partner (wife, gf, bf, husband, fiancé) as a business associate. Coz when something comes up in the business, and you engage her/him in heated business argument, you'll carry this into your home and onto your relationship. It’s unhealthy. So thinking a billion times might be better. Trust me, I just went through it today and will perhaps go thru this for the years to come.


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