I was TKOd By A Punching Bag!

I always say (well at least I used to)"How can you be so Tanga?" when dumb things are committed. Now I can say that to myself. "How could I be so tanga?".


Answer: Feeling stiff, weak, pale, sick all rolled into one, I went at ground floor of my building and asked admin if I can box using his punching bag.

Admin says “yes”.

I went straight ahead. I pounded the bag like crazy. WITHOUT A PAIR OF GLOVES. Maybe because, Manny Pacquiao - Erik Morales Reunion Fight around the corner, so I was pumped. Or maybe, I was frustrated because the admin made me pay P90 H20 consumption for only 3 days of stay in the building so I vent it all there (at that rate, I’ll be paying P900/month?). Finally, I maybe frustrated because I can't get no broadband connection here in my place. So I was like little-Rocky out there.

{Why no broadband? NO Smart Bro - Owner says I can't hang wires and smart antenna or whatever that thing is. NO PLDT - My line is Globe. NO Sky Internet - Building is exclusive to Destiny. Just what the hell will I use?}

Back to the "tanga" thing...

I went like 15 to 20 minutes punching the bag. A little pawis here and there then I went back in my unit to get some juice.

Little did I know that my knuckles is as red as a ripe tomatoe. In short, NANGAMATIS!

The damn punching bag got back at me. Now, my knuckles are wounded. Four wounds! Four circled wounds!

Next weekend I’m gonna be buying GLOVES (if not, boxer wrap or band, whatever that thing again is) and I'll get back at that punching bag again. Round Two!


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