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Lovin Chuck Taylor

Yahoo! I got one fresh Simply Taupe Vintage - 1V249 Converse Chuck Taylor. Dough used in the purchase was from my eBay Shoe Expo! And so, my online selling at eBay is giving me funds to by new stuff.

At MOA SM Department Store, price is P2950 but it’s on sale! Only P2150.00. Last stock at the show rack. Was lucky to get a steal. And to add, SM offers 10% discount for SM Advantage Card Holders. So, the final tab was only P1989.00. Not but for hi-top Chuck. Original Chuck Taylor logo on inside ankle, canvas Uppers, contrast interior and stitching. BTW, this is my chuck3, chuck2 here while chuck1 aint pretty no more.

Below is the studio shot from one online store.


My own chuck shots.

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