What's UP (Down) With Me

  • Last VDay, we strolled the famed Manila BayWalk and dined over there. We ordered KareKare, It took full 30 minutes before we got the order. You know it's freshly cooked. Maybe, it's worth the wait. But then, this waiter spilled the dish sending the KareKare all over the tray. I requested for a new order and guided the waiter to their kiosk saying, "Serve me a new one my friend". Walah! In about 5 minutes, we got the NEW KareKare all cooked up again. Simmering. If it took 30 min earlier to serve the order. Then, in 5 min , they were able to send a newly cooked one. I smell something fishy. Literally. I tasted something fishy too.
  • There were a lot of live performances along the Walk. Alamid, once upon a time a known band in Manila Phils., performed. They are covering other acts. He covered a song by System Of A Down. Pretty good, I think.
  • I entered a one-way street at Malate area, this CROCODILE said, "I'll give you a ticket". I do not know if his pen is inkless or he doesn't know how to write, he can't to seem start ticketing me. Said, "Boy it will cost you P2000 to reclaim your license at Makati". I know offering something is a crime but boy, who wants another day at the LTO. The bastard was on bidding war. In the end, I paid some DUE at LTO-ON-THE-ROAD-REDEMPTION-CENTER. Criminal justice system in the Philippines is amazingly fast. You can post bail right on the spot.


Machine Is Machine

I went to an ATM a little earlier to get me some cash. I entered P5000.00, waited for the bills. The receipt had gone out, card already ejected. Still, there is no money to be found. The freakin' machine printed on the receipt, it shelled out 5k but I am telling now, there is NO money. I called up the not-so-hotline of Equit-PCI Bank to tell my story. Our friendly-robotic-highly-paid-call-specialist gave me another "hotline", and advise me to call MetroBank, where I opened my account. Here's the trascript of our conversation.

Me: The ATM debited my account without dispensing the money... blah blah blah....

Ness: Sir I'll give Metrobank hotline number, please forward the matter to them.

Me: Really? Is it Metrobank's concern? (In my mind: Why the hell will I contact Metrobank when its PCIs machine that malfunctioned.)

Ness: - Sorry sir but that's our procedure.

Me: Huh? I guess I just have to call them. (In my mind: What a procedure! You are totally helpless.)

Ness: Thank you sir. Is there anything I can do?

Me: I think that would be all. (In my mind: Like you can still do something with regards to this!)

Tomorrow I'll be burning phones. I'll ring every concern (likely, unconcern) people on both sides. Both banks. They have got to fix this thing.

If you happen to experience this. Hotline number of Equitable-PCI Bank is 84-911. That's for Metro Manila. A public service message brought to you by me.


Some Days I Had

Just marking the dates February 5 and 6 2005. No details just for my own remebrance. Some days I had.

While I'm in here, some thoughts I have...

  • I have my.yahoo.com as my homepage and have this Headlines Section. I think that section has a default news, a daily report of bombing in Iraq. On the average, it has 20 people dead everyday (the figure is not accurate of course).
  • Yahoo has this service, www.launch.yahoo.com where you can get to select artists on your personal internet radio. It's cool. It's FREE. There's a paid service with no Ads, unlimited skipping (used when you don't like currently played track. you can't do that on a transistor radio, can you?), and probably higher quality streaming. I'll get paid service maybe when I have broadband connection. Check 'em out. Nice to have at work (just take it easy on your speaker).
  • I do not care about American Football. (Patriots won the SuperBowl BTW.)
  • Life is so fast.
  • Someone's been planning to get the side mirrors of my car.
  • I have this feeling that my day tomorrow will not differ from my day today. So i'll alter my destiny (if there's such a thing) and plan something else.
  • I am enjoying posting in a Bulleted Format.
  • I plan to sleep right about now.


Will you get up?

You wake up knowing...

  • ...you slept 2a.m.
  • ...you have two new FRESH pimples.
  • ...you have 4 day old ensaymada as your breakfast.
  • ...you'll work all day, all night.
  • ...your clients will be asking same questions over and over again.
  • ...you have not prepared meal for lunch.
  • ...you'll be riding a car with busted AC.
  • ...you'll battle rush hour traffic by 5:30p.m.
  • ...you'll battle trucks/container vans by 9:30p.m on my way to Manila and back. It's war out there.
  • ...you can't get away from South Super Highway that now looks like the other side of the moon. It's now being jack hammered all over.
  • ...you do not have a basketball game to watch later that night.

Will you get up?