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Home and Transpo - Back-2-Normal

Whoooo, finally after 2 months, my routine is back to normal. My home is done. Just a little over 3 weeks ago, I kicked out my sub standard contractor and literally made the homerun finishing for the works. That includes paintings, carpentry and a good amount of cleaning. In fact I think I am still stoned after consuming and sniffing 4 bottles of thinner and kerosene during the clean up. And so my dwelling is done, just some fixtures and furnitures to be bought. After the pro-longed renovation, no more dough. Fixtures and sofa and office table and bar like chairs will remain in the to-buy list for some weeks.

Also, exactly after 2 months after my car went on ICU, (they cant find the part - original civic sir steering drive shaft), I now have the wheels. Contrary to the quoted price of P7000 originally, the bill more than double to P16000 as they found other items for replacement. Thus, I repeat, Fixtures and sofa and office table and bar like chairs will remain in the to-buy list for some weeks. Last Feb, I swore that if ever I'll dole out another double digit car repair (that's 10K plus), I seriously consider selling the SIR. But man oh man, sarap i-drive ng SIR, I missed the roar and the speed. Besides, remembering, I no longer have the cap to get a new car financing plan. And so, I'll stick with my black mamba(barurot) car for now. (The 2 months I went on PUJ and TAXI and BUS mode, I did some meditations during the commute. I have made up my mind, I'll run on safe mode a la windows OS. I'll be more giving to the monster drivers and I'll take it easy on the pedals. I think, my driving style in the past made my car a regular autoshop visitor).

{Only prob that's breaking the life rhythm is my cranky SMARTBRO connection (no new news). Many times I asked my colleague in the office to call Smartbro Tech, three times they said, "ma'am your connection is fine". What the, why don't you move your ass in here and check it for your self. I am still not in boiling point with my home smartbro connection coz the times it's down, I am finding minor things to do at home, like installing racks, locks, etc. Damn this huge telcos (GLOBE & PLDT), I cant get it, why they dont have available telephone lines (and cabinets) here at my location. Geeesh, Im in the center of MAKATI CITY! and application of landline is now 2 to 3 months running. What year is it? 1998?}

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