Chess Print

From Photoshop, comes this whopping 7200 x 6000 chess graphics. And we ordered a 24 x 20 inch printout, and we used it here.

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Furniture Design

Last sat, while ondoy is unleashing its fury, stuck inside the office and not much to do, I tried using Google's Sketch Up. First 3 draft/designs I made are posted above. Considering the software is free (and the one I'm using is outdated, version 6), it's pretty powerful and I think can be used extensively by a lot of people.

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Deleting 800 SMS = 2 Hours

It took me 2 hours to delete 800 messages in my inbox (600) and sent messages (200). Two hours is inclusive of quick reads, quick replies for some sms I ignored, saving of mms and occasional moving of text to "my folder." My thumb and eyes are hurting with that messages cleanup. I swear not to go beyond 300 messages again.

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Painting Techniques Book

decorative-painting-techniques decorative-painting-techniques-2 decorative-painting-techniques-3 decorative-painting-techniques-4

We saw this book on sale at a mall kiosk bookstore. Annie Sloan’s Complete Book of Decorative Paint Techniques: a step-by-step guide to mastering painting techniques for the home. A loaded book, full of info and illustrations best suited for those home owners who would want to go out and paint their world other the whites & flat latex finishes. Home wall painting techniques for the daring, I must say. The book is by Annie Sloan, only P600 or so. NFS BTW.



Can you feel this L.O.V.E?

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One for the money... One for the show

This photo is… one for the money… & one for the show. A better pic might translate to you buying this home display (for the money) and two, an Elvis display is too good a subject to pass up shooting a better pic (for the show). We used S-Cred’s Elvis T-shirt as the “staged” background.


Meet the Buddha Circus

meet-the-buddhas eraserheads-circus
Ladies & gentlemen, meet the Buddhas. Somehow, maybe you've seen this 4-head formation before. Prolly, the album cover of the Beatles' albums, "Meet The Beatles" or the "Hard Days Night" album cover. Or maybe, the "Let it Be" album layout. Then I google some of Beatles album covers and found no match with the four Buddhas formation I photographed. It turns out, the Eraserheads' Circus album cover is the closer match. Not exactly a perfect match but close. Ok, this is a filler blog post. And hey, a filler post deserves a filler song... while we are at it, forcing a post correlating the Eraserheads and the Buddha decor, let's have this song now... "Fill Her" from the Eraserheads!

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Kit on Coma

My kit lens (18-55mm) is on coma. It won't autofocus. I sent the kit to Canon Service Center at Makati City yesterday. CSR said the prob is the connector (flex) and it needs replacement. The cost of the flex is only around P200 while the service fee is at whopping P1200.00. He recommended flex replacement without opening the Canon kit lens. I guess this is a common prob of the kit lens, he knows what to say and what needs to be done instantly. If it turns out, the motor of the lens is the culprit and not the flex, am gonna kikhisbut. The kit lens is on coma for about 3 weeks. Sucks.

Also had time to play pool over at MCS yesterday. After a month of no pool action.

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Pagkat walang Fog Lamp

Pagkat alang
foglamp ang Toyota Innova E, I've been wanting to buy a pair. Supposed to be I'll buy myself a Chuck all-stars, then I decided to get the fog lamp instead for the Innova. Price is P3200 a pair of lamp. I managed to haggle down to 3000.00. Again, I scored from Evangelista St. at Bangkal Makati, aka, the biggest auto center in the Philippines. A 4 lane city road converted to snail-pace 2-lane 2-way traffic because of the autoshops, surplus shops, tire stores, PUJs racing, "street tinters" and more. By the way, disclosure, most of the time, these fog lamps are useless. Just for the looks.

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