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online sellin multiply

This can not be stopped (for now). Thousands and thousands are selling their stuff online using the social networking site, MULTIPLY.com.

Last year, I also dipped my foot and created my own account over at Multiply but other projects came in so that was shelved. Now that we got just a little more time to test the multiply selling, our multiply account is now into full gear.

http://blozoom.multiply.com is the url.

What’s nice about Multiply is that the interface is built-in and ready. Only the content that you’ll load is needed. With its online networking feature and basic stuff like, photos, music, videos, blogs and links are all set, these make Multiply (though not its primary purpose) a ready online selling machine.

To be able to consummate the deal, communication is important. And Multiply doesn’t lack a thing in this regard. Users can easily comment on posts, can easily reply on comments and finally, it has private messaging as well. The email settings have all the options if you want to be notified on posts, comments, etc. etc. Also, there are third-party tools that you can use if ever you would want to install an order form.

Let me mention too, the Multiply has an upgrade option. The paid service will let you remove the google ads.

Another great feature of Multiply.com when used as an online selling tool, you can control all aspects of the contents. Specifically, the users/visitors comments and guestbook entries, you can edit & delete such. That’s a powerful tool. Users will not be able to hijack (users who post their own ads via comment section) your posts. Also, you have the choice & control as to whom you’d like to be “friends” or networked with. Easily invite multiply users, vice versa, easily decline invitations if you don’t feel the need to be networked with some.

Multiply also features the “groups.” This is an all-important feature if you will ever start selling online at Multiply.com. To gain more visitors and “friends,” you need to be active in posting items for sale, helpful contents, useful links, etc. But there is a thin line on being active and spamming. So easy on your posting as well, like any other things in life, do it in moderation and calculated ways.

Of course, there is no such thing as perfect site and a perfect tool. Multiply has some knacks.

One, the avalanche of PM spams. That’s pretty annoying.

Two, because Multiply account is so easy to set-up, all others are creating their own sites. Therefore, more posters, and less sellers. Or, to apply this to the topic of online selling, more and more sellers, lesser and lesser buyers or consumers. Based on my wild estimate, there are 2000 kikay-fashionista-accessories seller accounts over at multiply. Yep, that’s wild but you know what I mean? Could be, there are only 2 to 5 PROSPECTIVE buyers for every seller.

Three, basically, you can only do so much with regards to customization. Change the theme and the fonts and some images and you are done. Multiply looks/theme is not that much customizable (but this could be a positive as it prevents clutterous and eyesore sites).

Four, the uncertainty of when this would last. You know what? A bad night sleep and a subsequent bad mood day to one higher management guy of Multiply and he can pull the plug on this Multiply online selling. They can easily wipe out these online selling accounts over at Multiply.com if this goes any wilder than it is now. So, putting your business in one site is a bad idea.

Five, it has no e-commerce support for payments, online transfer, paypal, etc. The usual ways of offline bank deposits, gcash, smartmoney, or even meet-up/COD should all kick in.

But overall, considering it is free and easy, it’s worth the try. Go on, sell at Multiply.com but don’t just friggin spam me and don’t sell what we sell at BLOZOOM-X :-)

BY THE WAY, if you’d like to sell outside Multiply.com, we also created our wn site, a free ads website, BLOZOOM.com. Check the site. It’s a free buy and sell website. FREE TO USE. FOR ALL.

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Innova Mirror Guard, err, Delayer

After some angelic soul/s took the side mirrors of our "ilova," we considered getting a set from "Evangelista Motorway" for surplus mirror set. But, I was afraid I'll get my own stolen mirrors from where I'll be buying. I live near Evangelista St., surely the thief just sent/sold my mirrors out there. And, being ilova only 3 weeks old, it doesn't deserve surplus parts muna. So we bought from Toyota Manila Bay. Price is P1734 a piece for original Toyota Innova mirrors. Total replacement cost for the stolen mirrors is P3468.00.

Since I'll be parking on same predicament as it was when when the mirrors were stolen, I ordered a mirror grill or guard. Quoted price was P2350.00. I was actually ordering the grill or removable metal housing for the mirror. I was surprised, when I was to pick up the mirror guard, it is not as expected. The thing is of different make, protection and usage.

This mirror guard kinda lines the mirror housing for it to be secured. As planned, the installaer says, the thief can extricate the mirror no more. The guard is just adhesively (3m) fastened to the mirror housing body then a sealant is applied. It sure looks UGLY but I need to have this.

Second, this mirror guard makes the mirror visibility smaller by a guess 10% to 15%.

Third, this thing aint 100% theft proof. In fact, I don't call this a "guard," actually I call this the "delayer!" A thief can still use a flat screw driver to have this lining guard un-installed and use the same flat screw driver to get the mirror again. But again, no choice, already ordered and "ilova"needed some kind of protection. This mirror guard is P2350.00 from Toyota dealer.

What would really be nice is that grill mirror guard. Sadly, Toyota doesn't supply this, it can be had from customized metal/steel fabricators welder.

Finally, Innova E isn't preloaded with keyless entry and the token alarm. I had the set installed the other day as well. Around P4000 for the labor and installation. It's the Taiwan brand that I had them installed. The US alarm keyless entry set is P7500.00. Almost double so to Taiwan I went.

In the Philippines, got to shell out P9000.00 just to get new and protect the mirrors. Haypota!

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Shake Mo TV Mo, Shake Ko Ulo Ko

Shake mo TV mo! Shake ko ulo ko!

Someone from TV5 (or its PR arm) thought that our company is big enough to do TV advertising so we got an invite to their TV ad packages briefing.

Though I did not sign up with what they offer I still think, what they presented is new and ok. Just that, it's not for us. So I am posting this still.

I went at Crowne Plaza yesterday. The invite was vague but I still went anyways thinking that the ABC 5, err, TV5 might be expanding the Venta5 TV shopping thing. The event is a launch of TV5's client friendly ad packages. I was wrong.

But they are right. What TV5 offers is a first here in the Philippines. They offer the small & medium businesses a chance to connect to new customers. They are making TV advertsing affordable for us all. Ok, not for everyall but you know what I mean. A 20 minute video presentation hosted by Lucy Gomez portrays TV as the best medium to advertise the products. (Well, generally it is. But for some niche businesses & services, I'll go with the internet over TV.)

The TV5 ad club (that's what they call it) offers 5 TV marketing packages designed to reach specific groups. Also, subscribing to one of the 5 TV ad package gets one a chance to win a MAZDA MX-5. More packages you buy more chances to win the auto.

The packages range from P50,000 a month plus VAT (a committed one year of P60,000) to P125,000 (committed a year of 1,500,000) a month plus VAT. For a year, the advertiser will get 300 ad views for his chosen package. Packages are Kids & Tweens, Urban Youth, Shoppers, Urban Men, Premium Mainstream.

I readily told the marketing guy assigned to me that I will not waste his time, that what they offer is nice but it's not for me. That's the ticket for my exit. Told him, I'll refer the TV AD Club to some people I know that has the capability to pop 50 to 100 grand a month for TV ad spots.

The event was well coordinated and swift and fast. Plus, they got good foods at the adjacent room for us visitors to consume. Only, I was in hurry to move out because I had some other things to pick up in the area. Well, at least the media paper bag got "magic pops popping candy." This made the day.

The agent assigned to me says they already booked a lot of advertisers ( i went yesterday, the last day of the week long TV5 briefing). This TV5 Ad Club is promising but they have to back it up with good solid programming. Especially now that the PBA moved to RPN Solar, they need serious programming to make this shake-shake TV advertising go.

Call 8938148 to 8191 if you have questions about the TV5 advertising packages.

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Baby On Board

From SCRED Team.

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The Tank - Noli Locsin

One of my favorite players of all time... The Tank - NOLI LOCSIN

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HooPh Redesigned

Oh and by the way, Hoops.Blink.Ph is now redesigned. My friends from WMN helped in upgrading the site. I now help in fixing the site and restoration of some of the functionalities. Also now has expanded "other sports" section. Now showing are MMA, Boxing & Pool. It has an obvious ESPN look. Take a look now. Here, Hooph. It's cleanly designed now, I hope I can write more in there.

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All New Eheads T-shirts Are Out

Finally, the Eraserheads shirts are available on sale. Right now, 3 designs to choose from. The OVERDRIVE - matatag na musika. The Super Band, No proxy and the cute E-Checkup, E-History.

Go to s-cred.com or streetcred.multply.com to get one.

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Good Effin Morning Says My Secu

see, no mirror

Tangina talaga mga tao oh, ke bago bago ng Innova tinira na agad ang side mirrors. Gazillion sighs.

To make it worse, the sekyu rang up the intercom at around 4.30am to tell me the news eh 2am na ko nakatulog. I finished the DELAYED TELECAST of TnT and Air21.

Blame time:

Una, ala talaga 'pinas eh, the society is somewhat hate to say it, rotten. Wherever and whatever and whenever it is, sa government offices, private practice, sa copland, kanya kanya gulangan. (Kaya nga nakagawa ako ng entry na anatomy of hulidap. Ayun napost sa streetcred to where it's fits.)

Pangalawa, sa Toyota agent, she promised the free car cover, still no delivery of cover right now. My older car during its parking tenure, we usually put the cover on, then wrapped a chain sa side mirror and padlocked it. If it has cover, kahit cloth pa yan, may one level of protection eh.

Tatlo, ako for not allotting some bucks for the installation of the alarm. It needs to be equipped with that. Innova E comes with no keyless entry and alarm.

Apat, the sekyu. Pero mildly lang. I can't blame him too much, he can not possibly do roving 24hours. (At eto pa, 2x during our 4.30 pm phone chat, he offers that he'll just pay the mirrors.)

Lima, the developer of this building. Any condo has to have a CCTV. Kahit 4 channel CCTV lang. Deterence yun, malaman lang ng mangsisikwat ng side mirror na may surveillance e he'll have second thoughts.

A NOTE TO WOULD BE UNIT BUYERS OF ANY CONDO: DO NOT BUY A UNIT IF IT HAS NO CCTV. ( To contractors/developers, go to www.ecbuyph.com to get a DVR or CCTV.)

A phone call to Toyota dealer and the insurance is coming. Ill ask if the warranty can kick in in this situation. I'll canvas too for a new set of mirrors, alarms and a fuckin lockable side mirror grill.

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Finally, No More Monkey Business, BIZiKAT is Live

Hey hey hey, after almost a month of now-I-fix and now-I-dont project, BIZIKAT is now open for business.

Cumulative hours I spent is I guess is (computing... computing... computing... computing...) 30 to 40 hours for this project. Roughly, one working weekday. What's good about making sites is that, after it's done, little maintenance (more on updates) is required and if you got high paying content (for google ads), you're talking about spare change everyday. How about creating 50 sites then? Add up the ads revenue then this sites project could amount to something. Hmmmm?!

It's a hobby of mine to build sites out of open source apps, test run the site for a while, and if everything is ok, donate some bucks to the developer and walah, be proud and launch the site and act like I am the genius who made the site from ground up.

And so the results are site like Blozoom! and BIZiKAT.

What's BIZiKAT?

Bizikat.com is a Philippine web directory. Specifically created for Filipinos and Philippine based companies, businesses, corporations, websites, enterprises, etc. Bizikat.com generally offers the following: A quick but a totally efficient, complete contact, easy to use, cleanly designed and a cool Philippine online directory. The end-result of which is helping you to be more popular or sikat (popular). Thus, be sikat.

Looking at it in a different way, BIZiKAT simply means, listing your Business (BIZ) in the Internet (i) to right category (KAT) with the purpose of letting others easily find your website/company and do business

  • BIZiKAT.com is a Philippine Web Directory that is owned & developed by Filipinos for the Filipinos & Philippine businesses. Also, this site is made possible by businessmen for the businessmen.
  • This pinoy online directory is already pre-loaded with "admin added" websites and companies.
  • Super easy listing. Only 4 minutes and you're done.
  • With heavy preference to internet presence, blogs, internet forums, online stores, company websites, etc.
  • Only Philippine based or with Filipino connection can list their sites.
  • It's totally a FREE listing directory.
  • For accuracy, this internet directory 100% human edited and supervised.
  • Each listing has "hits" counter and added image gallery option for better advertisement results.
  • User has the ability to "claim a listing" if it was listed by others.
  • User has the ability to report to ADMIN users or sites that violate BIZiKAT.com terms of use.
  • User has the power to rate listed companies.
  • BIZiKAT.com system offers the user to give detailed reviews to listed companies.
  • Paid featured listings at the right side bar. (Featured listings can also be obtained thru link exchange with us or by sheer humanitarian act on our part.)
  • Latest posted Philippine or Filipino related websites.
  • For registered user, the power to edit, delete your entires in the future. BIZiKAT.com accepts site listing without user registration. Only, you will not be able to edit your listing in the future.
Picked up from here.

If you have a legit Filipino business, check it out and list your company in.

Additional reason to list your company/website...

For the first 100 business listings, in random, all will be featured on our FEATURED BIZ side bar. So go ahead and head over to BIZiKAT.com and list your company and websites. Let me add that the 100 first listed companies will be featured for a whopping 3 months straight. Be the first listed companies or websites to get this featured listing give away.

The only requirement is that you have a image/logo when you list your companies/websites.

It's WIN WIN WIN WIN situation for you.

Best of all, the service is FREE!

Go here www.BIZIKAT.com

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Car Sold, Buy New Innova & the Poo-lis

Oooops I did it again.

Last last last week, I was able to sell my car via the internet. I posted on 3 sites (Multiply, Sulit & eBay.ph). Literally, within minutes, I was able to get inquiries. And just 3 days later, the car is sold.

Talk about the power of the internet.

Eraserheads have this song “SUPER PROXY,” and the classic eheads tune talks about the internet. “Ito ang kailangan mo, idial ang telepono.” (Still dial-up modem back in the mid 90s). Really true, internet, we really need. Well, no need to dial the phone now considering much of the internet pop are going DSL & highspeed internet.

For the record, the buyer who bought my car is Sulit.com.ph referred. Last Friday, he paid and I cried. Nahh.

3 years ago, I was able to sell our old car to and you guessed it, via internet as well. It was via BUYNSELLPLUS.com.

More than ever (12 years or so after Eraserheads penned the song), indeed, internet is now a SUPER PROXY. No need for an agent, no need 3rd party car dealer, no nothing.

And so the search for a replacement started 2 weeks ago.

Because I am doing all sorts of rackets & business, I wanted SUV, VAN, AUV, etc.

Finally, it was between Crosswind versus Toyota Innova. At the end of the day, we decided to get the Innova. Among other reasons... we like Gas, Toyota parts are abound, the Toyota Dealer (manila bay) is near our loc for future check-ups, Innova has a lot of variants (gas or diesel and J, E, G & V models), you can easily and cheaply dress up an Innova, from what I read - Innova has good mileage per liter, its relatively fast

to celebrate the approval of the loan and the delivery only after 2 days of application, we got nips and nuts

We got the Innova E Model. Ammort is around P9500 a month for 5 years. That's after a 50% DP amounting to more/less P450 grand.

Standard free mat (cheap looking ones), free tint, free rust proofing are bundled. Car cover is not included but our good Toyota Agent was kind enough to give us another free car cover from her own pocket. Nevermind that the one she's giving us is only less P1000 variety. That can not possibly water proof. It's what I call the starter cover.

Also, another discount we got is on the insurance. The insurance, rather than paying over P30000, we paid around P20,000.00. Instead of giving us further discount on the unit itself, she deducted it from the insurance.

I have driven the Toyota Innova E right now for about a 250km. It's way too early, but as of now, I am loving driving it. Very quiet engine jut like driving a sedan. Three times I used is to haul some items and boxes, the seats at the back are easy to fold.

Only, it's stuck at our parkplace for now. No plate still. You can only drive a new one for 5 to 7 days. Am waiting for a new dummy invoice. You know, it still has no LTO plate number. It's the S.I. you present to the SHARKS. These SHARKS are some members of the force, the thickfaced dudes masquerading as officers. Hey, not all of them are SHARKS and PIGS and CROCS. There are lots of good ones left. But the bad ones, they're far too many. I have encountered to many traffic crocs not to feel this way towards these traffic enforcers.

Just two days ago, a Police Car patrol inadvertently stopped in front of us and flagged us for NO PLATE. This happened during lunch time and you know what these guys are looking for around this time of day. Lunch money baby!

Anyways, being just 20 meters away from our condo, I said to the Poo-lis, ok, I'll pull over there, pointing at my designated park location. Ok, he said and off the went away. Nice! If the intention really is to check if I had the paper, why not go ahead and check me. Kala ng mga loko di ako nakatira area.

In fact, where I reside and having windows directly looking over one Makati busy avenue, I see these Yellow Boys doing their thing day in & day out. Their favorite customers are the motorcycles and delivery vans. I see the dirty job they do and the on the spot license redemption they do.

One time, as I was crossing the street at noon, one of the Yellow Boys said, "tang ina wala pa ko nahuhuli gutom na ko"

Puhlease Pulis, act like one.

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