Car Sold, Buy New Innova & the Poo-lis

Oooops I did it again.

Last last last week, I was able to sell my car via the internet. I posted on 3 sites (Multiply, Sulit & eBay.ph). Literally, within minutes, I was able to get inquiries. And just 3 days later, the car is sold.

Talk about the power of the internet.

Eraserheads have this song “SUPER PROXY,” and the classic eheads tune talks about the internet. “Ito ang kailangan mo, idial ang telepono.” (Still dial-up modem back in the mid 90s). Really true, internet, we really need. Well, no need to dial the phone now considering much of the internet pop are going DSL & highspeed internet.

For the record, the buyer who bought my car is Sulit.com.ph referred. Last Friday, he paid and I cried. Nahh.

3 years ago, I was able to sell our old car to and you guessed it, via internet as well. It was via BUYNSELLPLUS.com.

More than ever (12 years or so after Eraserheads penned the song), indeed, internet is now a SUPER PROXY. No need for an agent, no need 3rd party car dealer, no nothing.

And so the search for a replacement started 2 weeks ago.

Because I am doing all sorts of rackets & business, I wanted SUV, VAN, AUV, etc.

Finally, it was between Crosswind versus Toyota Innova. At the end of the day, we decided to get the Innova. Among other reasons... we like Gas, Toyota parts are abound, the Toyota Dealer (manila bay) is near our loc for future check-ups, Innova has a lot of variants (gas or diesel and J, E, G & V models), you can easily and cheaply dress up an Innova, from what I read - Innova has good mileage per liter, its relatively fast

to celebrate the approval of the loan and the delivery only after 2 days of application, we got nips and nuts

We got the Innova E Model. Ammort is around P9500 a month for 5 years. That's after a 50% DP amounting to more/less P450 grand.

Standard free mat (cheap looking ones), free tint, free rust proofing are bundled. Car cover is not included but our good Toyota Agent was kind enough to give us another free car cover from her own pocket. Nevermind that the one she's giving us is only less P1000 variety. That can not possibly water proof. It's what I call the starter cover.

Also, another discount we got is on the insurance. The insurance, rather than paying over P30000, we paid around P20,000.00. Instead of giving us further discount on the unit itself, she deducted it from the insurance.

I have driven the Toyota Innova E right now for about a 250km. It's way too early, but as of now, I am loving driving it. Very quiet engine jut like driving a sedan. Three times I used is to haul some items and boxes, the seats at the back are easy to fold.

Only, it's stuck at our parkplace for now. No plate still. You can only drive a new one for 5 to 7 days. Am waiting for a new dummy invoice. You know, it still has no LTO plate number. It's the S.I. you present to the SHARKS. These SHARKS are some members of the force, the thickfaced dudes masquerading as officers. Hey, not all of them are SHARKS and PIGS and CROCS. There are lots of good ones left. But the bad ones, they're far too many. I have encountered to many traffic crocs not to feel this way towards these traffic enforcers.

Just two days ago, a Police Car patrol inadvertently stopped in front of us and flagged us for NO PLATE. This happened during lunch time and you know what these guys are looking for around this time of day. Lunch money baby!

Anyways, being just 20 meters away from our condo, I said to the Poo-lis, ok, I'll pull over there, pointing at my designated park location. Ok, he said and off the went away. Nice! If the intention really is to check if I had the paper, why not go ahead and check me. Kala ng mga loko di ako nakatira area.

In fact, where I reside and having windows directly looking over one Makati busy avenue, I see these Yellow Boys doing their thing day in & day out. Their favorite customers are the motorcycles and delivery vans. I see the dirty job they do and the on the spot license redemption they do.

One time, as I was crossing the street at noon, one of the Yellow Boys said, "tang ina wala pa ko nahuhuli gutom na ko"

Puhlease Pulis, act like one.

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