BNSP Good News, eBay Bad News

SHOPBLINK mentioned BNSP’s search for BEST SELLER of the year here, and I was surprised today to see my handle atop the ranking for now (See Buynsellplus.com, at right side bar). They’ll give out exiting prizes but already, being atop the list, it’s already a win for me. This nomination at BNSP kinda absorbs some of today’s disappointment.

The disappointment is brought upon by having, my super valued account over at eBay is suspended. And judging by the template/generic responses & answers I am getting from eBay Philippines Customer Support, it looks like my personal eBay account is done. Anyways, the story of eBay Account Suspension is of different matter & posting. I’ll get to it sometime soon.

Back to the happy times… Out of this Buynsellplus.com nomination for Best Sellers, let me make a promo of my own out of that. If ever I win, I’ll give free shipping to the first 10 buyers who’ll contact me thru Buynsellplus.com PM system. If you still dont have an account, register here. My handle there is BECYPHER.

BNSP Prizes are…

Major Prizes:

(1) Nokia N70
(1) Philips MP3 Player
(2) Timex Sports Watch
(2) Flash Drives (4GB, 2GB)

Consolation Prizes:

(24) Vintage T-shirts

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