Hopia Boi Jacket

This is a mock on my ROTC days back in the day. I made all sorts of alibis for me not join the troops in the field, basketball courts, Alay Lakad, community cleaning drive, blood donation, etc. I figured, it's better for me to sell HOPIA than toast my eggs from 7am to 12 noon for that friggin totally useless ROTC. And so I was a Hopia crew. We'd sell hopia at around 10am to 10:30am then do whatever we want, during off times.

ROTC then was once a week gig. Usually Sundays. To avoid the ROTC, I also joined the light duty service. I had to check in Monday to Friday for an hour and do drafting/drawing service for the corps(e) office.

Then, one time, my letter signed by a colonel did not work (the letter is attentioned to the school ROTC chief, basically, the letter says I am a wimp, let him do easy tasks), I finally joined the force. But, I had another tactic. I did not check in 7 am, or 8am, or 9am or 10am or 11am. During the ROTC day (sunday), I will check in 11:45 on civilian clothes, and I'd say to MP at the gates that I have basketball practice or faculty drawing OJT. But, I have inside my bag are not basketball gears, shoes, drawing tools, etc. Inside the bag are ROTC uniform, combat shoes, etc. There you go. I'll do a quick makeover once inside the schools premises to a deadly combat fighting reservist seeking for the attendance sheet. I'll look for the room that has my squad then check in for the attendance.

Back to the custom jacket. I had it made beside the IseTann at Quiapo Manila. Really wanted this jacket customized so on my way to a fella over there at Jose Abad, I made a detour. The plan was to put the "hopia boi" in front but decided to put at the side. To give tribute (or mock the useless ROTC), the plan was to get an ROTC patch but the last minute, I went for the more rugged PNP patch. Color looks great.

The untouched jacket here.

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