Ace, The Helpful (But Inventory Aint Full) Place

A play with corporate tag line... Ace, the helpful place.

I did quick shop of some tools over at Ace Waltermart Pasay Road - Pasong Tamo. My pliers, long nose and cutter set is delaying some electrical tasks I've been doing so I needed a new set. I went for the "Daiken" line, a mid-range priced brand name. A 3-pc pliers, long nose and a cutter is at P600 range.

I also replaced my soldering gun. Cost of a a soldering gun with good wattage is P200. Lower than that, you might suffer in the end for long heating time, inadequate heat to melt the lead and bad solder too. Don't go cheap when it comes to the soldering iron.

But of course, I needed a soldering iron holder and 1 roll of solder lead. Walah, Ace, the helpful place, doesn't have the two. Yep, basic stuff, lead and solder stand they don't have on stock. My wanted items are basic. They have to have those any given time.

In fairness, the sales people were indeed helpful. Only, the inventory aint full.

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