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I mentioned the streamlining I made on my bookmarked sites. Some are 3 to 4 years old and the favorrites lists really needed the clean up. Herewith are sample websites long been gone... or at best, no longer updated.
  • balitabalita.com
  • homepagekoto.com
  • ebuyncell.com
  • mytindahan.com
  • thetradingpost.ph
  • kuweba.com
  • newsbump.net
  • astigg.com
  • myphilippines.com
  • hellomanila.com
  • gophilippines.com
  • buyncell.biz
  • yotophoto.com
  • thesimplegallery.com
  • estore-exchange.com
  • pinoybookstoreonline.com
  • openpinoy.net
  • itechmobile.net
  • youtubex.com
  • infamousx.com
  • philippinesfreeads.com
Which reminds me, in doing websites, it can't be just be on pure impulse.

Registering a domain name (and cheap btw) and it's easy to start a project but maintaining such and having the commitment to stick to the project and push through it in thin times is the tougher part.

Have to see the long-term. See how you'll generate income (btw, don't create a site thinking Google Adsense money alone all the time, you won't last), what really is the target audience, how your site will evolve etc. etc. Otherwise, in one year, your site, the domain name, the development made go "bye bye na" on you.

(check some of the domains above, some are for sale)

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