Viruses On Blogspot

Well, well, well, look where the viruses are reported to be having the time of the effing lives...

As per report, 2% of infected webpages are hosted by BLOGSPOT! Way to go for a Google owned web property.

For months (years actually), I've been thinking of moving this blog to a Wordpress one. Reason, WP is easier to use and more customizable.

But, big BUTs are...

(No.1) I am lazy to move this blog. Why bother? 10 visits a day blog deserves not upgrading. LOL. Besides, this blog really (somehow) defines a WebLog. This is basically a diary/blog of my 4 year existence. Nice to look back and see what happened back in some days.

(No.2) For nostalgia... I'd like to preserve the look of this blog. I mean, how boring can a site be? Jut look at mine. Also, I'd like to maintain the "what the hell are you thinking title tag"...

The Philippines, Technology, Gadgets, Philippine Basketball, NBA Basketball and my LIFE

Nice! (And the monkey header logo pic. That's legend. That's stolen, btw.)

Back to the virus report. Even with this report by antivirus firm Sophos, I'll hold my blog in here. The way I see it, this 4-yr-blog is the whole virus, might at well save inside server of the virus shelter, BLOGSPOT.

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