HTML Site Wire to Wire

Spent yesterday's PM and today's PM drafting/making a layout for a quite frankly, sister's company. Literally.

It took me a day to do this. Yep, I am slow. The background images take time to do. All images used here are made from scratch. But, the basic lay-outing and placement is easy. Just like inserting tables on a word document.

Because owner thinks (I think so too) that pure HTML websites are getting more Google love than database driven (os commerce, joomla, mambo, drupal, etc.) websites. More so, if you didn't tweak the search engine friendliness of the URL of the database site. Say goodbye to GOOG, err, GOOD SERP.

The site/company does Semicon Industry related products and services and it should be live in some days. I think. I hope.

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