A New Toy... Genius G-Pen 350 Pen Tablet

Literally, this one is of toy range and not for pro grafix artist. It's a Genius Pen Table, G-PEN 350. But hey, I got to start some place before I can dish out better computer generated arts and designs. And so this will do for now.

An alternative is available for users who need programmability over sheer size, Genius says. The G-Pen 350 (not yet pictured) has a smaller 3 by 5-inch drawing area and lacks the extra software. but reportedly gains 22 programmable keys and the same 1,024-gradient pen as the larger 560. It will be available online soon for Macs and Windows systems at a slightly lower $65 price. Link.

I'm so lazy to do a review, but here's a quickie... It does not have a display as (some of) the photo-ads would suggest... definitely made for Windows Vista as it doesn't require any set-up or something... It worls for Mac too... the 3 x 5 screen is not for advanced creator... it's slim and therefore allows easy slip thru your laptop bag... quick access shortscuts or hot keys via macro key manager, therefore easily open applications such as excel. word, i.e., etc.

Also bundled are Power Presenter RE, Free Notes, Office Link and PhotoImpact XL SE installers.

Price is P2250. Bought from Silicon Valley, not in Cali, but MOA.

Now comes the photo software...

A friend who works for an ISO certification firm "borrowed" an original Adobe Creative Suite 3 installer from his company. He was able to sneak it out. Talk about a non-ISO-ish operation. Thus, my laptop is now loaded with POWERful Adobe Creative Suite 3, Design Standard, Acrobat 8 Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Version Cue.

But with great power comes great responsibility (Spidey!), this time, a responsibility to learn the Adobe Photo Software.

I'll post sample once works are pasang-awa level. Tres!

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