Global Headache

Bad and good, I'll blog.

After almost 2 and half months of clocking 140/90 BPs, I finally have the much needed... hard 2 get... pain in the ass 2 follow-up... Globe Telecom - Innove Communications broadband. I got the 995 plan, a landline PLUS the 384 kbps rated broadband. 384 to me is just right, coz I'm more of UPLOAD guy than a DOWNLOAD guy.

Contrary to the Globe advertisements of easy installation and eskinol clear cut of doing things, I had a hard time getting this connection. Today, I am so happy It's done, I could forgive all the useless agents I've dealt with. A bunch of gay agents included. I forgive you all. In return, forgive me for saying these words, "tanga ang TPA nyo" "This is shit!" PEACE

How tough was it to score a ONE SIMPLE 995 Globe Telecom broadband, landline bundle? This tough... (excerpt fro a letter directed to Globe - Innove, sent to them by me, gazillion times)

I can no longer track and review every single detail my problem with Innove's handling of my subscription but I will try to. In bullets…

  • Via TPA (third party agents), early May, I applied for bundle landline and broadband for home use. My filled up docs were for BROADBAND and Landline.
  • Your TPA says, they will install first the landline, in 3 to 5 days, broadband will follow. I said, it's better to wait for that than have a cranky Smartbro connection.
  • A week later, still no broadband. After more than 5 calls (separate days) to your customer care group that clearly lacks syncing (as I need to tell the history of my problem every call I make), I was informed that there's an error in my application. Application says, I only applied for landline. Globe error or TPA error right there. Please check the hard copy docs, I applied and signed an application with bundled broadband.
  • Weeks and weeks later I am still waiting for the broadband, which, as I was told during the time the TPA is selling the package, 3 to 5 days. A couple of follow ups later to your support group, no development still.
  • Worse, I am receiving a lot of wrong number calls, calls looking for someone else. It seems, my designated number is fresh from disconnection or I don't know, a lot of wrong calls are coming in.
  • Worst, I just received 2 months worth billing for a landline that I didn't need that much. My application was mainly to get a broadband, secondary is, the landline.
  • Even worse than worst, I am getting calls from CEBU Globelines agents who are offering me other packages and promos, where in fact, just a simple 995 plan installation, Innove/Globe cant get it over with.
  • And just 2 days ago, your trusted TPA in the middle of the street, came back to my office and again asked for another photocopy of my licenses. I asked for what, he said for back-up filing. Clearly, it looks like the Broadband part is just being processed at that time.
  • Here's the clincher, another phone call form CEBU Globelines, a certain &$#^***, called, and says internet port or "reservation" is now ready for my line. I said well and good. Finally!
  • But then, she brought the topic, if there are pending bills, it might not be installed to my line. She said it's their SOP. SHE SAYS, SHE MAY HAVE TO RESERVE THE PORT TO OTHER SUBSCRIBER IF I CAN'T PAY THE BILL. Yes, SOP, but the thing is, as a Globe agent, she should know the history and not just give threats of non-installation. She should know that the ERROR is by INNOVE people, or at least your third part agents. Am I to pay for the Globe error?
  • She should at least listen and get the history. She wants me to pay right now, with me, having NO ASSURANCE of really?... a broadband will be installed. I got no problem paying for and suffer from a Globe error, but PLEASE, show to me, that you can install the broadband. Threat by this &$#^*** of redirection of reservation is unwarranted. And by the way, as I was asking for Ms. &$#^*** details, her position, department, etc., so I can clearly state the history in case I file complaint and the history. She said, I am sorry sir, SHE HANGED UP on a subscriber. Already being shortchanged, an agent hangs up. That is not acceptable. In no way I am cursing her, I just want to get her info for the record. Train her please.
  • Suffice it to say, I DO NOT TRUST your system anymore. Just too many people I am talking to with no coordination at all. The TPA, the 919888 agents, the CEBU based agents. Sigh. There is NO REASON to pay an erroneous installation (admitted by Innove crew) without 100% assurance that the broadband will be installed.
  • My new experience with Globe/Innove is far from the advertisements that Globe says it can deliver. And, defintely far from what I am expecting. I have been a loyal Globe subscriber. Please look into this.

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