The Beatles Wall Portraits

I did this Beatles Charcoal Portrait Set once upon a time. Think, 6 years back. And, once upon a time, one dude offered me P20K so he can get this as he was about to move to U.S. I said no back then and if ever one indecent proposal (20k and below) pops up, it's still no.

The Beatles Portrait Set has moved around all these years. Uno - my room in a rented flat. Dos - My sister's fashion store. Tres - My room at my (now) mother's crib. Kuatro - A studio a I rented for 2 years. Singko - A HUGE Condo Apartment I stayed on, for about a month. And today, finally, SAIS - a place to call home.

It's the background at my home - loft office.

Someday, I hope to be rich and just paint and draw all day. Be an artist slash tambay.


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