Philippine Celebrities: Suckers for Computer Showcases

Philippine Celebrities: Suckers for Computer Showcases

First off, dunno why this GMA show, "K Na K Na" was able to last this long. They've been on for like, what, half a decade now? They might as well try to break Eat Bulaga's record, for the longest aired show on Philippine TV. BTW, "K na K Na" is hosted by current EB host Allan K. And, used-to-be EB hostess, Jaya Ramsey.

And to the beef...

What's up with these celebrities going for computer showcases for their "to be donated" packages. Then, donating the computer sets to their REALLY REALLY REALLY immediate families. What ever happened to giving these computer rigs to foundations, NGO's, etc. To those who are really in need.

They are saying, they can't buy mere P20000 computer desktops for their mothers, sons, daughters, etc?

Sometime ago, Tessa Prieto guested/joined "K na K Na!" and she won the whole thing. Look Ma, the "CHARITY" went to her son. Arggghhhhh! What an act of charity. Even PCSO can't top that. And what did she request for her son? Desktop? No no no no no... IT'S A FREAKING IPOD. Yeah (little Prieto) Boi, enjoy your iPod while other kids remain starved.

Next up, the Former Ms. Neri, Angelica (or Angelica, doesn't matter) Dela Cruz (oh, she got surname). The compassionate Angelica Dela Cruz donated one PC Set to her mom. Ahhhhh, isn't she nice. She won I think 3 mos ago. It was her advanced Mother's day gift to her, perhaps. Three months advanced.

And last night, "K NA K NA" features Gary Estrada's wife Bernadette Allyson. It was her philanthropic nature in full display. Mrs. Gary Estrada (Gary is nephew of former President of the Republic of the Philippines, Joseph Estrada. Gary is also the brother of Pagsanjan Laguna Mayor George Estregan Jr.), sent home one PC set to her children. Nice Mom!

Please people, computer rigs will cost you only P20000 or so. Can't you buy one and send the rigs won to actual charities and foundations? I guess you all can't.

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