How (NOT) To Install An ELBA Range Hood

I installed the new ELBA Range Hood today. This one, we got (I think) from Anson's near Landmark. Yep, the new sprawling home appliance and furniture building. Annexed to it is a parking, where we always go. 3D is the post. If you see one black car, looks like it hasn't seen a car wash in month, that's me in the corner, that's me in the spot.

Anyways, i went to hell and back installing the range hood, and just herewith, to help you do this better, this is my how NOT to install this mother.

  1. DONT read the manual. Yep, be lazy like me and assume you'll be able to figure it out, on fly.
  2. Blame the condo-contractor for putting up one solid, hard to penetrate/drill concrete walls, just for inside walls.
  3. Invite family members for a sleep-over and give them one good morning of extra judicial wall drilling noise.
  4. Buy a short aluminum duct. So that, at the end of the day, you will still not be able to use its duct option. Right now, we are using the charcoal/filter option.
  5. Don't prepare the vacuum cleaner or a trusty broom. Yes, make a mess of the kitchen.
  6. Curse the freakin contractor no end for not having the cabinets provisioned and ready for this range hood. No effing holes for the ducts. I drilled 4 freakin panels, 4 inches in diameter. I grind a portion of the cabinet just to mak way for the hood. Whooooo!
  7. Again, during times of trouble in the installation, skip the manual and go on "BAHALA NA" mode.
  8. Midway thru the 3 hours of drilling, screwing and thinking, eat cheapo-chicaron and be dehydrated even more.

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