Globe Telecom Loyalty Rebates

Went to a Globe Telecom Center earlier today to see if I can re-up my contract with them (postpaid globe mobile subscription) and possibly get a free unit. Turns out, I got a better deal, I was told I am qualified to get a P416 monthly cash rebate. I'm subscribed to the 800 flex plan of Globe, therefore, I'll only be paying 380 pesos or so for the next 2 years. Had I switched to plan 1200, I'll have rebate of P600. But I got extra phone that I am using (loaded via prepaid cards), so I don't need to go P1200 plan. All biz matters, I use the prepaid line. For personal-friends-family calls/txt, I use the post paid. So there you go, onto the next 24 months of 380 billings (assuming I will not go over the 800 peso credits). It literally pays to be loyal sometimes.

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