Pool, Out, In

We played pool last night over at MCS - AMF Puyat Billiards Hall (where, the likes of Boy Samson Luat et al hang around). We were supposed to play Pool Poker but for absence of deck cards, game we played "Killers". First time I played the type. Man oh man, after being dealt successive 6 losses in a month (where, on average, you'd pay 400 to 700 for 2 to 3 hours, tokwat baboy and 6 san mig lights), I finally scored one big V. Be there again next week.

Anyways, see pic above... First time I saw this happen... Spotter says it's still in play. Playing "killers" and having 6 ad 9 as my opponents ball, I said, no way it's not in. "Killers," you need to pocket your opponents pieces. Well, the hell with it, we pounded the combo 6-9 for like 7 hits before it went to the hole.

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