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One day, I woke up dreaming of building a classifieds ads website. One big problem, I am not a real programmer. But hey, am driven. Back in January, after some weeks, I was able to build one... BLOZOOM!

Then other (offline and online) projects came in so Blozoom! dev went to a halt. This week I was able to go back and look inside Blozoom.com and see what can be added. Tonight, some weak tweaks were added...
  1. We removed the footer ads at the bottom of the page. It's mildly useless anyways.
  2. We improved the delivery of GOOGLE ADS via other Joomla Module.
  3. We inserted one ad inside the ad descripton page. Just to pay bills, you know.
  4. Blozoom now has RANDOM MESSAGE atop the page. Yes, on top. Look up.
  5. Blozoom now has SHOUTBOX. Really did not want this, but hell, all other classifieds sites have this so we went ahead and put one.
  6. Notice the footer - credits. Funny thing is, this site is developed by WMN but take a look at WMN site, its stuck in year of 2000. LOL!
  7. We've installed a "Your Badge" add on where user can copy the html to place the badge on his personal/company website or any other sites that allow html insertions like Blogspot, Myspace, Friendster, etc. (see the ugly sample at the sidebar... i'll edit that! i'm sleepy!)
  8. All content items (like Tips, Tutorials, Blog Entry, FAQs) inside Blozoom! are loaded with Ads!
  9. We've laid out all the categories at the bottom page for your easy navigation and hopefully some search engine luv.
  10. Powerful Google Search at the bottom of the page as well. Make me a rich man, use that.

And more to come.

It's Coming Together!

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Great news.............

Online and Offline projects

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