Great, January 09, I am 4000 Pesos Richer Per Month

Once upon a time we had our home far away. Then, all studied and migrated in Metro Manila. The house was left behind. It's now a house of God. as I was told. Group of Born Again Christians bought our house. I guess it's a holy place now. By far, holier when I was living in there and in my teens. Oh the memories. The Vaseline memories.

Then we rented places/apartments here in Metro Manila (mostly Makati). And we rented... and we rented... and we rented... and we rented...

It dawned on the matriarch that we were wasting P6000 or 8000 or so a month. So the Momma got this sub-urban house, payable some 6 to 8 years.

(Same reasoning that's why I moved out of a rented flat of P8500 a month, to a "to-own" condominium unit. Despite the burdensome monthly ammort of P25,000, I still think owned place is the right choice. 4 years to go on this one. We'll get there. God is great. No really, God is great!)

In the middle or before the middle of the term, she retired from work. The rest is history. For some years/months, the youngest paid for a whopping P19,000 a month. Salamasistah!

Then, things change, financial statuses of us change, so, we responsibly adjusted and split it up to four.

Past 2 years, four siblings paid P4000, P4000, P5000, P6000 a month to pay for it.

To date, though we all have are own homes, we are still shelling 4,4,5,6 grands a month to get this sort of ancestral home paid.

But the news yesterday is, it's almost over. By January 09, the house is fully paid. Soon to be free.

Come 09, new year's gift, I am P4000 richer every middle of the month.

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